Person NameLancaster; Osbert
17084"Ah, but this design had the full approval of Osbert Lancaster!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]15 Jan 197017084.jpg 
13496'It's a cartoonists' rally'Stanley Franklin31 May 196813496.jpg 
CU0189More 'Express' trouble - more expulsions. Giles - expelled from Lancashire for failing to protray the lovelieness [sic] of Lancashire womanhood. / The editor (his disguise penetrated) expelled from the Dome of Discovery for failing to publicise the Festival as the Eighth Wonder of the World. / Leonard Mosley - expelled from the Super Cinemadrome for yawning during the climactic moment of the big picture. / Osbert Lancaster - expelled from Mayfair for suggesting that our aristocracy is not bursting with great intellect. / William Barkley - expelled from the Parliamentary Press Gallery for hinting that our legislators are not all-wise and all-seeing./ [Peter Wilson - expelled from Jack Solomon's boxing gymnasium for failing to name Jack Solomon as the greatest British sportsman the of the century. written in pencil and rubbed out, pencil cross through image]Michael Cummings01 Jun 1951CU0189.jpg 
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