Person NameTurner; Anthea
55261[no caption]Dave Gaskill31 Aug 200055261.jpg 
65080"I can't believe it! ... an invite to Madonna's wedding!" / "Besides being able to build Tracey island out of sticky-back plastic what other qualifications do you have for bringing up a child?" / "He was all for it... until he discovered it wasn't a hangover cure!"Tom Johnston11 Dec 200065080.jpg 
65010"Yes thank you, darling, I slept like a log... not let's get up and take a stroll along Bognor Regis sea front!" / "No!... we don't want to be that scary!" / "My God! That's something you don't often see .... a train!" / "Are you sure you only turned the clock back an hour?"Tom Johnston30 Oct 200065010.jpg 
65008"Okay, Kerry Packer... I'll raise you another 5 matches!" / "I blame Marks & Spencer!" / "Hey, everyone!... Look what else Grant can do with a chocolate flake!"Tom Johnston01 Sep 200065008.jpg 
65004"Get out of the ruddy way, tree!" / "Fancy biting into a couple of flakes?" / "Sorry, monsieur... we don't even have enough petrol to get you to the fishermen's blockade at Calais!" / "Blimey! I didn't think it would be as many as half a million!"Tom Johnston06 Sep 200065004.jpg 
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