Person NameChalkie
AC1390"Never mind, Chalkie lad, I`ve arranged a return"Reg Smythe28 May 1962AC1390.jpg 
AC1645[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Jul 1963AC1645.jpg 
AC1574"Every man to 'is fancy- I grow weeds"Reg Smythe04 May 1963AC1574.jpg 
AC0555"Now that's what I call a good lookin' woman!"Reg Smythe14 Jul 1959AC0555.jpg 
AC0006"You were in a disgustin' state last night, Chalkie, - you dropped me twice on the way 'ome."Reg Smythe14 Aug 1957AC0006.jpg 
AC0633"Yer missus might 'ave a few faults, Chalkie, but I don't like to 'ear a man talk that way about the woman who drove 'im to drink"Reg Smythe12 Oct 1959AC0633.jpg 
AC0321"I can't say I'm mad keen on yer new council flat, Chalkie, but I'll tell yer this - I luv the view"Reg Smythe23 Sep 1958AC0321.jpg 
AC0338"Don't stand there natterin', woman, get me supper poured out!"Reg Smythe13 Oct 1958AC0338.jpg 
AC0800I'll be takin' me shot while yer gettin' 'em in, ChalkieReg Smythe27 Apr 1960AC0800.jpg 
AC0315"Lazy blighter! Two days to go before 'e gets wed an' 'e 'asn't even found the lass a job yet!"Reg Smythe15 Sep 1958AC0315.jpg 
AC1511[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Feb 1963AC1511.jpg 
AC1575"Typical" The place is chock-a-block- but 'e's got to 'ave 'is game o' darts!"Reg Smythe06 May 1963AC1575.jpg 
AC1240[No caption]Reg Smythe07 Sep 1961AC1240.jpg 
AC1119`e`s after one of `is pigeons, Chalkie - but `e`ll be down in a sec -Reg Smythe25 Apr 1961AC1119.jpg 
AC0976[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Nov 1960AC0976.jpg 
AC1597[no caption]Reg Smythe29 May 1963AC1597.jpg 
AC0693"First one to 'it a ball wins - O-kay ["ay" crossed out]?"Reg Smythe17 Dec 1959AC0693.jpg 
AC0452"Come off it, Charlie! It's your turn to get 'em in - an' that kind of performance 'll get nowhere!"Reg Smythe14 Mar 1959AC0452.jpg 
AC1157[No caption]Reg Smythe08 Jun 1961AC1157.jpg 
AC0768[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Mar 1960AC0768.jpg 
AC0455[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Mar 1959AC0455.jpg 
AC1208" Well, yer know `ow it is, Chalkie, we`re too skint t` paper it an` we`re too proud t` whitewash it"Reg Smythe04 Aug 1961AC1208.jpg 
AC0352"Amazin' 'ow time flies, Chalkie, only forty-nine snooker days to Christmas."Reg Smythe29 Oct 1958AC0352.jpg 
AC0377"I'll gi' yer a word of advice, Andy, never try to lay down the law in yer underwear"Reg Smythe02 Dec 1958AC0377.jpg 
AC1650[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Jul 1963AC1650.jpg 
AC1006[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Dec 1960AC1006.jpg 
AC0400"'e'll be down in a minute, Chalkie, an' I'll gi' yer a word of advice - don't beat 'im at snooker today"Reg Smythe06 Jan 1959AC0400.jpg 
AC0694"I'd like to get me 'ands on the bloke who mentioned a beer strike!"Reg Smythe18 Dec 1959AC0694.jpg 
AC0344"Nicest sandwich I've clapped eyes on for ages, Chalkie!"Reg Smythe20 Oct 1958AC0344.jpg 
AC1434[No caption]Reg Smythe24 Sep 1962AC1434.jpg 
AC0037"It's a funny life, Chalkie, you're 'ere because yer haven't a wife to go 'ome to - and I'm 'ere because I have."Reg Smythe20 Sep 1957AC0037.jpg 
AC0334"I like to think that she'll be able to fend for 'erself if anythin' 'appens to me"Reg Smythe08 Oct 1958AC0334.jpg 
AC1579[no caption]Reg Smythe10 May 1963AC1579.jpg 
AC1613[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Jun 1963AC1613.jpg 
