Person NameBarrymore; Michael
62562[no caption]Dave Gaskill17 Sep 200262562.jpg 
62556Noxious waste returned, in embarassing volte-face, for recycling...Peter Brookes17 Sep 200262556.jpg 
65221"Are you going to take this interview seriously, Mr Barrymore?" / "Our kids are working hard at school, financing themselves with several jobs.... where did we go wrong?" / "I'm sorry, but Anthony Quinn had no right to invite you over for a bit of a booze up!" / "You can tell he knows his career in politics is over... he's started telling the truth!"Tom Johnston05 Jun 200165221.jpg 
65165"And he never even got to have tea with Mrs Thatcher!" / "Oh, come on... who's going to say that I'm only after you for your money?" / "I've welcomed Sophie back, but on one condition!"Tom Johnston03 Apr 200165165.jpg 
66917'Never mind Michael, you could become a politician'Michael Heath21 September 200366917.jpg 
65302"I want it programmed so that it doesn't photograph my missus!" / "No! I wouldn't really call Barrymore a stand-up comedian!"Tom Johnston31 Oct 200165302.jpg 
63717[no caption]Dave Gaskill21 Jan 200363717.jpg 
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