Person NameBeckham; Victoria (1975-)
Other forms of nameAdams, Victoria, 1975-
Posh Spice
65561[no caption]Bill Caldwell05 May 200365561.jpg 
65957[no caption]Mark Reeve15 Jun 200365957.jpg 
64982"That's nothing ... I built a model of the Moscow Tower out of matchsticks!" / "So, shall we sue that book too, Victoria?" / "No mate.... that's a centipede!"Tom Johnston30 Aug 200064982.jpg 
61174'The jeans are from Gucci, the top is from Prada and the crutches and cast are from Harley Street'Michael Heath14 Apr 200261174.jpg 
65595[no caption]Bill Caldwell08 May 200365595.jpg 
61020[no caption]Dave Gaskill29 Apr 200261020.jpg 
60308"Respect for royalty, Tamzin, respect!"Patrick Blower10 Jan 200260308.jpg 
60994"I bet that Britney spears hasn't got her whole family in hair extensions."Charles Griffin01 Mar 200260994.jpg 
61454[no caption]Dave Gaskill14 May 200261454.jpg 
60449[no caption]Robert Thompson24 Jan 200260449.jpg 
65283"Of course everyone has a right to be proud, Harold... but it's been three days now!..." / "... and check that his Indian summer we're all enjoying isn't here illegally!" / "Okay... asylum seekers to the right returning England fans to the left!" / "Do they come with it... or does one have to buy the crayons separate?"Tom Johnston03 Sep 200165283.jpg 
65370"I'm beginning to realise why your nose is always red!" / "For the last time, we are not 'name and shame' vigilantes" / "I don't think that disguise is going to help?"Tom Johnston17 Dec 200165370.jpg 
61471"We've bought everything else... why not the Labour party, too?"Patrick Blower13 May 200261471.jpg 
61467[no caption]Dave Gaskill13 May 200261467.jpg 
64965"It's hard to get back into the swing of things" / "You can tell he's desperate to leave ... it's the sullen looks, the sinister stares ... the way he keeps shaking dirt out of his trouser legs!" / "Police!... there's a strange, bald man in my house!" / "Mam! ... the beavers are back!"Tom Johnston15 Aug 200064965.jpg 
65311"Lady Victoria Beckham... how posh is that?!" / "Of course daddy can fix it for you.... I'll sue the government!" / "I love Lord of the Rings ... she's mad about Harry Potter!" / "Well, he's a real expert in shoddy and unacceptable!"Tom Johnston10 Oct 200165311.jpg 
65039"... and, of course, at £18 million one has to protect our investment... are you all right in there, Rio?" / "there'll be heavy rain from the north, gales from the Atlantic and John Prescott storming from the UN climate conference!" / "They've gone all lah-di-dah since their mum had her neck wrung by the Queen!"Tom Johnston27 Nov 200065039.jpg 
64815"Is that a book?" / "You don't have to trust him, you don't have to love him... you just have to want to give Tony Blair a kick in the shin!" / "Yeah!... and it's the duty of a Stones guitarist to do that all by himself!"Tom Johnston07 Mar 200064815.jpg 
65316"Good afternoon, your Royal Highness!" / "Oops! Sorry, darlin' ... I thought you was Rodney!" / "Do you think, perhaps, I wear too much jewellery, Victoria?" / "I only want a ticket!... I don't want to buy Railtrack!"Tom Johnston16 Oct 200165316.jpg 
65159"Victoria ... are you sure it's okay for us to go on a holiday while your sister's boyfriend stands in for me as England captain?" / "Not yet, Robin!" / "Someone should have warned Mr Jackson about hanging around with Uri Geller!"Tom Johnston08 Mar 200165159.jpg 
CLD0800Trott & Kenny Britain's New Golden Move Over Posh 'n' Becks!Scott [Clissold; Scott]18 Aug 2016CLD0800.jpg 
ADD0309No captionAndy Davey01 Feb 2013ADD0309.jpg 
PTD0189Beckham Appears in 'Only Fools and Horses'...Paul Thomas22 Jan 2014PTD0189.jpg 
