Person NameFlo Capp
SurnameFlo Capp
AC0034"I never knew he drank until one night he came home sober."Reg Smythe17 Sep 1957AC0034.jpg 
AC0666"No! Your missus can't get in first and warm it lip for you!"Reg Smythe16 Nov 1959AC0666.jpg 
AC1029[No caption]Reg Smythe15 Jan 1961AC1029.jpg 
AC0025"I take it they won."Reg Smythe06 Sep 1957AC0025.jpg 
AC0375"You're 'ome early tonight, dear..."Reg Smythe28 Nov 1958AC0375.jpg 
AC17890"Anythin' we can get yer? Tea, coffee- 'ats an' coats?"Reg Smythe27 Dec 1963AC1790.jpg 
AC0162"We lost - but it was a good clean game."Reg Smythe18 Feb 1958AC0162.jpg 
AC1470"I wouldn't stand there if I was you, son"Reg Smythe16 Jan 1963AC1470.jpg 
AC0478"Refusin' to gi' me money for beer is one thing, but preferrin' to pay the water rates - that really 'urts!"Reg Smythe15 Apr 1959AC0478.jpg 
AC0614[No caption]Reg Smythe21 Sep 1959AC0614.jpg 
AC0040"We've got company, Andrew, D'yer mind!"Reg Smythe24 Sep 1957AC0040.jpg 
AC0276"I wish yer wouldn't speak when I'm interruptin'"Reg Smythe31 Jul 1958AC0276.jpg 
AC0217"What a terrible thing to say to a dog."Reg Smythe20 May 1958AC0217.jpg 
AC0360[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Nov 1958AC0360.jpg 
AC1428[No caption]Reg Smythe10 Aug 1962AC1428.jpg 
AC0365[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Nov 1958AC0365.jpg 
AC0151"Make it a double, Mary, Andy's goin' to sing."Reg Smythe05 Feb 1958AC0151.jpg 
AC0117"Jokin' apart, Andy, what d'yer really think of it?"Reg Smythe23 Dec 1957AC0117.jpg 
AC0823[no caption]Reg Smythe23 May 1960AC0823.jpg 
AC0221"'E's in a funny mood this mornin'."Reg Smythe24 May 1958AC0221.jpg 
AC1413[No caption]Reg Smythe17 Jul 1962AC1413.jpg 
AC0351"It's nice to see a film about real people."Reg Smythe28 Oct 1958AC0351.jpg 
AC1313"Take yer medicine an` `ave a nice little doze an` I`ll try an` get sent off early"Reg Smythe25 Nov 1961AC1313.jpg 
AC0204"That was no way to act - just becos' the man asked if yer'd managed to get a cup-final ticket."Reg Smythe03 May 1958AC0204.jpg 
AC0194"Florrie did it - she ducked."Reg Smythe22 Apr 1958AC0194.jpg 
AC1439[No caption]Reg Smythe15 Oct 1962AC1439.jpg 
AC0008"What exactly - in decent language - went wrong with yer system, Andy?"Reg Smythe17 Aug 1957AC0008.jpg 
AC0123"Yer shiverin'! - I think I'd better put a spot of 'ot milk in yer rum."Reg Smythe01 Jan 1958AC0123.jpg 
AC0179"Anyway, 'ow COULD yer tell if I 'ad a few last night - yer were asleep when I came to bed!"Reg Smythe02 Apr 1958AC0179.jpg 
AC0395"We'll just 'ave to buy a licence, Andy, I feel so awful when they apologise for a breakdown"Reg Smythe29 Dec 1958AC0395.jpg 
AC0099"Do tell me if the noise disturbs yer!"Reg Smythe02 Dec 1957AC0099.jpg 
AC0235"I keep tellin' 'im that the drink'll ruin 'is stommick - but 'e says it won't show with 'is coat on ....."Reg Smythe13 Jun 1958AC0235.jpg 
AC1640"Well, at least yer on the wagon"Reg Smythe18 Jul 1963AC1640.jpg 
AC0620"I'd like a word wi' yer, Florrie - alone"Reg Smythe28 Sep 1959AC0620.jpg 
AC1457"It can't be 'is wife - 'e's buyin' 'er shorts"Reg Smythe03 Jan 1963AC1457.jpg 
AC0254"If yer don't get in 'ere an' put some clothes on I'll gi' yer a (bigger - crossed out) proper tannin' (than yer bargained for! - crossed out)Reg Smythe05 Jul 1958AC0254.jpg 
AC0066"He's the only man I know who gets puffed playin' dominoes."Reg Smythe24 Oct 1957AC0066.jpg 
AC0111"Why don't yer look where I'm goin!"Reg Smythe16 Dec 1957AC0111.jpg 
