Person NamePapas; William
14797Engineer Pappie solves the Problem ..! Full page ads (in the Guardian) supporting this idea are welcome.William Papas11 Feb 196914797.jpg 
00159Happy, happy ChristmasWilliam Papas23 Dec 196100159.jpg 
06356"Tell them the Tories are to blame, Jim"William Papas11 Nov 196406356.jpg 
12764[no caption]William Papas01 Jan 196812764.jpg 
15107Parting shots: Exit Papas, the unorthodox high priest of cartoonist, to take what he describes as an "elongated holiday" from politics and politicians. But though Papas will be away from them all for an extended period, his mouse Theodore will continue to squeak defiance of life perversity in the "Guardian"William Papas31 Mar 196915107.jpg 
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