Reference NumberTW1091
Alt Ref NoTW1091
Artist or CreatorTom Webster (1886-1962)
Title or CaptionPublished caption: Summing It Up
Extent1 item
Published byDaily Mail
Date21 Sep 1925
Size40 x 32 cms
Techniqueblack ink on card
Embedded text or transcriptThe alteration of the off-side law has led us to another problem. So many goals are now being scored that goal-keepers will either have to be
Chartered accountants
Five in the far corner - two in the middle and one just going underneath the bar makes a total of eight and we've only been playing twenty minutes.
Somebody will have to be appointed to do the counting.
Another 6 added to the previous 39 makes 45.
And yet forwards are telling us that when they get used to the altered conditions scoring will be heavier still. (Horray!!) When this happens they will either have to erect
Score boards on every ground or
Tottenham 74
Liverpool 116
Little offices at the back of each net.
Enter these four up and then I'll go over and have a look in the other corner.
All the cheering will be done in the director's room whilst the books are being made up.
These will then be taken to the City
And both sides will have to wait for a letter from the auditors before they will know who has won.
professional footballers
Tottenham Hotspur
Liverpool Football Club
chartered accountants
Copyright contact detailsNorthcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT
Location of artworkBritish Cartoon Archive
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