Person NameHetherington; Hector Alastair (1919-1999)
ForenamesHector Alastair
08213I Predict ... / 1. President Nyerere declares war on Britain and is given £100 million by the Ministry of Overseas Development to enable him to do it. / 2. The Zoo, delighted with its publicity success over the escape of Goldie, lets loose some dumb chums for publicity's sake. / 3. Wilson, enchanted by the usefulness of travelling diplomacy, moves his office permanently to the air and only makes the headlines on his rare touch-downs to earth. / 4. The British Expeditionary Force is sent out to fight Smith under the command of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Editor of the Observer, and the Editor of the Guardian. / 5. George Brown tries to immolate himself on the steps of Transport House in order to shock the Unions into denying themselves increased pay claims. / 6. Breathalysers compulsory for pedestrians - anything over two whiskies and their walking licences are withdrawn. / 7. The Pilgrim Fathers of the 20th Century reach the New World and find that, once again, they've got another eviction job on their hands.Michael Cummings31 Dec 196508213.jpg 
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