Person NameLyttelton; Alfred (1857-1913); Rt Hon
TitleRt Hon
WH0136"Unionists more united than ever" [on reverse]W.K. Haselden16 Nov 1905WH0136.jpg 
WH0133Captain Wells - Hottest Fire [on reverse]W.K. Haselden10 Nov 1905WH0133.jpg 
WH0014Bank Holiday squirt at Westminster [caption on reverse]W.K. Haselden02 Aug 1904WH0014.jpg 
WH0059Westminster Bear Garden [on reverse]W.K. Haselden24 May 1905WH0059.jpg 
WH0095Panic in Parliament - Butler Commission [on reverse]
Published caption: A bombshell for the government.
Printed under published cartoon: the first duty of Parliament is to deal with the Butler report, which says that millions of pounds were wasted with the connivance of Army officials. Will the Government dodge the issue?
W.K. Haselden21 Jun 1905WH0095.jpg 
WH0097Delightful travelling [caption on reverse]W.K. Haselden30 Jun 1905WH0097.jpg 
WH0055Balfour and the opposition [caption on reverse]
Published caption: Would this satisfy the opposition?
Printed under published cartoon: The Opposition complain so bitterly of Ministers being absent from the House of Commons when fiscal resolutions are discussed that we suggest Mr. Balfour should have wax effigies of himself and his principal colleagues put upon the Government Bench for their opponents to rail at. This would certainly be better than denouncing empty seats.
W.K. Haselden31 Mar 1905WH0055.jpg 
WH0535"In melting mood" [on reverse]W.K. Haselden11 Jul 1904WH0535.jpg 
WH3415Published caption: A rehearsal in manners.W.K. Haselden03 Aug 1905WH3415.jpg 
WH0015School Politicians - St Stephen's School [caption on reverse]
Published caption: Off for the holidays.
Printed under published cartoon: After an unusually profitless session, during which members of Parliament have behaved more than ever like schoolboys, the political term at Westminster now comes to an end. When the House of Commons meets again will it be under the same Leader? Many people still expect a general election in the autumn.
W.K. Haselden11 Aug 1905WH0015.jpg 
WH0536"Shouldn't he be called B.C.?" Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman as an ancient Briton [on reverse]
Printed under published cartoon: The Prime Minister: Do tell that strange old man to go away. He looks like an Ancient Briton. Ask him if he knows this is 1904. [The "Evening News" suggests, apropos of the new vote of censure, that Sir Henry Camphell-Bannerman's methods are so antique he ought to be called B.C. instead of C.B.]
W.K. Haselden19 Jul 1904WH0536.jpg 
WH0537Political coca-nut shy [on reverse]W.K. Haselden20 Feb 1906WH0537.jpg 
WH1752Army Contractor [on reverse]
Published caption:Mud-trhwong.
Printed under published cartoon: Delighted Army Contractor (with a few millions in his pocket): As long as those fellows confine their mud-throwing and votes of censure to each other I'm all right.
News: In 1904 the Esher War Office (Reconstitution) Committee led to the establishment of a Committee of Imperial Defense, with the PM in control and with a permanent secretariat to connect the activities of the responsible ministers and the knowledge of service experts. Also, an Army council was to replace a single commander-in-chief.
W.K. Haselden26 Jun 1905WH1752.jpg 
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