Person NameDutschke; Rudi (1940-1979)
NG0999[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 1971 - 28 Feb 1971NG0999.jpg 
18614"Off you go laddie - you promised to keep out of politics and here you in the middle of a great row again!"Nicholas Garland17 Sep 197018614.jpg 
19275[no caption]Marc [Mark Boxer]22 Dec 197019275.jpg 
19400[no caption]Gerald Scarfe10 Jan 1971 
19397'Confidentially, Mr Dutschke, this tribunal finds you guilty of having been a public danger in the near future'Leslie Gibbard10 Jan 197119397.jpg 
19351"Surely, Mr. Maudling, you're not going to deport that other German just because he wants to blow up the remaining half of the world?"Michael Cummings04 Jan 197119351.jpg 
19396"Mein Gott, Mr. Maudling! You're not supposed to be a watchdog!"Michael Cummings10 Jan 197119396.jpg 
19458[no caption]Michael Cummings18 Jan 197119458.jpg 
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