Person NameHamilton; Christine
PC1288"It's no good, he's wearing his Bosnia flak jacket."Charles Griffin08 Apr 1997PC1288.jpg 
58659[no caption]Dave Gaskill31 Aug 200158659.jpg 
58831[no caption]Nicola Jennings14 Aug 200158831.jpg 
58826[no caption]Dave Brown14 Aug 200158826.jpg 
58811"Perhaps, Christine, I should try this without you hanging on my neck"Charles Griffin16 Aug 200158811.jpg 
62274[no caption]Dave Gaskill16 Aug 200262274.jpg 
PC1193[no caption]David Austin09 Apr 1997PC1193.jpg 
58827'Good grief. Now what are the Hamiltons up to?'Mac [Stan McMurtry]14 Aug 200158827.jpg 
58836"The Sarge interrogated Christine Hamilton"Ron McTrusty13 Aug 200158836.jpg 
PC2762[no caption]Peter Brookes08 Nov 1997PC2762.jpg 
PC3579"Here comes Bell's white wedding party, Neil. Get ready with the confetti."Charles Griffin04 May 1998PC3579.jpg 
PC2006[no caption]Gary Smith13 Apr 1997PC2006.jpg 
PC1700[no caption]Martin Rowson12 Apr 1997PC1700.jpg 
60048"Are they queueing to be first inside or is that where the Hamiltons live now?"Tom Johnston29 Dec 199960048.jpg 
65361"I'm not kicking you out for eating an apple ... I'm kicking you out for being the Hamiltons!" / "Sounds like my barber!" / "Any news about cave prices?"Tom Johnston06 Dec 200165361.jpg 
65276"Aw no, Neil.... now we're being abducted by aliens!" / "If you've got a leader capable of winning an election then I'm Christine Hamilton!" / "No, that's not the £3.8m island that's up for sale!" / So, did you manage to get anything at that Sultan Prince auction, Harold?"Tom Johnston13 Aug 200165276.jpg 
64181[no caption]Dave Gaskill07 Mar 200364181.jpg 
PC1226"Well it worked with the Conservative Association so we thought it would work on the electorate."Charles Griffin10 Apr 1997PC1226.jpg 
PC2206[no caption]Peter Schrank06 Jul 1997PC2206.jpg 
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