AC0105"The trouble with you is yer too flippin' independent."Reg Smythe09 Dec 1957AC0105.jpg 
AC0736[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Feb 1960AC0736.jpg 
AC0456[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Mar 1959AC0456.jpg 
AC0045"We was doin' great, 'ad the British Legion reely outclassed - then they got six or seven lucky goals."Reg Smythe30 Sep 1957AC0045.jpg 
AC0424"Don't be daft, woman! What's the point in us 'avin' a car? - The pub's only three minutes walk from the 'ouse!"Reg Smythe05 Feb 1959AC0424.jpg 
AC0096"Seven years bad luck? - yer mean it could be WORSE?"Reg Smythe28 Nov 1957AC0096.jpg 
AC0024"Congratulation, Percy, the best man won."Reg Smythe05 Sep 1957AC0024.jpg 
AC0072"Me sister's keepin' champion - what brought 'er to mind?"Reg Smythe31 Oct 1957AC0072.jpg 
AC1508"When 'e promised t' make us [feel] at 'ome, I didn't expect t' do the washin' up!"Reg Smythe25 Feb 1963AC1508.jpg 
AC0873[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Jul 1960AC0873.jpg 
AC0188"Florrie [written in pencil above] - yer'd look very spick if yer didn't 'ave so much span."Reg Smythe15 Apr 1958AC0188.jpg 
AC0011"It's funny how when they win prizes they're YOUR pigeons, but when the back-yard needs cleaning up they're OUR pigeons!"Reg Smythe21 Aug 1957AC0011.jpg 
AC0133"He needs a tonic - kid him that beer's coming down a tanner a pint."Reg Smythe13 Jan 1958AC0133.jpg 
AC0197"If we'd sat any closer we'd 'ave been on the programme!"Reg Smythe25 Apr 1958AC0197.jpg 
AC0016"Ta-ta for now, I think Andy wants 'is tea."Reg Smythe27 Aug 1957AC0016.jpg 
AC0001"You didn't get pins and needles when we were courtin'!"Reg Smythe07 Aug 1957AC0001.jpg 
AC0003"We'd like to see some hats."Reg Smythe09 Aug 1957AC0003.jpg 
AC0002"Make your choice, Andrew - me or your pigeons!"Reg Smythe08 Aug 1957AC0002.jpg 
AC0636[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Oct 1959AC0636.jpg 
AC0032" - Sunderland 2 - Newcastle 4 - "Reg Smythe14 Sep 1957AC0032.jpg 
AC0353[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Oct 1958AC0353.jpg 
AC0363No captionReg Smythe14 Nov 1958AC0363.jpg 
AC1566[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Apr 1963AC1566.jpg 
AC0324"'urry up wi' that floor, lass, the blood's rushin' to me 'ead!"Reg Smythe26 Sep 1958AC0324.jpg 
AC0485"Don't clink them bottles, Ruby, or you'll get the shock o'yer life"Reg Smythe23 Apr 1959AC0485.jpg 
AC0288"Well, 'e 'ad 'is back to me, the fryin' pan was 'andy, an' the back door was open - so I thought I'd chance it."Reg Smythe13 Aug 1958AC0288.jpg 
AC0211"I've never drawn a day's dole money in my life - Florrie goes an' collects it for me."Reg Smythe13 May 1958AC0211.jpg 
AC0085"He plays a fair game of crib - if yer watch 'im."Reg Smythe15 Nov 1957AC0085.jpg 
AC0492[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Apr 1959AC0492.jpg 
AC0227[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Jun 1958AC0227.jpg 
AC0232"Get yer 'at an' coat on, lass, an' I'll take yer out for a drink - I'll pay yer back on Friday."Reg Smythe09 Jun 1958AC0232.jpg 
AC1556[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Apr 1963AC1556.jpg 
AC1412[No caption]Reg Smythe15 Jul 1962AC1412.jpg 
AC0023"He's got me a bit worried, Doctor, he hasn't knocked me about for ages!"Reg Smythe04 Sep 1957AC0023.jpg 
AC0321"I can't say I'm mad keen on yer new council flat, Chalkie, but I'll tell yer this - I luv the view"Reg Smythe23 Sep 1958AC0321.jpg 
