Person NameMount; Peggy
MW0187Published caption: The Popular Type. Falling in love again. The Letter-Writing Type. Darling Dumpling, All men are absolute ... The Sugar-and-Cyanide Type. I know you love her John, but you musn't forget I'm her mother. The Psychic Type. I felt you needed me, dear, so here I am...Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]18 Oct 1957MW0187.jpg 
65343"I'm not delivering today ... I'm just flying in for talks with the father!" / "You'll never be a wizard if you're too frightened to fly!" / "Marconi dot dot dot dash dash dot dot dot com dot UK!" / "Aw, go on, Peggy! Just for me ... give him a real mouthful!"Tom Johnston15 Nov 200165343.jpg 
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