Person NameLucan; Richard John Bingham; Lord; 7th Earl, 1934
ForenamesRichard John Bingham
Epithet7th Earl, 1934
66768'Don't let them put any more on the tab, Perkins. They can't all be Lord Lucan come to renew his subscription'Mac [Stan McMurtry]09 Sep 200366768.jpg 
66903'This is Lord Lucan, I think I just spotted a Silverlink train'Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]14 Sep 200366903.jpg 
97326'Till this Jimmy Savile scandal blows over, the board thinks you should lie low for a while, Lord Lucan'Mac [Stan McMurtry]03 Oct 201297326.jpg 
99410It's that time of the year again ....Christian Adams19 Aug 201399410.jpg 
102020"Not only have we stumbled across the long-lost Beagle 2 but, hey is that Lord Lucan and Shergar?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]14 Jan 2015102020.jpg 
103813Fugitives From Justice...Peter Brookes05 Feb 2016103813.jpg 
103538"All right, Mr Assange. You can stay abit longer, but as you're now offically dead, Lord Lucan - you can hop it!"Mac [Stan McMurtry]05 Feb 2016  
64797"There's no talking to him since the success of that movie!" / "Scalpel... scissors... bungle... probe!" / "Blimey! He's been here the whole time but nobody noticed!"Tom Johnston16 Feb 200064797.jpg 
103806"Good grief! I think I just saw the leader of the 'out' campaign"Bob Moran04 Feb 2016103806.jpg 
PC4586"Sir Lenny Lottery! Thank God for that, I thought you might have been a ruddy reporter."Charles Griffin02 Oct 1998PC4586.jpg 
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