Person NameTurpin; Randolph (1928-1966)
JL5179London Laughs: Turpin's Chances. "It's one o' them boxing critics. He's become so worried about Randy's chances he's decided to do the job himself."Joseph Lee21 Oct 1953JL5179.jpg 
JL4941London Laughs. Promised Ambassador / "There's a bazaar rumour that the British are sending out yet another envoy to reason with us and the Persians ... a milord Turpin, or some such name!"Joseph Lee1951JL4941.jpg 
JL4583London Laughs. The Turpin Technique / " ... and I shall endeavour, by devious stratagems and, I trust, a little luck, to so out-box and out-manouvre my opponent that I will be awarded the verdict."Joseph Lee24 Aug 1951JL4583.jpg 
ILW1883[Illingworth cartoon ILW 1883]Illingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-197910 September 1951ILW1883.jpg 
JL4596London Laughs. Turpin's Training / "See what I mean, Gentlemen? That kind of thing is bound to happen if you Will keep crowding the Champ!" (Turpin's manager complains of the crowds of interviewers, photographers and spectators at his U.S. camp.)Joseph Lee10 Sep 1951JL4596.jpg 
JL5072London Laughs: Government Needs. "There's a slight hold-up. A French political deputation imploring Humez, If he wins, to dash to Paris to try c to form a Government."Joseph Lee09 Jun 1953JL5072.jpg 
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