Person NameLouis; Joe (1914-1981)
TW3597The Complete Black-OutTom Webster (1886-1962)19 April 1939TW3597.jpg 
NEB0206"Bet there'll be some achtungs flying abaht when Jerry gets wind of the Brown Bomber arriving."NEB [Ronald Niebour]12 Apr 1944NEB0206.jpg 
JL3771London Laughs. Politics for Joe Louis / "Quick! Find out which side he's one and assure him of my heart-felt support."Joseph Lee17 Apr 1948JL3771.jpg 
CG/1/1/1/3872Published caption: "Bet you don't chuck his luggage all over the shop!"Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)25 Feb 1948GA5578.jpg 
CG/1/1/11/18Joe LouisGiles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)1948CG-1-1-3-018.jpg 
TW3686Published caption: The Wrong ManTom Webster (1886-1962)12 October 1939TW3686.jpg 
TW3383Still A MenaceTom Webster (1886-1962)25 February 1938TW3383.jpg 
TW3301[No caption]Tom Webster (1886-1962)31 August 1937TW3301.jpg 
TW3418A Noble Animal Tom Webster (1886-1962)29 April 1938TW3418.jpg 
TW2957[No caption]Tom Webster (1886-1962)25 September 1935TW2957.jpg 
TW3290Happy LandingsTom Webster (1886-1962)15 July 1937TW3290.jpg 
TW3303[No caption]Tom Webster (1886-1962)August 1937TW3303.jpg 
TW3342Just GossipTom Webster (1886-1962)17 December 1937TW3342.jpg 
TW2958Louis' Party Tom Webster (1886-1962)26 September 1935TW2958.jpg 
TW2907This Crazy WorldTom Webster (1886-1962)25 Jun 1938TW2907.jpg 
TW2956Baer and LouisTom Webster (1886-1962)24 September 1935TW2956.jpg 
TW3302[No caption]Tom Webster (1886-1962)31 August 1937TW3302.jpg 
TW3068It's a Shame!Tom Webster (1886-1962)13 June 1936TW3068.jpg 
TW3304[No caption]Tom Webster (1886-1962)1 September 1937TW3304.jpg 
TW3370You Never Know Tom Webster (1886-1962)24 Feb 1938TW3370.jpg 
TW3216The Little Stowaway Tom Webster (1886-1962)05 Mar 1937TW3216.jpg 
TW3000A Great ReliefTom Webster (1886-1962)1 February 1936TW3000.jpg 
TW3114The Amateur Gentleman Tom Webster (1886-1962)16 September 1936TW3114.jpg 
TW3556The Very LatestTom Webster (1886-1962)27 Jan 1939TW3556.jpg 
TW3306Published caption: Many Happy Returns Tom Webster (1886-1962)29 September 1937TW3306.jpg 
TW3473Delay Is FatalTom Webster (1886-1962)4 August 1938TW3473.jpg 
TW3293Farr Farr AwayTom Webster (1886-1962)22 July 1937TW3293.jpg 
TW3298Published caption: Big HopesTom Webster (1886-1962)13 August 1937TW3298.jpg 
TW3575InformationTom Webster (1886-1962)11 March 1939TW3575.jpg 
TW3604Here and ThereTom Webster (1886-1962)28 April 1939TW3604.jpg 
TW3299[No caption]Tom Webster (1886-1962)16 August 1937TW3299.jpg 
TW3537If I May Say SoTom Webster (1886-1962)28 December 1938TW3537.jpg 
TW3653The Very Latest Tom Webster (1886-1962)13 July 1939TW3653.jpg 
TW2939Dispensation Tom Webster (1886-1962)12 August 1938TW2939.jpg 
TW3764The Broken MelodyTom Webster (1886-1962)29 Mar 1940TW3764.jpg 
TW3739Published caption: The Aching VoidTom Webster (1886-1962)06 Feb 1940TW3739.jpg 
TW3601Smash and GrabTom Webster (1886-1962)24 April 1939TW3601.jpg 
WD0514The Great FightsDyson; Will (1880-1938)UndatedWD0514.jpg 
TW3466A Very Grave MatterTom Webster (1886-1962)24 Jul 1937TW3466.jpg 
TW3300[No caption]Tom Webster (1886-1962)22 August 1937TW3300.jpg 
TW3765[No caption]Tom Webster (1886-1962)01 April 1940TW3765.jpg 
TW3274The Winner Is Here!Tom Webster (1886-1962)22 June 1937TW3274.jpg 
TW3807[No caption]Tom Webster (1886-1962)UnknownTW3807.jpg 
TW3744Superiority ComplexTom Webster (1886-1962)13 Feb 1940TW3744.jpg 
TW3469Speed and Dispatch Tom Webster (1886-1962)28 July 1938TW3469.jpg 
TW3063Money Talks!Tom Webster (1886-1962)4 June 1936TW3063.jpg 
TW3276Just LogicTom Webster (1886-1962)24 June 1937TW3276.jpg 
TW3984A very probable starterTom Webster (1886-1962)27 Jan 1940TW3984.jpg 
TW3277After the BallTom Webster (1886-1962)25 June 1937TW3277.jpg 
TW3176In RetrospectTom Webster (1886-1962)31 Dec 1936TW3176.jpg 
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