Person NameMcGovern; George S. (1922-)
ForenamesGeorge S.
22841"It's the McGoverns - with someone who looks like an interior decorator..."Paul Rigby13 Jul 197222841.jpg 
22506'When Y'all Are Through Scrappin', I'll Tell Y'all Who Wins!'Pat Oliphant15 May 197222506.jpg 
22516[no caption]Leslie Gibbard17 May 197222516.jpg 
22814'Unmatched Luggage'John Fischetti08 Jul 1972 
22914"But, George, you should have seen some of the others!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]03 Aug 197222914.jpg 
22844[no caption]Leslie Gibbard13 Jul 197222844.jpg 
22825[No caption]Nicholas Garland10 Jul 197222825.jpg 
23368"If he's agreeable, would you consider being No. 2 to a new last-minute candidate, GeorgeBernard Cookson07 Nov 197223368.jpg 
21818'Zeb, We Don't Have Enough Voters To Go Around.'Tom Engelhardt17 Jan 1972 
NG0831[No caption]Nicholas Garland10 Jul 1972NG0831.jpg 
23312'Looks like Old Chief George is on the Warpath Again.'Pat Oliphant25 Sep 197223312.jpg 
22848"I won't take a lift, thank you Senator McGovern, the car might fall in the water."Michael Cummings14 Jul 197222848.jpg 
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