AC0289"I can't understand blokes who 'elp wi' the 'ousework - there's no point in keepin' a dog an' barkin' yerself ..."Reg Smythe14 Aug 1958AC0289.jpg 
AC0357"That's Andy when 'e was six months - 'e's been fond of the bottle ever since"Reg Smythe06 Nov 1958AC0357.jpg 
AC0102[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Dec 1957AC0102.jpg 
AC0338"Don't stand there natterin', woman, get me supper poured out!"Reg Smythe13 Oct 1958AC0338.jpg 
AC0286"What's the point of us gettin' a gas meter rebate if yer go and squander it on food and rent!"Reg Smythe11 Aug 1958AC0286.jpg 
AC0587[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Aug 1959AC0587.jpg 
AC0127"Do I nag about YOU readin' in bed? - stop breathing for a minute, I'm going' for double top."Reg Smythe06 Jan 1958AC0127.jpg 
AC0027"For goodness sake ask 'im about the darts tournament."Reg Smythe09 Sep 1957AC0027.jpg 
AC0257"I'm the party she belongs to!"Reg Smythe09 Jul 1958AC0257.jpg 
AC0220"That's one job I don't let 'er do on 'er own, she puts it out - I bring it in."Reg Smythe23 May 1958AC0220.jpg 
AC0205"If YOU'RE goin' out like THAT - I'm goin' out like THIS!"Reg Smythe05 May 1958AC0205.jpg 
AC0228"E's never used a bit of toothpaste in 'is life - says 'e doesn't 'old wi' men using cosmetics."Reg Smythe03 Jun 1958AC0228.jpg 
AC0161"Never mind, lass, it could 'ave been worse - it might 'ave been me."Reg Smythe17 Feb 1958AC0161.jpg 
AC0658[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Nov 1959AC0658.jpg 
AC1409[No caption]Reg Smythe07 Jul 1962AC1409.jpg 
AC1675[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Aug 1963AC1675.jpg 
AC0833[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Jun 1960AC0833.jpg 
AC1299"Stop moanin`, woman! If I `adn`t won the toss we`d `ave bin stood at the deep end!"Reg Smythe11 Nov 1961AC1299.jpg 
AC0113"The next time yer watch football on telly I'm goin' to sleep on the sofa!"Reg Smythe18 Dec 1957AC0113.jpg 
AC1617[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Jun 1963  
AC1469[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Jan 1963AC1469.jpg 
AC0466[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Apr 1959AC0466.jpg 
AC0044"Me own man's a bit pig-'eaded, Florrie, but I reckon you've got the champ."Reg Smythe28 Sep 1957AC0044.jpg 
AC1510[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Feb 1963AC1510.jpg 
AC1169[No caption]Reg Smythe21 Jun 1961AC1169.jpg 
AC1536"'E 'asn't even noticed that I'm ignoring' 'im!"Reg Smythe26 Mar 1963AC1536.jpg 
AC0272"Yes, everythin' IS shut up for the night, except you, that is."Reg Smythe22 Jul 1958AC0272.jpg 
AC1455[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Jan 1963AC1455.jpg 
AC0604[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Sep 1959AC0604.jpg 
AC0369"You an' Mrs Flounders must come again soon, it's not many people that Andy takes to"Reg Smythe21 Nov 1958AC0369.jpg 
AC0029"Do yer want a 'and with the washin'-up, Florrie?"Reg Smythe11 Sep 1957AC0029.jpg 
AC1105[No caption]Reg Smythe06 Apr 1961AC1105.jpg 
AC0420"To my mind, one of the best things about telly is tha' it interferes wi' conversation"Reg Smythe30 Jan 1959AC0420.jpg 
AC0387"Sometimes I think yer take me too much for granted!"Reg Smythe13 Dec 1958AC0387.jpg 
AC0367"I did't think 'er voice was that bad"Reg Smythe19 Nov 1958AC0367.jpg 
AC1056[No caption]Reg Smythe14 Feb 1961AC1056.jpg 
AC0746"Now I know why they call it middle age"Reg Smythe23 Feb 1960AC0746.jpg 
AC1584[no caption]Reg Smythe16 May 1963AC1584.jpg 
AC1545[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Apr 1963AC1545.jpg 