AC0348"Women are so flippin' changeable, Chalkie. Take Florrie, yesterday I liked 'er - today I can't stand the sight of 'er"Reg Smythe24 Oct 1958AC0348.jpg 
AC0328"Florrie says she'll leave me if I don't stop spendin' so much time in 'ere - I'm goin' to miss 'er"Reg Smythe01 Oct 1958AC0328.jpg 
AC0358"E's a shockin' loser"Reg Smythe07 Nov 1958AC0358.jpg 
AC0715[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Jan 1960AC0715.jpg 
AC1024"Second time this week I`ve seen `im kiss `is missus - the man`s a sex maniac!"Reg Smythe10 Jan 1961AC1024.jpg 
AC0724"It doesn't make it taste any better, Chalkie - but it looks a bit better"Reg Smythe29 Jan 1960AC0724.jpg 
AC0423"Yer were dead wrong about Alfie Byers bein' a good scrapper - last night me an' Chalkie an' Percy 'ere knocked 'ell out of 'im"Reg Smythe04 Feb 1959AC0423.jpg 
AC0467"I'm tellin' yer for the last time, Andy - stop breathin' on me glasses!"Reg Smythe02 Apr 1959AC0467.jpg 
AC0609"Don't be daft, man, my missus is a better woman than yours could ever be - she could drink your lass under the table any day!"Reg Smythe16 Sep 1959AC0609.jpg 
AC0590[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Aug 1959AC0590.jpg 
AC1635[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Jul 1963AC1635.jpg 
AC0359"If yer ask me, Chalkie, it's a last desp'rate attempt to stop 'em slidin' out of the flippin' league!"Reg Smythe08 Nov 1958AC0359.jpg 
AC0496[no caption]Reg Smythe05 May 1959AC0496.jpg 
AC0797[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Apr 1960AC0797.jpg 
AC0506[no caption]Reg Smythe19 May 1959AC0506.jpg 
AC0435"She's bin doin' 'er level best to get off wi' me while Florrie's away, changed 'er 'airstyle an' everythin'"Reg Smythe20 Feb 1959AC0435.jpg 
AC0576"Not many of us 'ave a wife like yours, Andy"Reg Smythe09 Aug 1959AC0576.jpg 
AC0886[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Aug 1960AC0886.jpg 
AC0896[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Aug 1960AC0896.jpg 
AC0540"I don't mind tellin' yer, Chalkie, I'm worried... Florrie was feelin' right queer when I came out - I'll be glad when it's closin' time"Reg Smythe24 Jun 1959AC0540.jpg 
AC0411"Chalkie, lad, why don't yer try a new strategy - like stoppin' a few?"Reg Smythe17 Jan 1959AC0411.jpg 
AC1581[no caption]Reg Smythe12 May 1963AC1581.jpg 
AC1033[No caption]Reg Smythe23 Jan 1961AC1033.jpg 
AC0412"My man isn't as romantic as 'e used to be either ["was either, Ruby," crossed out] - when 'e 'olds me 'ands these days it's only to stop me from 'ittin' 'im back"Reg Smythe18 Jan 1959AC0412.jpg 
AC0397[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Dec 1958AC0397.jpg 
AC1669"I fancy one meself, Chalkie- but who'll we use for money?"Reg Smythe19 Aug 1963AC1669.jpg 
AC0680I don't mind tellin' yer, Chalkie, I went through 'ell in there - seven baths a week - without an anaesthetic!"Reg Smythe02 Dec 1959AC0680.jpg 
AC0863[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Jul 1960AC0863.jpg 
AC0634[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Oct 1959AC0634.jpg 
AC1090[No caption]Reg Smythe20 Mar 1961AC1090.jpg 
AC0529"I wouldn't 'ave a painter an' decorator in the 'ouse, Chalkie. If yer want a job doin' well, do it yourself I always say"Reg Smythe12 Jun 1959AC0529.jpg 
AC0525"We'll 'ave to take these cards back to the shop an' get them changed, Andy, they're full o' pin 'oles!"Reg Smythe08 Jun 1959AC0525.jpg 
AC0685[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Dec 1959AC0685.jpg 
