Person NameGallagher; Liam
65062"Whatever happened to Turniphead?" / "I wish we could afford a fish that says don't worry... be happy!"Tom Johnston02 Nov 200065062.jpg 
PC2439"Alors, M'sieur Gallagher, the sales of se new album, zay go well, yes?"Charles Griffin22 Aug 1997PC2439.jpg 
65046"No, Philip!... I asked you to wring the neck of that pheasant!" / "Inspector Morse!"Tom Johnston20 Nov 200065046.jpg 
52115[no caption]Paul Thomas15 Sep 199952115.jpg 
65249"No, darling... I'm not so keen on the Oasis you installed for me!" / "That'll be £5 for leaving your driveway!" / "Congratulations! Here's your first class degree ... oh and here's a writ for your unpaid debts!" / "Idiot!... You voted for Josh!"Tom Johnston12 Jul 200165249.jpg 
65245"Forget centre court seats... you'll make more money selling tickets for the live sex shows!" / "I refuse to recognise that a piano is about to fall on my head!" / "Don't you think we've left it too late to spice up our marriage?"Tom Johnston04 Jul 200165245.jpg 
PC5263Happy New Year, everyoneTom Johnston01 Jan 1999PC5263.jpg 
65300"I demand a second opinion!" / "No!... You tell Mr Bruno that his behaviour is unreasonable!" / "Wow! He's one in a million ... one of the few people to buy Posh's single!"Tom Johnston27 Sep 200165300.jpg 
PC0906Wedding off?Peter Brookes11 Feb 1997PC0906.jpg 
64872"Take me to your Mayor!" / "We're saved! It's an Oasis!" / "Well, you've already got the hair for it!" / "I had to sign the Official Secrets Act first!"Tom Johnston08 May 200064872.jpg 
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