65250"Young Smedley has come us with a genius idea to save us! ... Why didn't we think of it before? ... We'll start selling clothes that people actually want!" / "Now do you believe that he doesn't take after me?" / "You can stop practising ... the Buddy Holly impersonator is not going to be Tory leader!" / "Kentucky Fried Chicken! ... Kentucky Fried Chicken!..."Tom Johnston13 Jul 200165250.jpg 
64828"Isn't he taking the 'who dares' motto a bit too far?" / "Wow! Look, lads! Look!... Here comes Madonna!" / "At first it was just pies in the face or they'd pull away the chair as I sat down... but then the buckets of cold water started..." / "... Of course, none of my budget give-aways applies to anyone who votes Ken Livingstone or buys a BMW!"Tom Johnston22 Mar 200064828.jpg 
CLD0441"I'm donating a few of David things as well!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]11 Jun 2015CLD0441.jpg 
62700[no caption]Dave Gaskill02 Sep 200262700.jpg 
64959"Just the excuse to double the TV licence!" / "Just off to Great Yarmouth for a spot of fish shooting!" / "The station you want a ticket for is the nearest station you can buy a ticket!"Tom Johnston08 Aug 200064959.jpg 
66255"Oi! Do you mind? You're in my shot!"Charles Griffin15 Jul 200366255.jpg 
64974"Are they now giving prizes for who took the most steroids?" / "I'm just off to the shops to fritter some money away on bread and milk!" / "David! Will you stop reminding me of where my record will be in next week's charts!"Tom Johnston22 Aug 200064974.jpg 
91452[no caption]Robert Thompson20 Feb 201091452.jpg 
65284"I'm getting as much as I can out of him while the feelgood factor lasts!"Tom Johnston04 Sep 200165284.jpg 
65298"We just thought that if you're looking for any scabs... " / "By any chance are you chewing gum, Victoria?" / "You're on my train!" / "I've been bitten by a Doug!"Tom Johnston26 Sep 200165298.jpg 
65309"Why did they bother banning night flights when soon there'll be no day flights?" / "What? ... Bin Laden's or hers?" / "It was nice of you to think of Wills and scrap the student tuition fees!" / "Ah, isn't that sweet? ... everbody's cheering me, David!"Tom Johnston08 Oct 200165309.jpg 
64808"Aw, no! they're getting out their ruddy photo album!" / "Oh.... and try to make it look like an accident!"Tom Johnston28 Feb 200064808.jpg 
65504From Becks to Blair ... Michael Heath's view of Christmas 2000Michael Heath24 Dec 200065504.jpg 
65519What's on the cards for 2001?Peter Brookes30 Dec 200065519.jpg 
64804"I got the idea from a koala bear!" / "No! I don't think Livingstone is a Welsh name!" / "Soon it'll be hardly worth shoplifting!" / "Hold on! ... farms! ... aren't they those places that produce all our food?"Tom Johnston22 Feb 200064804.jpg 
65388"Funny thing is, I only need new heart valves because of my diet of pork scratchings!" / "And if Tony fails we'll send in the scousers!" / "There'll be a slight delay in the cutting of the ribbon!" / "I too thought the euro would be here to catch me!"Tom Johnston04 Jan 200265388.jpg 
CLD0825Brooklyn Beckham Splits Up With GirlfriendScott [Clissold; Scott]02 Sep 2016CLD0825.jpg 
CLD0902Beckhams Celebrate 18 Years of MarriageScott [Clissold; Scott]05 Jul 2017CLD0902.jpg 
CLD0909Give Me a Knighthood Now!Scott [Clissold; Scott]07 Feb 2017CLD0909.jpg 
CLD0915"Don't give him any singing lessons, Posh - you might put him off!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]08 Dec 2016CLD0915.jpg 
CLD0938"Has anyone seen Harper?"Scott [Clissold; Scott]11 Jul 2017CLD0938.jpg 
105611"Who's the couple with the Beckhams?"Michael Heath16 Jul 2017105611.jpg 
CLD1126Posh Spice to Take Legal Action Against Pizza TakeawayScott [Clissold; Scott]09 Aug 2017CLD1126.jpg 
CLD1192Keep Your Eye On the Ball Becks!Scott [Clissold; Scott]31 Jan 2018CLD1192.jpg 
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