AC1154I gave `im five bob t` clean out me cellar - sob- an` `e did!!Reg Smythe05 Jun 1961AC1154.jpg 
AC0695[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Dec 1959AC0695.jpg 
AC0517"Wad'yer mean, 'born drunkards'? Yer never give us credit for nowt - it's taken years o' practice to be what we are!"Reg Smythe31 May 1959AC0517.jpg 
AC1110"I asked `im for that quid `e owed me like you said, an` `e touched me for another like I said!"Reg Smythe11 Apr 1961AC1110.jpg 
AC0501Allus on at me for money she is! Money for this, money for that, money for the other..!Reg Smythe10 May 1959AC0501.jpg 
AC0730"Oh, fair t' middlin', Chalkie - 'ow's things wi' you?"Reg Smythe04 Feb 1960AC0730.jpg 
AC0436[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Feb 1959AC0436.jpg 
AC2338[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Oct 1965AC2338.jpg 
AC1895[no caption]Reg Smythe23 May 1964AC1895.jpg 
AC2598[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Aug 1966AC2598.jpg 
AC0303[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Sep 1958AC0303.jpg 
AC2289[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Jul 1965AC2289.jpg 
AC2137[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Feb 1965AC2137.jpg 
AC3528"Andy's been ill in bed the last couple of days, Ruby - I'll just pop over an' see 'ow 'e is"Reg Smythe30 Jun 1969AC3528.jpg 
AC1202[No caption]Reg Smythe28 Jul 1961AC1202.jpg 
AC0761"I feel I owe some kind of apology, mate, Chalkie's just said it was 'im who drank me beer"Reg Smythe10 Mar 1960AC0761.jpg 
AC2489[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Apr 1966AC2489.jpg 
AC0792"Oh, I don't know, Chalkie, it mightn't do yer any 'arm if yer got used to it"Reg Smythe17 Apr 1960AC0792.jpg 
AC3676"Hi, there"Reg Smythe05 Dec 1969AC3676.jpg 
AC1262[No caption]Reg Smythe01 Oct 1961AC1262.jpg 
AC1662[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Aug 1963AC1662.jpg 
AC0493"This is goin' to be quite an afternoon, Ruby - the match 'asn't even started yet!"Reg Smythe02 May 1959AC0493.jpg 
AC3545"Did yer read 'ow much a bloke paid for a painting the other day, Andy?"Reg Smythe17 Jul 1969AC3545.jpg 
AC2247[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Jun 1965AC2247.jpg 
AC0480[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Apr 1959AC0480.jpg 
AC0318"That's Charlie Flounders, the gaffer. I'll always 'ave a soft spot for Charlie - 'e gave me the sack"Reg Smythe19 Sep 1958AC0318.jpg 
AC1393"Me an` Andy would `ave been married earlier if it `adn`t been for me foolish pride - I wanted `im to propose to me"Reg Smythe02 Jun 1962AC1393.jpg 
AC0534[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Jun 1959AC0534.jpg 
AC0966[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Oct 1960AC0966.jpg 
AC1620[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Jun 1963AC1620.jpg 
AC0854[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Jun 1960AC0854.jpg 
AC0556"In a way, mine an' Andy's was a runaway marriage, I ran away - but 'e caught me"Reg Smythe15 Jul 1959AC0556.jpg 
AC0591[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Aug 1959AC0591.jpg 
AC2057[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Nov 1964AC2057.jpg 
AC0766I 'ear Billy got knocked off for pinchin' a television setReg Smythe16 Mar 1960AC0766.jpg 
AC1315"I`d gi` the lass a dress allowance, Chalkie, but I can`t be sure she wouldn`t spend it afore I could borrow it back"Reg Smythe27 Nov 1961AC1315.jpg 
