Person NameReed; Oliver
67094"If possible, would the accused rise, please ..."Stanley Franklin29 Aug 198467094.jpg 
PC6154[no caption]Dave Gaskill03 May 1999PC6154.jpg 
PC6167"So, you won't consider having him every other weekend?"Tom Johnston04 May 1999PC6167.jpg 
PC6165'There's talk of redundancies'Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]04 May 1999PC6165.jpg 
67237Six crazy things you can do today!Tom Johnston09 Apr 199267237.jpg 
67086"No, seriously folks, I think Michael Aspel's shown a lot of guts in letting me come back on his show."Charles Griffin24 Feb 198767086.jpg 
67047"In a change of programme tonight, our experts discuss another man whose shadow looms menacingly over the world - Oliver Reed!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]29 Jan 199167047.jpg 
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