Person NameHague; Ffion
PC3004'Oh no. Here he comes again! Yesterday I got one whole rupee and an hour's lecture on how the Labour leader would have cut that in half..."Mac [Stan McMurtry]22 Dec 1997PC3004.jpg 
64907"Now we can be morons in another language!" / "I'm on the gravy train!" / "For the last ruddy time, William... you're not a boring, insubstantial, weak personality who greatly irritates people!"Tom Johnston15 Jun 200064907.jpg 
PC5077"There must be some way to solve this crisis, William, dear. What would past leaders have done? ... William?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]04 Dec 1998PC5077.jpg 
PC3881"I'm feeling better already!"Peter Brookes02 Jul 1998PC3881.jpg 
65188"You lost us a lot of money, kid!" / "No Ffion!... I don't care that it looks surprisingly good on me!" / "Today, Miss is going to teach you all about the birds and the bees!" / "Is there a D.C., M.A., B.Sc., LL.B., B.A. (Psy.), B.A. (Phil). Dip.H.S.W., Adv. Dip. Crim., in the house"Tom Johnston31 May 200165188.jpg 
64888"I really don't think this is going to work, William!" / "No, love, it's not a timeshare salesman .... it's another kind if conman."Tom Johnston26 May 200064888.jpg 
51362Hague is advised to ave a babyPaul Thomas28 Jun 199951362.jpg 
65186"Get a move on, Ffion, or we'll miss the sympathy bandwagon!" / "I got the idea from those bibles George Bush sent us!"Tom Johnston27 Apr 200165186.jpg 
65183"That's not what I meant when I told you to get ready for May Day!" / "Ah, bless him ... his first dawn raid!" / "It's a van load of bogus Michael Howards!" / "At least I've still got you, Ffion!"Tom Johnston25 Apr 200165183.jpg 
64902"You never play that Bob Marley song Jammin' any more!" / "Yeah, quick! ... I want to register the name of "softdotcom!" / "We've done it now... here comes her hubby!" / "What were you doing at the Women's Institute conference anyway, William?"Tom Johnston09 Jun 200064902.jpg 
65209"Wake up, William... you're having your Portillo nightmare again!" / "We've replaced you with a mascot that can handle the crowd better!" / "At least nothing could happen to make William's popularity sink any lower!" / "No change there, then!"Tom Johnston16 May 200165209.jpg 
DB0379[no caption]Dave Brown13 Aug 1999DB0379.jpg 
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