Person NameDimmock; Charlie
65021"Bless him!... He's gone to hunt for dinosaurs!" / "Love the Charlie Dimmock water feature!"Tom Johnston17 Oct 200065021.jpg 
65022"Aye, but besided that what was the Chairman of Dundee Utd like?" / "Take me to Baghdad!" / "If I've no supporters let, then why did someone just give me this?" / "Yes, dear ... I am watching Ground Force but no I'm not staring at Charlie's t-shirt!"Tom Johnston16 Oct 200065022.jpg 
65016"He loves me not... he loves me not... he loves me not...!" / "Their mission is to get past Camilla!" / "Please!... No!... I don't think I could take the pain and anguish a second time!"Tom Johnston23 Oct 200065016.jpg 
65015"Oh... just watching Charlie's Angels, darling!"
"Ministry of Defence... they want you to get Alistair [sic] Campbell spinning now!" / "Don't worry, Mr Gummer.... with film evidence of you feeding your daughter beefburger you can easily plead insanity!" / "He'll be hard to replace... we're down to a short-list of Darren Day, Jim Davidson and Liam Gallagher!"
Tom Johnston24 Oct 200065015.jpg 
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