Person NameDr. Who
SurnameDr. Who
07290"You can come out now - the critics have gone!" / "I see Nkrumah's bodyguards sleep in a Rolls." / "Imagine my guilt! Driving into the city centre - day after day - only myself in the car ... "Norman Mansbridge24 Jun 196507290.jpg 
10861I came home OK from ski-ing and then joined the rush for TV licences." / What do we believe now? He says he met Batman, Dr. Who AND Mr K!" / "Psst! Closing-down remnants from police cut-price shops?"Norman Mansbridge14 Mar 196710861.jpg 
65273"Yeah, well the wife would have been here except now Eastenders is on five nights a week!" / "Wasn't it the broads that got him into trouble in the first place?" / "How appropriate!" / "He doesn't go out now without his minder!"Tom Johnston10 Aug 200165273.jpg 
CLD0601Copycat!Scott [Clissold; Scott]23 Aug 2015CLD0601.jpg 
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