Person NameRuby
AC1457"It can't be 'is wife - 'e's buyin' 'er shorts"Reg Smythe03 Jan 1963AC1457.jpg 
AC0485"Don't clink them bottles, Ruby, or you'll get the shock o'yer life"Reg Smythe23 Apr 1959AC0485.jpg 
AC1409[No caption]Reg Smythe07 Jul 1962AC1409.jpg 
AC1240[No caption]Reg Smythe07 Sep 1961AC1240.jpg 
AC0643"Steady on, Flo! - That isn't doin' me cue any good!"Reg Smythe23 Oct 1959AC0643.jpg 
AC0706[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Jan 1960AC0706.jpg 
AC0651"It's gettin' me down - 'e always comes back"Reg Smythe01 Nov 1959AC0651.jpg 
AC0546[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Jul 1959AC0546.jpg 
AC0521"E's a real expert. Afore the race 'e can tell yer which 'oss'll win, an' after the race 'e can tell yer exactly why it didn't"Reg Smythe04 Jun 1959AC0521.jpg 
AC1312[No caption]Reg Smythe24 Nov 1961AC1312.jpg 
AC1478"Me an' Andy courted for donkeys' years, I wouldn't marry 'im when 'e was drunk an' e wouldn't marry me when 'e was sober"Reg Smythe25 Jan 1963AC1478.jpg 
AC0825[no caption]Reg Smythe26 May 1960AC0825.jpg 
AC0711"I've got no sympathy for 'er, Ruby, when a woman wins an argument with 'er 'usband she's only got 'erself to blame"Reg Smythe13 Jan 1960AC0711.jpg 
AC0763"Oh, Lor! 'E's radio-active again!"Reg Smythe12 Mar 1960AC0763.jpg 
AC0664"'Es goin' into 'ospital on monday. 'Is [That crossed out] thigh's playin' 'im up again - I think it's pocketin' wet change"Reg Smythe14 Nov 1959AC0664.jpg 
AC0417"That man of yours always seems to 'ave the price of a pint, Flo - 'ow does 'e manage it?"Reg Smythe25 Jan 1959AC0417.jpg 
AC1190[No caption]Reg Smythe15 Jul 1961AC1190.jpg 
AC0487[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Apr 1959AC0487.jpg 
AC0431"The only cards 'e ever buys come in packs of fifty-two!"Reg Smythe14 Feb 1959AC0431.jpg 
AC0806[no caption]Reg Smythe04 May 1960AC0806.jpg 
AC0896[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Aug 1960AC0896.jpg 
AC1200[No caption]Reg Smythe26 Jul 1961AC1200.jpg 
AC0403"'e's been as good as gold all day - the suspense 'as been 'orrible"Reg Smythe09 Jan 1959AC0403.jpg 
AC0458"'E's awful superstitious, wouldn't dream of workin' any week wi' a Friday in it either"Reg Smythe22 Mar 1959AC0458.jpg 
AC0432"'e doesn't go very often, but 'e's quite religious really - 'e wouldn't dream of 'ittin' me on a Sunday"Reg Smythe15 Feb 1959AC0432.jpg 
AC1033[No caption]Reg Smythe23 Jan 1961AC1033.jpg 
AC0799[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Apr 1960AC0799.jpg 
AC0552"No, no, not my Andy! 'E wouldn't think of chasin' other women, 'e's too decent, too loyal - too lazy"Reg Smythe11 Jul 1959AC0552.jpg 
AC0412"My man isn't as romantic as 'e used to be either ["was either, Ruby," crossed out] - when 'e 'olds me 'ands these days it's only to stop me from 'ittin' 'im back"Reg Smythe18 Jan 1959AC0412.jpg 
AC0397[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Dec 1958AC0397.jpg 
AC0863[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Jul 1960AC0863.jpg 
AC1238"I was tellin` Rube about yer stories - mind if she sits in on this one?"Reg Smythe04 Sep 1961AC1238.jpg 
AC0544[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Jun 1959AC0544.jpg 
AC1193"I wish they wouldn't do this to `im, Rube - cricket on one channel an` racin` on the other!"Reg Smythe18 Jul 1961AC1193.jpg 
AC0549[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Jul 1959AC0549.jpg 
AC1365"`e`s the most even-tempered man I`ve ever come across - `e`s always got the needle!"Reg Smythe16 Apr 1962AC1365.jpg 
AC0807"More 'orror an' violence - I may's well 'ave stayed at 'ome"Reg Smythe05 May 1960AC0807.jpg 
AC1448[No caption]Reg Smythe28 Nov 1962AC1448.jpg 
AC1345[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Jan 1962AC1345.jpg 
AC0525"We'll 'ave to take these cards back to the shop an' get them changed, Andy, they're full o' pin 'oles!"Reg Smythe08 Jun 1959AC0525.jpg 
