Person NameOrlando; Vittorio Emanuele (1860-1952)
ForenamesVittorio Emanuele
LSE6248The Small Three: "Here. we thought it was to sprout olive branches!"David Low (1891-1963)08 Mar 1920LSE6248.jpg 
LSE6254"Move down a bit! D'yer vant all der room?"David Low (1891-1963)15 Mar 1920LSE6254.jpg 
LSE6381"How that woman always turns up and spoils the effect!"David Low (1891-1963)22 Feb 1921LSE6381.jpg 
LSE6228"Wait a minute!"David Low (1891-1963)18 Feb 1920LSE6228.jpg 
LSE0975The unwelcome fifth.David Low (1891-1963)17 Apr 1919LSE0975.jpg 
P0497Peace and Future Cannon Fodder The Tiger: "Curious! I seem to hear a child weeping!"Dyson; Will (1880-1938)13 May 1919P0497.jpg 
LSE0957The melting pot.David Low (1891-1963)23 Jan 1919LSE0957.jpg 
LSE0979"Peace, perfect peace." "Signor Orlando has returned to Paris, and the Big Four are in harmony again." - CableDavid Low (1891-1963)15 May 1919LSE0979.jpg 
LSE6301The Usurpers.David Low (1891-1963)14 May 1920LSE6301.jpg 
LSE6827The Versailles Lock.David Low (1891-1963)29 Aug 1922LSE6827.jpg 
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