Person NameCoggan; Frederic Donald (1961-1974); Archbishop of York
ForenamesFrederic Donald
EpithetArchbishop of York
02525Following Somerset Maugham's adoption of a fifty-year-old man as his son, 1963 may see... / Kennedy's adoption of Macmillan / to rock him to sleep when important decisions have to be made / Picasso's adoption of Krushchev / to wallop him when he makes rude noises about modern art / "Schnozzle" Durante's adoption of de Gaulle / to improve U.S.-French relations / Dat's m'boy! / Archbisop of York's adoption of Adam Faith / To help get a few pop hymns into the top-twenty / Lord Beaverbrook's adoption of Ted Heath / To re-educate him with a few anti-Common Market fairy talesStanley Franklin31 Dec 196202525.jpg 
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