AC0605[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Sep 1959AC0605.jpg 
AC1292[No caption]Reg Smythe03 Nov 1961AC1292.jpg 
AC0721[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Jan 1960AC0721.jpg 
AC0517"Wad'yer mean, 'born drunkards'? Yer never give us credit for nowt - it's taken years o' practice to be what we are!"Reg Smythe31 May 1959AC0517.jpg 
AC1110"I asked `im for that quid `e owed me like you said, an` `e touched me for another like I said!"Reg Smythe11 Apr 1961AC1110.jpg 
AC0559[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Jul 1959AC0559.jpg 
AC0790Yer luv'ly!Reg Smythe14 Apr 1960AC0790.jpg 
AC0819"yer've got to 'and it to 'im, Ruby, a telly cocktail cabinet - an' never used a nail!"Reg Smythe19 May 1960AC0819.jpg 
AC0436[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Feb 1959AC0436.jpg 
AC0445"'E always stands up. 'E says that when yer've 'ad a few, it's easier to sit down when yer standin' than it is to stand up when yer sittin'"Reg Smythe02 Mar 1959AC0445.jpg 
AC0987[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Nov 1960AC0987.jpg 
AC2315[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Aug 1965AC2315.jpg 
AC2380[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Dec 1965AC2380.jpg 
AC1134I was wonderin` if yer could lend me a bob for the gas, Mister Capp?Reg Smythe14 May 1961AC1134.jpg 
AC1202[No caption]Reg Smythe28 Jul 1961AC1202.jpg 
AC0482"Everybody says 'e must 'ave a stomach like a tank, but they're wrong - yer can fill a tank!"Reg Smythe19 Apr 1959AC0482.jpg 
AC1227[No caption]Reg Smythe23 Aug 1961AC1227.jpg 
AC0446"Between you an' me, I think that's why 'e wears 'is cap that way - 'e can't bear to see a woman standin'"Reg Smythe03 Mar 1959AC0446.jpg 
AC0866"Now watch it, Florrie - if yer 'ave any more yer'll be thinkin' yer can lick me again"Reg Smythe13 Jul 1960AC0866.jpg 
AC0493"This is goin' to be quite an afternoon, Ruby - the match 'asn't even started yet!"Reg Smythe02 May 1959AC0493.jpg 
AC2377[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Dec 1965AC2377.jpg 
AC2247[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Jun 1965AC2247.jpg 
AC0949[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Oct 1960AC0949.jpg 
AC0480[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Apr 1959AC0480.jpg 
AC1445[No caption]Reg Smythe12 Nov 1962AC1445.jpg 
AC1393"Me an` Andy would `ave been married earlier if it `adn`t been for me foolish pride - I wanted `im to propose to me"Reg Smythe02 Jun 1962AC1393.jpg 
AC0854[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Jun 1960AC0854.jpg 
AC0556"In a way, mine an' Andy's was a runaway marriage, I ran away - but 'e caught me"Reg Smythe15 Jul 1959AC0556.jpg 
AC0637"If I kissed 'im like that 'e'd go off 'is flippin' rocker"Reg Smythe17 Oct 1959AC0637.jpg 
AC0709"I'd like to be a sports fan meself, but I don't think I could take the beer"Reg Smythe09 Jan 1960AC0709.jpg 
AC1442" `e`s got a touch of insomnia, Rube - keeps wakin` up every few days"Reg Smythe02 Nov 1962AC1442.jpg 
AC0450"'Ow can a little feller like Andy stop a big lass like you comin' out if yer want to?"Reg Smythe12 Mar 1959AC0450.jpg 
AC2122[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Jan 1965AC2122.jpg 
AC0745"Andy won the legion snooker cup las'night - 'ang on a minute an' I'll see if I can get 'im to show it to yer"Reg Smythe22 Feb 1960AC0745.jpg 
AC1162[No caption]Reg Smythe14 Jun 1961AC1162.jpg 
AC0864Isn'it luv'ly, Rube? - Must be worth at least two thick ears an' a fat lip!"Reg Smythe11 Jul 1960AC0864.jpg 
AC1709[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Oct 1963AC1709.jpg 
AC0760"But beer costs money, Flo - 'ow does 'e do it?"Reg Smythe09 Mar 1960AC0760.jpg 
AC0553"No, nobody introduced us - I've only got myself to blame"Reg Smythe12 Jul 1959AC0553.jpg 
