Person NameLee; Joseph
JL3122London Laughs: Artists Holiday / No fish! and no Lee till he returns from a fortnight's paddling at Soldout-on-the-Queue.Joseph Lee20 Aug 1945JL3122.jpg 
JL4374London Laughs. Lee's Holidays begin. / "That's the trouble with humans ... can't relax. If he was a busman, he'd be on a bus."Joseph Lee05 Jun 1950JL4374.jpg 
JL0338London Laughs Royal College of Art. "No use as a model? Well, I posed for Mr. Lee for this cartoon anyway!"Joseph Lee04 Jul 1935JL0338.jpg 
JL4530Time Marches On "The Editor says, 'Buck up with that 20,000th cartoon, Mr. Lee. You'll miss the Mars edition!"Joseph Lee13 Mar 1951JL4530.jpg 
JL5079HECTIC DAYS : Your cartoonist succumbs ... "The winning Jaguar, dressed over-all in pink tulle and ridden by Hillary and Bedser, dismissed the remaining Abominable Australians in the first race and made the final assault at the record speed of 14 wickets for 99. Rain stopped climbing."Joseph Lee18 Jun 1953JL5079.jpg 
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