AC0974"Overalls? san'wiches? Chalkie lad - What 'ave they done t'yer?!"Reg Smythe03 Nov 1960AC0974.jpg 
AC0547[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Jul 1959AC0547.jpg 
AC3736"It's comin' t' somethin' when yer can't get a seat in yer own local"Reg Smythe19 Feb 1970AC3736.jpg 
AC0843[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Jun 1960AC0843.jpg 
AC0373"'E left a few minutes ago, Chalkie, but I don't think 'e was on 'is way to the pub - 'e was only walkin"Reg Smythe26 Nov 1958AC0373.jpg 
AC0889[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Aug 1960AC0889.jpg 
AC1162[No caption]Reg Smythe14 Jun 1961AC1162.jpg 
AC0864Isn'it luv'ly, Rube? - Must be worth at least two thick ears an' a fat lip!"Reg Smythe11 Jul 1960AC0864.jpg 
AC0740"Leave the poor lad alone - 'e's 'ad enough trouble for one day!"Reg Smythe16 Feb 1960AC0740.jpg 
AC0376"I reckon that's the roughest game we've 'ad since we played 'all saints'"Reg Smythe29 Nov 1958AC0376.jpg 
AC1120"There's the new barmaid, Ruby! Frosty-faced, old as the hills, flat-chested - can't find a thing wrong with 'er!"Reg Smythe26 Apr 1961AC1120.jpg 
AC0820[no caption]Reg Smythe20 May 1960AC0820.jpg 
AC0468[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Apr 1959AC0468.jpg 
AC1554[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Apr 1963AC1554.jpg 
AC1165[No caption]Reg Smythe17 Jun 1961AC1165.jpg 
AC3645"Thanks for your help, Mister White"Reg Smythe27 Oct 1969AC3645.jpg 
AC0613"No more for me, Ruby, I've bin careful about 'ow much I take ever since the night I saw three Andys"Reg Smythe20 Sep 1959AC0613.jpg 
AC3745"I didn't know that Tommy 'ad sold the shop-"Reg Smythe28 Feb 1970AC3745.jpg 
AC0597[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Sep 1959AC0597.jpg 
AC1774A[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Jan 1964AC1774A.jpg 
AC1179[No caption]Reg Smythe04 Jul 1961AC1179.jpg 
AC1039[No caption]Reg Smythe25 Jan 1961AC1039.jpg 
AC0601[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Sep 1959AC0601.jpg 
AC3556"Huh! It won't last - d'YOU think brainy women make good wives, Andy?"Reg Smythe28 Jul 1969AC3556.jpg 
AC3502" 'ow did 'e get on about 'is stomach, Florrie?"Reg Smythe04 Jun 1969AC3502.jpg 
AC1030"Yer can never fathom a woman, Chalkie. Take Florrie for instance -she likes me"Reg Smythe16 Jan 1961AC1030.jpg 
AC2685No captionReg Smythe28 Nov 1966AC2685.jpg 
AC3721"I've got the dinner cookin' nicely, Pet - I'm off for a quick 'un"Reg Smythe03 Feb 1970AC3721.jpg 
AC3514"What a night I 'ad las' night, Andy! Heh! Heh! The beer I supped, an' the little darlin' I walked 'ome-!"Reg Smythe16 Jun 1969AC3514.jpg 
AC0727[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Feb 1960AC0727.jpg 
AC3776"Blimey! Look at the time an' only a couple of 'undred yards from 'ome-!"Reg Smythe05 Apr 1970AC3776.jpg 
AC1894[no caption]Reg Smythe22 May 1964AC1894.jpg 
AC2456[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Mar 1966AC2456.jpg 
AC1562[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Apr 1963AC1562.jpg 
AC2299[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Aug 1965AC2299.jpg 
AC1591[no caption]Reg Smythe23 May 1963AC1591.jpg 
AC2572[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Jul 1966AC2572.jpg 
AC1773[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Dec 1963AC1773.jpg 
AC1686[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Sep 1963AC1686.jpg 
