Person NameTyson; Mike
40028[no caption]Stanley Franklin21 Feb 198940028.jpg 
67292"Dinner bell - what dinner bell?"Syd28 Mar 199267292.jpg 
SC0101[no caption]Peter Schrank16 Jan 2000SC0101.jpg 
67132"We're just good friends!"Stanley Franklin19 Sep 198367132.jpg 
40030[no caption]Bill Caldwell29 Nov 198840030.jpg 
40029"Bet you're glad you brought in a gun guard - eh, Mike?"Bill Caldwell23 Feb 198940029.jpg 
40025So much for childhood. Now, if you could re-live your adolescence a little less graphically...Dave Gaskill09 Sep 198840025.jpg 
400241..2..3..4..5..6..7..9..10.. Who's next?Bill Caldwell24 Nov 198640024.jpg 
60107[no caption]Paul Thomas31 Jan 200260107.jpg 
40027And a beautiful left hook from Tyson, but Mitchelson has hit back with another writ!"Tom Johnston10 Oct 198840027.jpg 
64779"What makes you think Julius got a sly karate kick?" / "He invites us round to watch Tyson ... then gets his ear chewed off!" / "No... I said you can't come in without a tie, son!"Tom Johnston31 Jan 200064779.jpg 
WF0078[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]16 Jan 2000WF0078.jpg 
67291'Well .. have you heard of a charity group called Trading Places?'Bill Caldwell27 Mar 199267291.jpg 
67293"Your record of rape and violence is worrying your cellmate!"Stanley Franklin28 Mar 199267293.jpg 
40026"Release your wife and come down quietly, Mike!"Stanley Franklin04 Oct 198840026.jpg 
53143[no caption]Peter Brookes15 Jan 200053143.jpg 
64767"He can stay in Britain as long as he remains sealed in those special trousers!" / "Bet it hasn't" / "For goodness sake, come out from behind Kate Moss and have something to eat, Vanessa!" / "We're on the waiting list to see Tony Blair!"Tom Johnston18 Jan 200064767.jpg 
64763[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]16 Jan 200064763.jpg 
64774"Let's do it to the music from the Archers!" / "If that guy doesn't stop staring at me...!" / "Thank you! ... Now on to General Pinochet...!"Tom Johnston25 Jan 200064774.jpg 
64765Woolly New LabourChris Riddell16 Jan 200064765.jpg 
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