Person NameCosgrave; Liam (1920-)
25100"Why is it that some families only get together at funerals?"Paul Rigby18 Sep 197325100.jpg 
25096"Actually, we're more worried about an attempt by the building societies."Jak [Raymond Jackson]17 Sep 197325096.jpg 
25098'Well, I think the 'eejits are makin' things too easy for the IRA, announcin' where they're meeting.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]18 Sep 197325098.jpg 
24914"Mr. Heath! You're hurting the good relations excisting between the Irish and the British!"!Michael Cummings13 Aug 197324914.jpg 
MW3024"A matter of trust"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]17 Sep 1973MW3024.jpg 
25095"First of all, I suggest a further massive increase in mortgage rates - to really keep their minds off other things!"Bernard Cookson17 Sep 197325095.jpg 
26270Ulster on the brink... by cartoonist John KentJohn Kent27 May 197426270.jpg 
24984"As I was saying, Mr. Heath, before we were interupted, I hope you won't be panicked into doing anything that might harm the friendly relations between our two countries!"Michael Cummings26 Aug 197324984.jpg 
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