AC2574[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Jul 1966AC2574.jpg 
AC0870Can't ask yer t' have one, Andy, I lost ten bob out of me dole moneyReg Smythe17 Jul 1960AC0870.jpg 
AC2596[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Aug 1966AC2596.jpg 
AC2484[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Apr 1966AC2484.jpg 
AC1891"'E doesn't care 'ow big they are"Reg Smythe19 May 1964AC1891.jpg 
AC1590[no caption]Reg Smythe22 May 1963AC1590.jpg 
AC1129[No caption]Reg Smythe08 May 1961AC1129.jpg 
AC1580"Cheatin'? Course I am!- Aren't you?"Reg Smythe11 May 1963AC1580.jpg 
AC2013[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Sep 1964AC2013.jpg 
AC1631"Just the average sort o' lad, Chalkie, sober, ambitious, energetic- nothin' 'e isn't young enough t' grow out of"Reg Smythe09 Jul 1963AC1631.jpg 
AC1608[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Jun 1963AC1608.jpg 
AC1751[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Nov 1963AC1751.jpg 
AC1872[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Apr 1964AC1872.jpg 
AC1923[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Jun 1964AC1923.jpg 
AC2264[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Jun 1965  
AC2196"It 'asn't broken down since the day I got it- not flippn' once!"Reg Smythe10 Apr 1965AC2196.jpg 
AC2177[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Mar 1965AC2177.jpg 
AC2123[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Jan 1965AC2123.jpg 
AC2389[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Jan 1966AC2389.jpg 
AC0488"Yer can take a lot of the 'ard work out of the gardenin' if yer go about it the right way"Reg Smythe26 Apr 1959AC0488.jpg 
AC0500[no caption]Reg Smythe09 May 1959AC0500.jpg 
AC1842[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Mar 1964AC1842.jpg 
AC1014- An' don't roll 'ome plastered or I'll want t' know the reason why!Reg Smythe25 Dec 1960AC1014.jpg 
AC1250[No caption]Reg Smythe19 Sep 1961AC1250.jpg 
AC0865[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Jul 1960AC0865.jpg 
AC1348[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Jan 1962AC1348.jpg 
AC1148[No caption]Reg Smythe29 May 1961AC1148.jpg 
AC1111"Whatever `appens t` yer this afternoon, I`d like yer t`know that I`ve got nothin` against yer personally"Reg Smythe15 Apr 1961AC1111.jpg 
AC2241[no caption]Reg Smythe28 May 1965AC2241.jpg 
AC3060"Andy, could yer lend me a dollar? I know yer won't let yer best friend down-"Reg Smythe17 Jan 1968AC3060.jpg 
AC2107[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Jan 1965AC2107.jpg 
AC2233[no caption]Reg Smythe19 May 1965AC2233.jpg 
AC2331[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Sep 1965AC2331.jpg 
AC2036[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Oct 1964AC2036.jpg 
AC2361[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Nov 1965AC2361.jpg 
AC0139"I'll never understand wimmen, Chalkie. I kissed 'er this mornin' an' she's been (yarpin' - crossed out) bawlin' [written in pencil] ever since!"Reg Smythe22 Jan 1958AC0139.jpg 
AC2765"What's the matter wi' you?"Reg Smythe22 Feb 1967AC2765.jpg 
AC2362[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Nov 1965AC2362.jpg 
AC2372[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Dec 1965AC2372.jpg 
AC2287[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Jul 1965  
AC3070"Come on, Chalkie, I need a drink!"Reg Smythe27 Jan 1968AC3070.jpg 
