Person NameRozhdestvenski; Zinovi Petrovich; Admiral
ForenamesZinovi Petrovich
WH0061France unwilling host of Rojestvensky [sic] [on reverse]
Published caption: France still the unwilling host of Rojestvensky
Printed under published cartoon: The Japanese newspapers are again complaining bitterly about the ships of the Russian Baltic Fleet taking refuge in French waters and provisioning in French ports. In reality, France is quite as anxious as the Japanese are for Admiral Rojestvensky to go.
W.K. Haselden09 May 1906WH0061.jpg 
WH0040Rojdesvensky and French Flag [written on label on reverse]
Published caption: Did Rojestvensky hide behind the French flag?
Printed under published cartoon: The Japanese are of opinion that the Russian Baltic Fleet may have imposed upon the courtesy of France by coaling in French waters.
W.K. Haselden19 Apr 1905WH0040.jpg 
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