Person NameMuffin the Mule
SurnameMuffin the Mule
JL4252London Laughs. Muffin the Mule / "Don't take on so, dear. Maybe Muffin the Mule will manage to (torn caption) keep out of their nasty politics."Joseph Lee10 Jan 1950JL4252.jpg 
JL4986London Laughs. This Grand National Squabble / Maybe the best solutiuon would be for the B.B.C. to broadcast one of their ownJoseph Lee18 Feb 1953JL4986.jpg 
JL4705London Laughs. Union Supervision / "... and here, also, boys and girls, is Mr. Bert Bloggs, Secretary of the National Union of Toy Decorators and Rocking Horse spot decorators, to see that Muffin's antics conform to the code of conduct by the N.U.T.D. R.S.P."Joseph Lee19 Jan 1952JL4705.jpg 
CU0563All Set For Bermuda at Last!Michael Cummings23 Jun 1953CU0563.jpg 
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