Person NameCarroll; Lewis (1832-1898)
Other forms of nameDodgson, Charles Lutwidge,, 1832-1898
ES0084Faster! Faster! "Now HERE, you see, it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place," said the queen.Ernest H. Shepard08 Oct 1947ES0084.jpg 
NG4561[no caption]Nicholas Garland10 Mar 1966 - 31 Dec 1993NG4561.jpg 
VY2051"He was thoughtful and grave - but the orders he gave/Were enough to bewilder a crew,/ When he cried "Steer to Starboard, but keep her head Larboard!"/What on earth was the helmsman to do? - The hunting of the snarkVicky [Victor Weisz]14 Nov 1962VY2051.jpg 
ES0074Alice and the dodo: "What else have you got in your pocket?" / "Only a railway share", said Alice sadly. / "Hand it over here", said the DodoErnest H. Shepard18 Dec 1946ES0074.jpg 
VY2019"Vicky's illustrated guide to LlandudnoVicky [Victor Weisz]10 Oct 1962VY2019.jpg 
NG5667"It was all very well to say "Drink me", but the wise little Alice was not going to do that in a hurry. "No, I'll look first", she said. "and see whether it's marked 'Poison' or not..."Nicholas Garland20 Dec 1994NG5667.jpg 
VY1513"You are old, Father Williamson," the young man said, "And your hair has become very white, And yet you incessantly stand on your head - Do you think, at your age, it is right?"Vicky [Victor Weisz]21 Aug 1959VY1513.jpg 
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