Person NameBeatrice Elizabeth Mary; Princess; of York
SurnameBeatrice Elizabeth Mary
Epithetof York
40556"Message from the bridge, sir. Can you tell her Royal Highness to Bea off."Charles Griffin18 Oct 198840556.jpg 
40549"I thought Andrew had taken the photos!"Bernard Cookson23 Aug 198840549.jpg 
40550[no caption]Bill Caldwell09 Sep 198840550.jpg 
40548[no caption]Bill Caldwell23 Aug 198840548.jpg 
96016No captionDavid Haldane26 Feb 201296016.jpg 
PC2453"It's for your own good. You don't want me to be slimmer than you girls, do you?"Charles Griffin25 Aug 1997PC2453.jpg 
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