Person NameJackson; Raymond
Other forms of nameJak
05924I'm afraid it's another ten bob hostage money sir - they've got him againJak [Raymond Jackson]19 Aug 196405924.jpg 
05838'Close? - There's another two or three feet left!'Jak [Raymond Jackson]23 Jul 196405838.jpg 
05962'Well, ta-ta for now'Jak [Raymond Jackson]06 Aug 196405962.jpg 
05948We're the most savage, bloodthirsty, treacherous tribe in Borneo - we're the 845 Squadron Royal Navy!Jak [Raymond Jackson]11 Aug 196405948.jpg 
05936"Sorry old boy - thought it was one of ours!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]15 Aug 196405936.jpg 
05968"I still say it's one of the Royal Ulster rifles on the scrounge."Jak [Raymond Jackson]05 Aug 196405968.jpg 
PC3222"I think Princess Di's finally cracked! She's taking advice from a cartoonist!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]28 Aug 1994PC3222.jpg 
CG/2/4/1/38/2/8Jak by GilesGiles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)4 June 1976GAPC0419.jpg 
13496'It's a cartoonists' rally'Stanley Franklin31 May 196813496.jpg 
05829How would you like your lizard - boiled or fried?Jak [Raymond Jackson]22 Jul 196405829.jpg 
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