Person NameBlair; Leo
64883Chip off the old blockGerald Scarfe21 May 2000 
64096[no caption]Paul Thomas27 Feb 200364096.jpg 
62791[no caption]Paul Thomas22 Oct 200262791.jpg 
62903[no caption]Paul Thomas10 Oct 200262903.jpg 
64884"Don't even think about having twins!" / "Ahhh, look.... Alastair Campbell is writing the baby's first words!" / "The crying, screaming and temper tantrums can be very exhausting ... so I've told Mandelson and Gordon Brown to stop it!" / "Let's call him Tony!"Tom Johnston22 May 200064884.jpg 
64143[no caption]Paul Thomas04 Mar 200364143.jpg 
64951The Christening Blair's Baby NamedGerald Scarfe30 Jul 2000 
64955"Who'd have thought we'd be holidaying in the same place as the Blairs!" / "Why are we all celebrating the Queen Mum's tooth?" / "Dawn breaks and but for a snoring contestant all seems quiet at the Big Brother house..." / "This is what you look like when you get shot by the Duke of Edinburgh!"Tom Johnston03 Aug 200064955.jpg 
63427[no caption]Martin Rowson13 Dec 200263427.jpg 
64938"It's the sequel to Big Brother!" / "Hold on!... Leo never stops leaking!" / "Oh look darling... it's called summer!"Tom Johnston19 Jul 200064938.jpg 
64815"Is that a book?" / "You don't have to trust him, you don't have to love him... you just have to want to give Tony Blair a kick in the shin!" / "Yeah!... and it's the duty of a Stones guitarist to do that all by himself!"Tom Johnston07 Mar 200064815.jpg 
65252"Aw, bless him ... he's making his own secret video diary!" / "You're under arrest for
crash-landing in china!" / "I've just been reading and would like to inform Big Brother
that this George Oilwell bloke has nicked his idea!"
Tom Johnston16 Jul 200165252.jpg 
63378Exclusive preview of the Blairs' Christmas cardPatrick Blower09 Dec 200263378.jpg 
64983"Now we'd need to win the lottery just to be average!" / "Been sleeping it off?" / "It wasnae me!"Tom Johnston31 Aug 200064983.jpg 
64202'Right. Hands up those who think the nasty man should be given a smacked bottom so everyone else can live happily ever after ... good, that's fairly conclusive. The ayes have it.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]10 Mar 200364202.jpg 
SC0127[no caption]Peter Schrank01 Oct 2000SC0127.jpg 
65504From Becks to Blair ... Michael Heath's view of Christmas 2000Michael Heath24 Dec 200065504.jpg 
63357[no caption]Charles Griffin06 Dec 200263357.jpg 
64954"What do you mean you've run out of petrol due to your heroic stand against Gordon Brown?" / "Please don't let there be a Prince Philip of Sex!"Tom Johnston02 Aug 200064954.jpg 
64953"I'd much rather his first words were mama and dada" / "What exactly are you burning for fuel?" / "It's a guardskin hat"Tom Johnston01 Aug 200064953.jpg 
64947"That's right, Kevin... I've found just the lad we should back!" / "For a second he was wondering what Camilla was doing here!" / "He's hoping you'll mistake him for Arnold Schwarzenegger!" / "... and I'm beginning to have my suspicions about one or two of my other directors!"Tom Johnston27 Jul 200064947.jpg 
65518Riddell's Almanac 2001Chris Riddell31 Dec 200065518.jpg 
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