Person NameSinatra; Frank (1915-1998)
19974"Sure I've retired - but I still like you guys a round in case I feel like a song in the bath."Mac [Stan McMurtry]25 Mar 197119974.jpg 
19018"No, no! - Not your autograph! - The address of the hair grafting clinic..."Mac [Stan McMurtry]17 Nov 197019018.jpg 
JL4409London Laughs. Singer's Channel Swim / "Reckon there'll be more than swooning and tie-cutting if one of 'em swims the Channel."Joseph Lee10 Aug 1950JL4409.jpg 
26497"Hullo, it looks as though the Government's share of the oil has started to arrive' / 'I dunno what all the fuss is about, Frankie - you've treated journalists far worse in the past / 'Didn't want al those damned bottles cluttering up the place'Mac [Stan McMurtry]13 Jul 197426497.jpg 
09498"Say, we hear there's a deep, secluded cave going vacant"Stanley Franklin04 Aug 196609498.jpg 
17038[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]09 Jan 197017038.jpg 
61884"Osama's claiming it's his asteroid."Michael Heath28 Jul 200361884.jpg 
LA0097"I see your blue-eyed boy Sinatra's in trouble again, Ma ..."David Langdon10 Sep 1970LA0097.jpg 
LA0076"Now I KNOW I'm getting old - when they ask 'Who's Sinatra?"David Langdon07 May 1970LA0076.jpg 
PC3740"OK, Blue eyes, round here you do it MY way."Bill McArthur16 May 1998PC3740.jpg 
WF0001A[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]09 Jan 1970WF0001A.jpg 
PC5176[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]13 Dec 1998PC5176.jpg 
WF0045[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]13 Dec 1998WF0045.jpg 
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