Person NameDeng Xiaoping
SurnameDeng Xiaoping
Other forms of nameXiaoping, Deng
KL0407[no caption]Kal [Kevin Kallaugher]22 Sep 1985KL0407.jpg 
KL0375[no caption]Kal [Kevin Kallaugher]23 Dec 1984KL0375.jpg 
KL0032[no caption]Kal [Kevin Kallaugher]10 Mar 1979KL0032.jpg 
SC0222[no caption]Peter Schrank29 Dec 2002SC0222.jpg 
PC0952[no caption]David Simonds23 Feb 1997PC0952.jpg 
PC0944[no caption]Nicholas Garland20 Feb 1997PC0944.jpg 
NG3943"Fetch ... Kill ..."Nicholas Garland23 May 1989NG3943.jpg 
KL0358Deng XiaopingKal [Kevin Kallaugher]22 Sep 1984KL0358.jpg 
PC0947Died 1997Peter Brookes20 Feb 1997PC0947.jpg 
NG3991"Where were we - ah! yes, the peaceful handover of Hong Kong."Nicholas Garland13 Jul 1989NG3991.jpg 
NG2903[no caption]Nicholas Garland19 Dec 1984NG2903.jpg 
63579[no caption]David Simonds06 Jan 200363579.jpg 
NG3953[no caption]Nicholas Garland06 Jun 1989NG3953.jpg 
48361"Room for one more?"Stanley Franklin06 Jun 198948361.jpg 
SBD0323[no caption]Steve Bell19 Feb 1997SBD0323.jpg 
NG3965[no caption]Nicholas Garland22 Jun 1989NG3965.jpg 
NG4022[no caption]Nicholas Garland29 Sep 1989NG4022.jpg 
48102Nearly there ...Nicholas Garland24 Dec 198648102.jpg 
41100Hong Kong ChinaNicholas Garland19 Dec 198441100.jpg 
PC0946[no caption]Dave Brown21 Feb 1997PC0946.jpg 
NG3961[no caption]Nicholas Garland16 Jun 1989NG3961.jpg 
NG3966[no caption]Nicholas Garland23 Jun 1989NG3966.jpg 
39779"If you had the misfortune to 'rule' the British, you'd want to meet some foreigners for a blessed change."Michael Cummings21 Dec 198439779.jpg 
NG3309Nearly there ...Nicholas Garland24 Dec 1986NG3309.jpg 
NG3254Motor ShowNicholas Garland15 Oct 1986NG3254.jpg 
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