Person NameCooper; Yvette (1969-)
102678"And the winner is..."Christian Adams18 May 2015102678.jpg 
GBD0103Another London Marathon Called into QuestionGary Barker10 Aug 2015GBD0103.jpg 
103053Labour Fielding PositionsMorten Morland07 Aug 2015  
102804"New line-up..."Morten Morland18 Jun 2015102804.jpg 
BJD0262[Labour leader candidates skiing]Ben Jennings24 Aug 2015BJD0262.jpg 
GBD0076Labour Open SeasonGary Barker20 Jul 2015GBD0076.jpg 
BAD0116Going Up...Brian Adcock30 Jul 2015BAD0116.jpg 
99436What a shower!Peter Brookes14 Aug 201399436.jpg 
103071Labour Results...Morten Morland14 Aug 2015  
102995The DanceDave Brown25 Jul 2015102995.jpg 
CLD0602The World According to Jeremy CorbynScott [Clissold; Scott]23 Aug 2015CLD0602.jpg 
102819Blairfix Construction KitDave Brown16 Jun 2015102819.jpg 
102634RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015Bob Moran17 May 2015102634.jpg 
103084[Labour football]Dave Brown13 Aug 2015  
103061Fringe Joke Winner...Morten Morland26 Aug 2015  
CLD0548"Follow me to the promised land, comrades!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]16 Aug 2015CLD0548.jpg 
63800[no caption]John Kent29 Jan 200363800.jpg 
102805Labour's Poshness TestMorten Morland16 Jun 2015102805.jpg 
102993Swarm...Dave Brown31 Jul 2015102993.jpg 
102942The House of Unlabour ActivitiesChristian Adams26 Aug 2015102942.jpg 
102962[Corbyn Tortoise]Dave Brown17 Jul 2015102962.jpg 
SCD0230Tour de FarcePeter Schrank26 Jul 2015SCD0230.jpg 
SBD1530Progress on WelfareSteve Bell21 Jul 2015SBD1530.jpg 
MRD0697Cold War Ends! Clod Wars continue...Martin Rowson15 Aug 2015MRD0697.jpg 
BAD0110Poisoned....Brian Adcock15 Jun 2015BAD0110.jpg 
MRD0708Security Blanket...Martin Rowson14 Sep 2015MRD0708.jpg 
BAD0140Alice in Wonderland PoliticsBrian Adcock31 Aug 2015BAD0140.jpg 
102757"HELP! A gang of Old Etonians is wrecking the welfare state..."Chris Riddell26 Jul 2015102757.jpg 
102623Yvette Comes HomeMichael Heath17 May 2015102623.jpg 
MRD0683[Labour Brawl]Martin Rowson27 Jul 2015MRD0683.jpg 
MRD0684It's bad enough Entryism turned up, but who the hell asked Sex Scandal?"Martin Rowson27 Jul 2015MRD0684.jpg 
MRD0687Trophy Ban LatestMartin Rowson06 Aug 2015MRD0687.jpg 
BAD0130Old Labour ValuesBrian Adcock10 Aug 2015BAD0130.jpg 
103004Mr. Cameron is Appalled by a Common Street BrawlGerald Scarfe18 Jul 2015 
103064Abysmaland Bemusement ParkMorten Morland22 Aug 2015  
BAD0152"Unity!"Brian Adcock18 Aug 2015BAD0152.jpg 
BAD0150Tour de Farce......Brian Adcock27 Jul 2015BAD0150.jpg 
102816Stuffed..?Dave Brown11 Jun 2015102816.jpg there life in the Labour Party?Peter Brookes25 Jul 2015102966.jpg 
BAD0123AuthenticityBrian Adcock05 Sep 2015BAD0123.jpg 
102919The Search for Intelligent Life Continues...Christian Adams22 Jul 2015102919.jpg 
SCD0232"Left!"Peter Schrank16 Aug 2015SCD0232.jpg 
MRD0686"Who the hell left that lot in here?"Martin Rowson05 Aug 2015MRD0686.jpg 
102926Flake-Off The Petit FourChristian Adams06 Aug 2015102926.jpg 
103205"Run for your's the Corbocalypse!"Dave Brown11 Sep 2015103205.jpg 
SBD1535[Labour trains]Steve Bell26 Aug 2015SBD1535.jpg 
MRD0694"Woof woof woof"Martin Rowson18 Aug 2015MRD0694.jpg 
103067The sleep of reason produces monstersMorten Morland18 Aug 2015  
MRD0658Victorian ValuesMartin Rowson10 Jun 2015MRD0658.jpg 
MRD0682The Indignity of LabourMartin Rowson25 Jul 2015MRD0682.jpg 
102940Plumbing the DepthsChristian Adams20 Aug 2015102940.jpg 
102999Under the Volcano...Dave Brown24 Jul 2015102999.jpg 
102936A [Star]Christian Adams14 Aug 2015102936.jpg 
103090The Witches' SabbathDave Brown15 Aug 2015  
103068Hard Left...Morten Morland11 Aug 2015  
103075ARRGHHH! It's the Grim CorbynGerald Scarfe16 Aug 2015  
"I don't understand - despite my dire warnings they don't seem to be listening to me..."
Chris Riddell16 Aug 2015102884.jpg 
BAD0158[Corbyn Cliff Hanging]Brian Adcock28 Jun 2016BAD0158.jpg 
96298No captionBrighty [Steve Bright]16 Apr 201296298.jpg 
98596Labour PolytechnicChristian Adams30 Apr 201398596.jpg 
MRD0706Deepest CondolencesMartin Rowson12 Sep 2015MRD0706.jpg 
103054Showstopper...Morten Morland05 Aug 2015  
101863Getting Tough...Morten Morland19 Nov 2014101863.jpg 
103202Shadow CabinetDave Brown15 Sep 2015103202.jpg 
103028Lab ourDavid Simonds13 Sep 2015103028.jpg 
CLD0442"She's all yours!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]12 May 2015CLD0442.jpg 
105634Summer Holiday Ideas For PoliticiansMorten Morland23 Jul 2017105634.jpg 
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