AC0178"I don't believe it, if yer must bring me a cup of tea in bed there must be a catch in it"Reg Smythe01 Apr 1958AC0178.jpg 
AC0175"Andy isn't the kind who would chase after me if I left 'im - he's the kind who would move so I couldn't find 'im when I came back."Reg Smythe14 Mar 1958AC0175.jpg 
AC0343"There must be summat good on telly tonight"Reg Smythe18 Oct 1958AC0343.jpg 
AC0336"C'mon now, no-hic!-larkin' about - throw that flippin' key'ole down!"Reg Smythe10 Oct 1958AC0336.jpg 
AC1119`e`s after one of `is pigeons, Chalkie - but `e`ll be down in a sec -Reg Smythe25 Apr 1961AC1119.jpg 
AC0347"No, there aren't any more at 'ome like me, yes, I am doin' summat tomorrow night - an' you've 'ad one too many!Reg Smythe23 Oct 1958AC0347.jpg 
AC0876[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Jul 1960AC0876.jpg 
AC0243"Of course 'e's got a pedigree! Listen, woman, if 'e could talk 'e wouldn't speak to either of us."Reg Smythe21 Jun 1958AC0243.jpg 
AC1489[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Feb 1963AC1489.jpg 
AC0077"The names she called me! If I 'adn't 'ave given 'er a full week's 'ousekeepin' money only yesterday, I'd 'ave walked straight out and left 'er!"Reg Smythe06 Nov 1957AC0077.jpg 
AC0130"Andy's .... I use a pin myself."Reg Smythe09 Jan 1958AC0130.jpg 
AC0382"All right, if yer insist on runnin' away to yer mother's - would yer mind lettin' me pigeons out at crewe?"Reg Smythe08 Dec 1958AC0382.jpg 
AC0976[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Nov 1960AC0976.jpg 
AC1542[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Apr 1963AC1542.jpg 
AC0292"Wad'ya mean I'm not 'andy about the 'ouse! - who sent yer for the plumber when the sink got bunged up?"Reg Smythe18 Aug 1958AC0292.jpg 
AC0271"We did marvellous tonight - finished up only four bob down!"Reg Smythe26 Jul 1958AC0271.jpg 
AC0164"No thanks, I'm NOT comin' with yer this time - yer can blow the ball up yerself!"Reg Smythe20 Feb 1958AC0164.jpg 
AC1653[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Aug 1963AC1653.jpg 
AC0196"Before 'e married Florrie 'e 'ad 'is eye on ME - but I escaped."Reg Smythe24 Apr 1958AC0196.jpg 
AC0648"Where yer goin'?"Reg Smythe29 Oct 1959AC0648.jpg 
AC0091[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Nov 1957AC0091.jpg 
AC0285"Only one thing stops me blowin' the fifteen bob - Andy's flamin' temper."Reg Smythe09 Aug 1958AC0285.jpg 
AC0738[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Feb 1960AC0738.jpg 
AC0213"I'll go abundan - ouch! - pass."Reg Smythe15 May 1958AC0213.jpg 
AC0946[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Oct 1960AC0946.jpg 
AC0551"[An]dy Capp Cartoons by courtesy of The Daily Mirror" Reg Smythe08 Jul 1959AC0551.jpg 
AC1454[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Dec 1962AC1454.jpg 
AC0064"Of course you've got a right to yer opinion - now shurrup!"Reg Smythe22 Oct 1957AC0064.jpg 
AC0126"I'm afraid yer sittin' in 'is favourite chair, Mrs. Flounders."Reg Smythe04 Jan 1958AC0126.jpg 
18143Andre CappStanley Franklin30 Jan 196318143.jpg 
AC0084"It's not that I don't love yer, Florrie, it's just that the idea of a second 'oneymoon sickens me!"Reg Smythe14 Nov 1957AC0084.jpg 
AC0212"E's been that way about France ever since 'e 'eard that they're open all day"Reg Smythe14 May 1958AC0212.jpg 
AC0643"Steady on, Flo! - That isn't doin' me cue any good!"Reg Smythe23 Oct 1959AC0643.jpg 
AC1326[No caption]Reg Smythe13 Dec 1961AC1326.jpg 
