Person NameWaller; Lewis (1860-1915)
WH0057Lewis Waller - Childs first-lesson
Published caption: "The first lesson a child should receive."
Printed under published cartoon: Mr. Lewis Waller told the "Daily Mirror", with reference to the question of young people going to plays, that "he considers the first lesson a child should receive is to go to theatres and to insist on being accompanied by its parents and guardians."
W.K. Haselden13 May 1905WH0057.jpg 
WH0060Lewis Waller as Money King [on reverse]
Printed under published cartoon: See notice on this page "Hawthorne, U.S.A., at the Imperial Theatre.
W.K. Haselden29 May 1905WH0060.jpg 
WH0129Suggestions for Lord Mayor's Show [on reverse]
Printed under published cartoon: The announcement that Mr. George Edwardes, of the Gaiety, has joined the Volunteers suggests that other leading managers will probably hasten to follow his example. Why not invite them to take part in the Lord Mayor's Show? (From right to left: Mr. Alexander, Mr. Tree, Mr. Lewis Waller, Sir Charles Wyndham, and Mr. Martin Harvey.)
W.K. Haselden09 Nov 1905WH0129.jpg 
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