AC1120"There's the new barmaid, Ruby! Frosty-faced, old as the hills, flat-chested - can't find a thing wrong with 'er!"Reg Smythe26 Apr 1961AC1120.jpg 
AC0820[no caption]Reg Smythe20 May 1960AC0820.jpg 
AC1165[No caption]Reg Smythe17 Jun 1961AC1165.jpg 
AC0613"No more for me, Ruby, I've bin careful about 'ow much I take ever since the night I saw three Andys"Reg Smythe20 Sep 1959AC0613.jpg 
AC0606[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Sep 1959AC0606.jpg 
AC1375"They either won or they got beat"Reg Smythe02 May 1962AC1375.jpg 
AC0891[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Aug 1960AC0891.jpg 
AC0786"'e's bin watchin' the boxin', good fight too - it went the full ten pints"Reg Smythe09 Apr 1960AC0786.jpg 
AC1789A[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Jan 1964AC1789A.jpg 
AC0391"I beat 'im in the darts 'andicap, but 'e took it like a man - said 'e wasn't really tryin' and didn't speak to me for days"Reg Smythe19 Dec 1958AC0391.jpg 
AC1950[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Jul 1964AC1950.jpg 
AC1977[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Aug 1964AC1977.jpg 
AC2572[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Jul 1966AC2572.jpg 
AC2437[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Feb 1966AC2437.jpg 
AC1787A"It wouldn't be so bad if it was other women-!"Reg Smythe21 Jan 1964AC1787A.jpg 
AC1849"By gum! Your Andy's lookin' well these days - 'e's gettin' quite a spring in 'is stagger"Reg Smythe04 Apr 1964AC1849.jpg 
AC2566[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Jun 1966AC2566.jpg 
AC1022[No caption]Reg Smythe08 Jan 1961AC1022.jpg 
AC0808[no caption]Reg Smythe06 May 1960AC0808.jpg 
AC2472[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Apr 1966AC2472.jpg 
AC1891"'E doesn't care 'ow big they are"Reg Smythe19 May 1964AC1891.jpg 
AC1129[No caption]Reg Smythe08 May 1961AC1129.jpg 
AC0426"Take no notice of the dramatics, Ruby - I let 'im stir 'is own tea this mornin'"Reg Smythe08 Feb 1959AC0426.jpg 
AC1920[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Jun 1964AC1920.jpg 
AC2501[no caption]Reg Smythe09 May 1966AC2501.jpg 
AC1395[No caption]Reg Smythe07 Jun 1962AC1395.jpg 
AC2696No captionReg Smythe10 Dec 1966AC2696.jpg 
AC0410"That's us on our weddin' day - we married at two an' 'e 'ad a match at three"Reg Smythe16 Jan 1959AC0410.jpg 
AC2115[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Jan 1965AC2115.jpg 
AC0865[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Jul 1960AC0865.jpg 
AC0927Flo, the milkman was tellin' me 'e lost a two bob bit in yer grass this mornin' - that right?Reg Smythe18 Sep 1960AC0927.jpg 
AC0965Nowt's safe wi' 'im about - there's two bob missin' from me 'andbag againReg Smythe26 Oct 1960AC0965.jpg 
AC0913[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Sep 1960AC0913.jpg 
AC2124[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Jan 1965AC2124.jpg 
AC1391"I never know 'ow t' take 'im - one minute 'e's as nice as ninepence an' the next 'e's treatin' me like a wife"Reg Smythe29 May 1962AC1391.jpg 
AC1158"The older `e gets, the better `e could bat as a lad1"Reg Smythe09 Jun 1961AC1158.jpg 
AC2381[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Dec 1965AC2381.jpg 
AC2668[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Nov 1966AC2668.jpg 
AC2314[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Aug 1965AC2314.jpg 
AC1839[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Mar 1964AC1839.jpg 
AC2535[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Jun 1966AC2535.jpg 
AC2060[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Nov 1964AC2060.jpg 
AC2258[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Jun 1965  
AC1263[No caption]Reg Smythe03 Oct 1961AC1263.jpg 
AC2372[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Dec 1965AC2372.jpg 
AC2231[no caption]Reg Smythe17 May 1965AC2231.jpg 
AC2644[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Oct 1966AC2644.jpg 