AC0454"I wish yer wouldn't make me laugh while I'm shavin'!"Reg Smythe17 Mar 1959AC0454.jpg 
AC0249"Some people FEED a cold, some people STARVE a cold - Andy floods [crossed out] drowns it."Reg Smythe30 Jun 1958AC0249.jpg 
AC0005"It's his favourite singer - he could look at her voice for hours."Reg Smythe13 Aug 1957AC0005.jpg 
AC0299"I like yer new jumper, lass, - 'ow long 'ave yer been playin' for Newcastle United?"Reg Smythe26 Aug 1958AC0299.jpg 
AC0262"Don't stand there wi' yer 'ands in yer pockets - for Pete's sake take one of 'em out!"Reg Smythe15 Jul 1958AC0262.jpg 
AC0142"Yes yer did! - yer distinctly rustled yer paper at me!"Reg Smythe25 Jan 1958AC0142.jpg 
AC0012"I can't bear to see you strugglin' blindly along with that lot, Florrie, lemme give yer a 'and."Reg Smythe22 Aug 1957AC0012.jpg 
AC0350[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Oct 1958AC0350.jpg 
AC0785"I know yer payin' a tanner a week off the arrears - but when yer goin' to start payin' some rent?"Reg Smythe08 Apr 1960AC0785.jpg 
AC0068"Let's eat out tonight, Florrie."Reg Smythe26 Oct 1957AC0068.jpg 
AC0172"I'd better get back downstairs now, Mary, Andy will think he's never goin' to get 'is dinner - "Reg Smythe01 Mar 1958AC0172.jpg 
AC1114[No caption]Reg Smythe20 Apr 1961AC1114.jpg 
AC0374"Yer really shouldn't do this, Flor - where's the paper?"Reg Smythe27 Nov 1958AC0374.jpg 
AC0268"Ta-Ta for now, Laura, I think Andy wants 'is dinner."Reg Smythe23 Jul 1958AC0268.jpg 
AC0535[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Jun 1959AC0535.jpg 
AC0007"Did you notice the dirty look he gave me?"Reg Smythe15 Aug 1957AC0007.jpg 
AC0840"Don't tell me, let me guess - yer 'appened to be passin' so yer thought yer'd drop in?"Reg Smythe13 Jun 1960AC0840.jpg 
AC0109"No! - And shiverin' will get yer nowhere!"Reg Smythe13 Dec 1957AC0109.jpg 
AC0986[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Nov 1960AC0986.jpg 
AC0465"C'mon, Andy, I'm takin' yer 'ome, yer've 'ad enough"Reg Smythe31 Mar 1959AC0465.jpg 
AC1913[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Jun 1964AC1913.jpg 
AC0368[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Nov 1958AC0368.jpg 
AC1632"'Ow's things otherwise, Flo?"Reg Smythe10 Jul 1963AC1632.jpg 
AC0706[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Jan 1960AC0706.jpg 
AC0651"It's gettin' me down - 'e always comes back"Reg Smythe01 Nov 1959AC0651.jpg 
AC1504[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Feb 1963AC1504.jpg 
AC0541"[A]ndy Capp cartoons by courtesy of The Daily Mirror" Reg Smythe25 Jun 1959AC0541.jpg 
AC1070" `e does `is level best t` show me up, Rube, look at that - odd socks!"Reg Smythe28 Feb 1961AC1070.jpg 
AC0020"Idle? - me who spent weeks teachin' yer 'ow to mend a fuse, fix a washer, dig the garden - "Reg Smythe31 Aug 1957AC0020.jpg 
AC1035[No caption]Reg Smythe21 Jan 1961AC1035.jpg 
AC0834[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Jun 1960AC0834.jpg 
AC0215"Well, that's a load off me mind! - I was beginnin' to think 'e was losin' interest in me."Reg Smythe17 May 1958AC0215.jpg 
AC0538[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Jun 1959AC0538.jpg 
AC2053[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Nov 1964AC2053.jpg 
AC0663"No, no, 'Arry! - This one's on me!"Reg Smythe13 Nov 1958AC0663.jpg 
AC0255"Play the game. lass! Yer spent a couple of weeks in 'ospital flat on yer back - THAT was yer 'oliday!"Reg Smythe07 Jul 1958AC0255.jpg 