AC2644[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Oct 1966AC2644.jpg 
AC2356[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Nov 1965AC2356.jpg 
AC1764[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Nov 1963AC1764.jpg 
AC2019[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Oct 1964AC2019.jpg 
AC2427[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Feb 1966AC2427.jpg 
AC3067"I 'ope it went off better than MINE did. Flo was in a terrible mood - we 'ad a 'ell of a row in the vestry..."Reg Smythe24 Jan 1968AC3067.jpg 
AC2683[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Nov 1966AC2683.jpg 
AC2391[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Jan 1966AC2391.jpg 
AC1541[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Mar 1963AC1541.jpg 
AC1876[no caption]Reg Smythe03 May 1964AC1876.jpg 
AC1743[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Nov 1963AC1743.jpg 
AC1884[no caption]Reg Smythe12 May 1964AC1884.jpg 
AC2713Flo'll do it for me - just tell 'er I'm havin' one of me attacksReg Smythe30 Dec 1966AC2713.jpg 
AC2753"I 'ear Flo's mother's been stayin' wi' yer for a few days - 'ow d'yer get on with 'er?"Reg Smythe09 Feb 1967AC2753.jpg 
AC3389"Let's go t' the King's Arms. There's a new feller taken over - I'll soon break 'im in!"Reg Smythe02 Feb 1969 
AC1861[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Apr 1964AC1861.jpg 
AC3156"AN' THE SAME T' YOU - WITH BELLS ON!!"Reg Smythe07 May 1968AC3156.jpg 
AC2157[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Feb 1965AC2157.jpg 
AC2514[no caption]Reg Smythe24 May 1966AC2514.jpg 
AC2188[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Apr 1965AC2188.jpg 
AC3084"By the way, Chalkie - we'll be needin' some new cricket stumps before the season starts. Remind me to bring it up at the committee meetin'."Reg Smythe12 Feb 1968AC3084.jpg 
AC3353That flippin' woman! Give me strength -!"Reg Smythe28 Dec 1968AC3353.jpg 
AC3010"No! We can't AFFORD a washin' machine - an' don't ask me again!"Reg Smythe24 Nov 1967AC3010.jpg 
AC2904"She's a fine woman, Chalkie, an' a very good wife"Reg Smythe19 Jul 1967AC2904.jpg 
AC2754"There's old Mike, 'aven't seen 'im for ages"Reg Smythe10 Feb 1967AC2754.jpg 
AC2737"'Ow about one in 'ere, Andy?"Reg Smythe24 Jan 1967AC2737.jpg 
AC0772"Un'ealthy, them tight jerseys - interfere wi a feller's breathin'"Reg Smythe24 Mar 1960AC0772.jpg 
AC2789"Hi'yer, mate, 'ow's things?"Reg Smythe18 Mar 1967AC2789.jpg 
AC3314"Did yer see that, Andy?"Reg Smythe12 Nov 1968AC3314.jpg 
AC2992"What d'yer think of that for a tackle, Andy, eh?"Reg Smythe04 Nov 1967AC2992.jpg 
AC3109"I'll follow yer down t' the pub, Chalkie - get me one in"Reg Smythe12 Mar 1968AC3109.jpg 
AC2937"No, Chalkie lad, it's MY turn!"Reg Smythe29 Aug 1967AC2937.jpg 
AC3294"Andy! I've managed to find a buyer for that old bike of yours"Reg Smythe22 Oct 1968AC3294.jpg 
AC3025ZooomReg Smythe09 Dec 1967AC3025.jpg 
AC0224"It's a fact, Chalkie, the kids of today 'ave no manners. Now, when I was a lad ....."Reg Smythe29 May 1958AC0224.jpg 
AC0380"I realise she was the only girl in the world for me the minute she whispered three little words - 'what'll yer 'ave?'"Reg Smythe05 Dec 1958AC0380.jpg 
AC1347"'e's one o' them intellectuals, Chalkie, y'know the sort o' bloke I mean - thinks 'e's found summat more interestin' than beer"Reg Smythe14 Jan 1962AC1347.jpg 
