Person NameTwiggy
Other forms of nameLesley Hornby, 1949-
10721[no caption]Michael Cummings20 Feb 196710721.jpg 
11038"When we think what poor Twiggy pays we haven't got much to complain about." / "What do you expect this weather?" / "I dreamed I said; No tourist flights, no tourists!"Keith Waite14 Apr 196711038.jpg 
11851"I didn't get this from 'hooligan mile' - I got it from the missus." / "You realise joining the Flower People isn't the same as becoming a Bluebell Girl" / "I hear Twiggy-Ha-Ha stepping out of a plane at Kennedy airport."Norman Mansbridge23 Aug 196711851.jpg 
11291"Before I propose, Mabel, I'd like to check my reactions to you on the oscilloscope." / "Of course you look like Twiggy - especially in your school tie." / "Remember bringing me my grub and saying 'Get busy with that knife and fork'?"Norman Mansbridge25 May 196711291.jpg 
RSN0701Eleven Ladies DancingRalph SteadmanUndatedRSN0701.jpg 
12148"What do they want? ... A thundeball? ... Sir Francis Heath? ...Marry Twiggy, Julie Christie, or both? or do a 'frug' like George!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]18 Oct 196712148.jpg 
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