AC0245"Wouldn't it 'ave been easier to buy a new collar stud."Reg Smythe24 Jun 1958AC0245.jpg 
AC0546[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Jul 1959AC0546.jpg 
AC0038"We came out to buy me a 'at, right?"Reg Smythe21 Sep 1957AC0038.jpg 
AC0810[no caption]Reg Smythe09 May 1960AC0810.jpg 
AC0491[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Apr 1959AC0491.jpg 
AC0486[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Apr 1959AC0486.jpg 
AC0418[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Jan 1959AC0418.jpg 
AC1288This time just pass `em - Don`t sell `em!Reg Smythe30 Oct 1961AC1288.jpg 
AC0521"E's a real expert. Afore the race 'e can tell yer which 'oss'll win, an' after the race 'e can tell yer exactly why it didn't"Reg Smythe04 Jun 1959AC0521.jpg 
AC0071"I said I'm sorry about yer cold makin' yer a bit deaf, big-'ead."Reg Smythe30 Oct 1957AC0071.jpg 
AC0921[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Sep 1960AC0921.jpg 
AC0069"So yer marched into the billard 'all and said he'd be better employed lookin' for a job - what did he say to that?"Reg Smythe28 Oct 1957AC0069.jpg 
AC0167"Joe Davis practises EIGHT hours a day!"Reg Smythe24 Feb 1958AC0167.jpg 
AC0630"Now look 'ere, Andy, readin' in bed is one thing - but when yer expect me to turn the flippin' pages -!"Reg Smythe09 Oct 1959AC0630.jpg 
AC0635[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Oct 1959AC0635.jpg 
AC0191"Get yer 'at an' coat on an' I'll treat yer to the pictures - I mean YOU, stupid!"Reg Smythe18 Apr 1958AC0191.jpg 
AC0101"Fibber! Seein' as I'm sat 'ere mendin' the tea-towel, what would yer DRY 'em with!"Reg Smythe04 Dec 1957AC0101.jpg 
AC0371"Too tight under the arms..."Reg Smythe24 Nov 1958AC0371.jpg 
AC0219[no caption]Reg Smythe22 May 1958AC0219.jpg 
AC1312[No caption]Reg Smythe24 Nov 1961AC1312.jpg 
AC2072[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Nov 1964AC2072.jpg 
AC0076"It's funny 'ow every year yer can never 'find an EMPTY bottle!'"Reg Smythe05 Nov 1957AC0076.jpg 
AC0884[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Aug 1960AC0884.jpg 
AC0970[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Oct 1960AC0970.jpg 
AC0455[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Mar 1959AC0455.jpg 
AC0877[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Jul 1960AC0877.jpg 
AC0193"Ha-Ha! That's a good 'un! - Gettin' married 'cos yer tired of working - Hoo- Hoo -!"Reg Smythe21 Apr 1958AC0193.jpg 
AC0325"I don't know exactly what position 'e plays, but I think 'e's one of the drawbacks - "Reg Smythe27 Sep 1958AC0325.jpg 
AC0095"Give over, woman! - this is the last time I buy yer a bunch o' flowers!"Reg Smythe27 Nov 1957AC0095.jpg 
AC0586"Do you mind!"Reg Smythe20 Aug 1959AC0586.jpg 
AC0108"Did yer 'ear me? - I said I'm goin' 'ome to mother!"Reg Smythe12 Dec 1957AC0108.jpg 
AC0050"And furthermore, I've half a mind - what are yer laughin' at?"Reg Smythe05 Oct 1957AC0050.jpg 
AC0256[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Jul 1958AC0256.jpg 
AC0524Look, Andy, I know I owe yer 'alf a dollar - but yer can't get blood out of a stone - !Reg Smythe07 Jun 1959AC0524.jpg 
AC0074"Yes, it did 'ave a 'appy endin' - I was glad when it was over."Reg Smythe02 Nov 1957AC0074.jpg 
AC1130[No caption]Reg Smythe09 May 1961AC1130.jpg 
AC0518"Do you mind?! - I'm tryin' to sleep!"Reg Smythe01 Jun 1959AC0518.jpg 
AC1032[No caption]Reg Smythe18 Jan 1961AC1032.jpg 
AC1813[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Feb 1964AC1813.jpg 