AC1764[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Nov 1963AC1764.jpg 
AC2212[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Apr 1965AC2212.jpg 
AC2349[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Oct 1965AC2349.jpg 
AC2612[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Sep 1966AC2612.jpg 
AC1973[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Aug 1964AC1973.jpg 
AC2055[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Nov 1964AC2055.jpg 
AC1984[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Aug 1964AC1984.jpg 
AC2398[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Jan 1966AC2398.jpg 
AC2444[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Mar 1966AC2444.jpg 
AC2448[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Mar 1966AC2448.jpg 
AC2355[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Nov 1965AC2355.jpg 
AC1876[no caption]Reg Smythe03 May 1964AC1876.jpg 
AC1743[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Nov 1963AC1743.jpg 
AC1877[no caption]Reg Smythe04 May 1964AC1877.jpg 
AC2713Flo'll do it for me - just tell 'er I'm havin' one of me attacksReg Smythe30 Dec 1966AC2713.jpg 
AC0603"Mad about the game, 'e is, but I don't begrudge it - while 'e's chasin' a ball 'e isn't chasin' anythin' else"Reg Smythe09 Sep 1959AC0603.jpg 
AC1771[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Dec 1963AC1771.jpg 
AC2440[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Mar 1966AC2440.jpg 
AC2340[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Oct 1965AC2340.jpg 
AC1845[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Mar 1964AC1845.jpg 
AC2589[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Aug 1966AC2589.jpg 
AC2730"Tch! Tch! Just look at that, Rube - why ever do we get married?!"Reg Smythe17 Jan 1967AC2730.jpg 
AC0545"If Mrs White asks 'ow I am - tell 'er I'm famished!"Reg Smythe30 Jun 1959AC0545.jpg 
AC0770"Andy's been at 'im for years to swop 'ouses, but 'e won't shift for love nor money"Reg Smythe22 Mar 1960AC0770.jpg 
AC0389"I'm surprised at yer, Ruby, yer should know better than to stand in the doorway so close to openin' time"Reg Smythe17 Dec 1958AC0389.jpg 
AC0090"In a manner o' speakin' I DID 'ave a 'olliday[sic] this year, Andy was in 'ospital for a couple of weeks."Reg Smythe21 Nov 1957AC0090.jpg 
AC0610"I'm makin' progress! Last time I asked 'im for 'ouse-keepin' money 'e just ignored me!"Reg Smythe17 Sep 1959AC0610.jpg 
AC1430[No caption]Reg Smythe03 Sep 1962AC1430.jpg 
AC1131"I didn`t `ave the `eart t` tell `im that they`re [crossed out Florrie`s written in pencil] only washin` the curtains"Reg Smythe10 May 1961AC1131.jpg 
AC1331"`e`s missin`, Rube, five whole days now - do I `ave to tell the police?"Reg Smythe19 Dec 1961AC1331.jpg 
AC1249[No caption]Reg Smythe18 Sep 1961AC1249.jpg 
AC2166[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Mar 1965AC2166.jpg 
AC1027"Fair`s fair, Rube, `e sat through yer operation - the least yer can do is sit through `is Tobruk!"Reg Smythe13 Jan 1961AC1027.jpg 
AC2686No captionReg Smythe29 Nov 1966AC2686.jpg 
AC2476[no caption]Reg Smythe13 apr 1966AC2476.jpg 
AC2702No captionReg Smythe16 Dec 1966AC2702.jpg 
AC2521[no caption]Reg Smythe31 May 1966AC2521.jpg 
AC2464[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Mar 1966AC2464.jpg 
AC2017[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Sep 1964AC2017.jpg 
AC2648[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Oct 1966AC2648.jpg 
AC0415"I'd 'ave thought 'e'd be too scared to get 'is 'ead down like that, Florrie, in case 'e overslept an' missed openin' time"Reg Smythe23 Jan 1959AC0415.jpg 
AC0398"Jumped clean through a plate-glass window last night, 'e did, - 'e says it seemed a good idea at the time"Reg Smythe01 Jan 1959AC0398.jpg 
AC0508[no caption]Reg Smythe22 May 1959AC0508.jpg 
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