Person NameForsyth; Bruce (1928-2017); Sir
66195[no caption]Dave Gaskill08 Jul 200366195.jpg 
95662No captionNicholas Newman16 Oct 201195662.jpg 
95312No captionPaul Thomas13 Oct 201195312.jpg 
ADD0051No captionAndy Davey13 Oct 2011ADD0051.jpg 
ADD0374[Cowell v Brucie]Andy Davey30 May 2013ADD0374.jpg 
96851No captionPaul Thomas28 Jun 201296851.jpg 
CLD0039"I did too many gameshows but I'll take it on the chin!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]22 Sep 2013CLD0039.jpg 
ADD0244No captionAndy Davey14 Sep 2012ADD0244.jpg 
97438No captionMichael Heath07 Oct 201297438.jpg 
CLD0243"Everyone's rehearsing their signature moves!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]22 Dec 2013CLD0243.jpg 
CLD0123"I don't think much of Bruce Forsyth's new catchphrase!?"Scott [Clissold; Scott]05 Jan 2014CLD0123.jpg 
CLD0249"I did too many gameshows but I'll take it on the chin!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]22 Sep 2013CLD0249.jpg 
PTD0213"Honestly! Miliband will do anything to improve his poll ratings..."Paul Thomas27 Sep 2013PTD0213.jpg 
21455"...and now for something completely different..."Bernard Cookson16 Nov 197121455.jpg 
MW3271[no caption]Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]1960MW3271.jpg 
26307How to make Concorde payArthur Horner04 Jun 197426307.jpg 
CLD1083Sir Bruce Forsyth 1928-2017Scott [Clissold; Scott]20 Aug 2017CLD1083.jpg 
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