AC0135"I 'ad a shockin' nightmare last night - I dreamt I answered 'im back."Reg Smythe16 Jan 1958AC0135.jpg 
AC0862[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Jul 1960AC0862.jpg 
AC2333[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Oct 1965AC2333.jpg 
AC0855[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Jun 1960AC0855.jpg 
AC0577[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Aug 1959AC0577.jpg 
AC0993[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Nov 1960AC0993.jpg 
AC0240"As I was sayin', Percy, afore we was so rudely interrupted -"Reg Smythe28 Jun 1958AC0240.jpg 
AC1248[No caption]Reg Smythe17 Sep 1961AC1248.jpg 
AC1297[No caption]Reg Smythe09 Nov 1961AC1297.jpg 
AC0779[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Mar 1960AC0779.jpg 
AC0677[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Nov 1959AC0677.jpg 
AC0089"Yer might wait until they've taken their coats off!"Reg Smythe20 Nov 1957AC0089.jpg 
AC1478"Me an' Andy courted for donkeys' years, I wouldn't marry 'im when 'e was drunk an' e wouldn't marry me when 'e was sober"Reg Smythe25 Jan 1963AC1478.jpg 
AC0186"Yer wastin' yer time - Mary an' me supped the last bottle while yer was out."Reg Smythe12 Apr 1958AC0186.jpg 
AC1382"Make on I`m one o` yer mates - talk t` me"Reg Smythe15 May 1962AC1382.jpg 
AC0104"I can explain everything. I got plastered."Reg Smythe07 Dec 1957AC0104.jpg 
AC0972[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Nov 1960AC0972.jpg 
AC0481"I don't think much o' the dialogue - but I like the plot"Reg Smythe18 Apr 1959AC0481.jpg 
AC1873[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Apr 1964AC1873.jpg 
AC0116"No kiddin', Mary, he's started gettin' up earlier so's he'll 'ave more time to laze around."Reg Smythe21 Dec 1957AC0116.jpg 
AC2208[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Apr 1965AC2208.jpg 
AC1006[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Dec 1960AC1006.jpg 
AC0550[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Jul 1959AC0550.jpg 
AC0470"Yer don't know what this means to me, Andy, it's ages since we've done anythin' together!"Reg Smythe05 Apr 1959AC0470.jpg 
AC0137"Andy's the best 'usband in the world, an' that's not only MY opinion - it's his too."Reg Smythe20 Jan 1958AC0137.jpg 
AC0174"It was thrillin' the way Andy used to breathe 'eavy wi' emotion - later on I found it was asthma."Reg Smythe11 Mar 1958AC0174.jpg 
AC0400"'e'll be down in a minute, Chalkie, an' I'll gi' yer a word of advice - don't beat 'im at snooker today"Reg Smythe06 Jan 1959AC0400.jpg 
AC1046[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Feb 1961AC1046.jpg 
AC0673"Guess who!"Reg Smythe23 Nov 1959AC0673.jpg 
AC0952[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Oct 1960AC0952.jpg 
AC1563"Prescription, eh? Thanks, doc- as soon as she's well enough I'll get 'er t' pop over t' the chemist an' 'ave it made up"Reg Smythe22 Apr 1963AC1563.jpg 
AC1547[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Apr 1963AC1547.jpg 
AC0063"Yer look proper poorly, Florrie, don't you bother about the washin'-up tonight - do it in the mornin'."Reg Smythe21 Oct 1957AC0063.jpg 
AC0086"Lazy? ME? - who was it went next door to borrow a brush so's yer could distemper the back kitchen -!"Reg Smythe16 Nov 1957AC0086.jpg 
AC0944[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Oct 1960AC0944.jpg 
AC0825[no caption]Reg Smythe26 May 1960AC0825.jpg 
AC1540[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Mar 1963AC1540.jpg 
