Person NameHenman; Tim
66057[no caption]Paul Thomas25 Jun 200366057.jpg 
62072[no caption]Dave Gaskill08 Jul 200262072.jpg 
62128[no caption]Dave Gaskill01 Jul 200262128.jpg 
PC2389"See if they know how Henman got on."Bill McArthur04 Jul 1997PC2389.jpg 
62136"Burden of expectation? What burden?"Patrick Blower01 Jul 200262136.jpg 
62095[no caption]Paul Thomas04 Jul 200262095.jpg 
PC2148"Quick, security, we've had another outbreak of Henmania here!"Charles Griffin24 Jun 1997PC2148.jpg 
PC2239"When you've quite finished surfing the Mexican wave, Mr Henman, we'd like to get on with the match."Charles Griffin01 Jul 1997PC2239.jpg 
58571'For heaven's sake. It was only a game of tennis!'Mac [Stan McMurtry]09 Jul 200158571.jpg 
62116[no caption]Dave Gaskill03 Jul 200262116.jpg 
66093'Oh for goodness sake, get real!'Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]28 Jun 200366093.jpg 
PC2189"Smokers amd drinkers are a lot worse off as a result of today's tennis."Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]04 Jul 1997PC2189.jpg 
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