Person NameRitchie; Guy
65086"Do you have any 'Best of luck with your trial for mass murder' cards?" / "Madonna darling, how do you like our new burglar alarm?" / "Yes! I did just meet Peter Stringfellow... how did you guess?"Tom Johnston04 Dec 200065086.jpg 
64828"Isn't he taking the 'who dares' motto a bit too far?" / "Wow! Look, lads! Look!... Here comes Madonna!" / "At first it was just pies in the face or they'd pull away the chair as I sat down... but then the buckets of cold water started..." / "... Of course, none of my budget give-aways applies to anyone who votes Ken Livingstone or buys a BMW!"Tom Johnston22 Mar 200064828.jpg 
65376... and a very merry, modern Christmas from Michael HeathMichael Heath23 Dec 200165376.jpg 
65504From Becks to Blair ... Michael Heath's view of Christmas 2000Michael Heath24 Dec 200065504.jpg 
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