AC0065"Yer right about time flyin', Chalkie. By the time I've got up, an' read the paper and got the wife of [sic] to work, the mornin's gone."Reg Smythe23 Oct 1957AC0065.jpg 
AC0874[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Jul 1960AC0874.jpg 
AC1131"I didn`t `ave the `eart t` tell `im that they`re [crossed out Florrie`s written in pencil] only washin` the curtains"Reg Smythe10 May 1961AC1131.jpg 
AC1249[No caption]Reg Smythe18 Sep 1961AC1249.jpg 
AC2243[no caption]Reg Smythe30 May 1965AC2243.jpg 
AC3695"It's a wonder yer don't pack yer bags an' leave 'er, Andy"Reg Smythe03 Jan 1970AC3695.jpg 
AC0712"There's a hypocrite for yer, Chalkie, last week 'e was ["goin'" crossed out] on about world peace - an' this week 'e gets married!"Reg Smythe14 Jan 1960AC0712.jpg 
AC3655Exclusive! My exciting lifeReg Smythe06 Nov 1969AC3655.jpg 
AC1496[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Feb 1963AC1496.jpg 
AC1493"It's the kind o' figure that makes a lad imagine that 'e can support a wife"Reg Smythe09 Feb 1963AC1493.jpg 
AC1505[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Feb 1963AC1505.jpg 
AC1800"I don't know who 'e is- but 'e'd make a marvellous goalkeeper"Reg Smythe04 Feb 1964AC1800.jpg 
AC0704"Hi'ya, Andy! I was passin' so I thought I'd drop in - don't get up , Florrie!"Reg Smythe04 Jan 1960AC0704.jpg 
AC3233"C'mon now, own up! Which one o' you lot's been suppin' me beer while I was out in the back?!"Reg Smythe28 Jul 1968AC3233.jpg 
AC3261"You got that job Mister White!"Reg Smythe16 Sep 1968AC3261.jpg 
AC3288"Please, Pet - I swear I'll pay yer back on Friday"Reg Smythe16 Oct 1968AC3288.jpg 
AC3372"Sorry t' keep yer waitin' - it's that old bike o' mine, the flippin' thing's fallin' t' bits"Reg Smythe16 Jan 1969AC3372.jpg 
AC3451"This is 'Arry Potts. Never met such a LUCKY devil - 'orses, dogs, the pools..."Reg Smythe11 Apr 1969AC3451.jpg 
AC3438"Blimey, it took yer long enough to best 'er, Andy - yer must be slippin' "Reg Smythe28 Mar 1969AC3438.jpg 
AC3424"I wish I was twenty years older!"Reg Smythe11 Mar 1969AC3424.jpg 
AC3468"I think we'd better nip 'ome first an' do somethin' about our appearance - first impressions count y'know"Reg Smythe29 Apr 1969AC3468.jpg 
AC1692[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Sep 1963AC1692.jpg 
AC3493"Give me a large scotch, Gaffer, an' 'ave one yerself"Reg Smythe26 May 1969AC3493.jpg 
AC3748"I 'ear Florrie got you along t' the church social las'night - many there?"Reg Smythe02 Mar 1970AC3748.jpg 
CG/3/4/2/1/1/6/2Retouched copy of drawing of Chalkie, for use on the 1991 annual coverGiles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)1991  
AC1415" `ere comes the light o` me life, Chalkie - I like Florrie too, mind yer"Reg Smythe21 Jul 1962AC1415.jpg 
AC2015[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Sep 1964AC2015.jpg 
AC3201"Let's face it, Chalkie, wives do get weary - an occasional rest does them a world of good"Reg Smythe22 Jun 1968AC3201.jpg 
AC1602"She's on o' the best, Chalkie- worth 'er weight in beer"Reg Smythe03 Jun 1963AC1602.jpg 
AC1719[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Oct 1963AC1719.jpg 
AC0548I don't know what's up wi' me, doc...Just can't seem to relax - I can't even sleep when we 'ave company"Reg Smythe04 Jul 1959AC0548.jpg 
AC3797"AARGH!"Reg Smythe01 May 1970AC3797.jpg 
AC3813"Young Tom was right off 'is game today-"Reg Smythe23 May 1970AC3813.jpg 
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