AC1594[no caption]Reg Smythe26 May 1963AC1594.jpg 
AC0694"I'd like to get me 'ands on the bloke who mentioned a beer strike!"Reg Smythe18 Dec 1959AC0694.jpg 
AC0107"If yer think I'm goin' to be seen with yer in an outfit like that yer balmy!"Reg Smythe11 Dec 1957AC0107.jpg 
AC0526[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Jun 1959AC0526.jpg 
AC0075"Yes, I DO remember what 'appened twenty years ago today - don't be morbid!"Reg Smythe04 Nov 1957AC0075.jpg 
AC0951"I won't be needin' it, lass - I'm playin' again on Saturday"Reg Smythe12 Oct 1960AC0951.jpg 
AC1239[No caption]Reg Smythe06 Sep 1961AC1239.jpg 
AC2207[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Apr 1965AC2207.jpg 
AC0223[no caption]Reg Smythe27 May 1958AC0223.jpg 
AC0136"He's so thoughtful, when I got back from queuein' all night for 'is cup-tie ticket he 'ad a nice cup o' tea ready for me."Reg Smythe18 Jan 1958AC0136.jpg 
AC0015"Somethin' else about snooker - you're not supposed to talk when they're aimin'."Reg Smythe26 Aug 1957AC0015.jpg 
AC0764"Did yer call?"Reg Smythe14 Mar 1960AC0764.jpg 
AC1370"Twenty years old, [Flo crossed out] eh? - Bit small for its [apostrophe crossed out] age isn`t it?"Reg Smythe25 Apr 1962AC1370.jpg 
AC0131"Quiet, woman! 'Ow would YOU like to sleep out in the yard on a night like this!"Reg Smythe10 Jan 1958AC0131.jpg 
AC0711"I've got no sympathy for 'er, Ruby, when a woman wins an argument with 'er 'usband she's only got 'erself to blame"Reg Smythe13 Jan 1960AC0711.jpg 
AC1537[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Mar 1963AC1537.jpg 
AC1113[No caption]Reg Smythe19 Apr 1961AC1113.jpg 
AC1305[No caption]Reg Smythe17 Nov 1961AC1305.jpg 
AC0757'Ere's that awful woman again, Andy, do me a favour - tell 'er I'm outReg Smythe06 Mar 1960AC0757.jpg 
AC0100"Strikes me they'd get the ball into that net quicker if they just kept out of each others road."Reg Smythe03 Dec 1957AC0100.jpg 
AC0125"Serves me right for puttin' a check tablecloth on on a Thursday (crossed out) Friday!"Reg Smythe03 Jan 1958AC0125.jpg 
AC1361"`ave yer got one that says `buzz off`? "Reg Smythe09 Apr 1962AC1361.jpg 
AC1235[No Caption]Reg Smythe01 Sep 1961AC1235.jpg 
AC0625[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Oct 1959AC0625.jpg 
AC0060"Andy did leave me once, but he came back like a shot - 'couldn't bear to see me 'aving such a good time."Reg Smythe17 Oct 1957AC0060.jpg 
AC0931[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Sep 1960AC0931.jpg 
AC1177[No caption]Reg Smythe02 Jul 1961AC1177.jpg 
AC0495"She needs 'er eyes testin'! Twice durin' the evenin' she asked me where me cap was - an' it was on me 'ead all the time!"Reg Smythe04 May 1959AC0495.jpg 
AC0278"Sweet on Mona Bradley? - you're balmy![crossed out] yer barmy! It's took me twenty years to get YOU trained properly ... d'yer think I'd go through all that again!"Reg Smythe02 Aug 1958AC0278.jpg 
AC0026"Of course I've thought about getting a job, what idiot hasn't!"Reg Smythe07 Sep 1957AC0026.jpg 
AC0036"You don't want to go to the pictures, you don't want to go to the whistdrive - what DO you want to do?"Reg Smythe19 Sep 1957AC0036.jpg 
AC0088"'Ave yer got anythin' that smells like a best bitter?"Reg Smythe19 Nov 1957AC0088.jpg 
AC1159[No caption]Reg Smythe10 Jun 1961AC1159.jpg 
AC0234"'Anging on to that strap must be awful tirin', Florrie - why don't yer change 'ands?"Reg Smythe12 Jun 1958AC0234.jpg 
AC0646Good bye!Reg Smythe26 Oct 1959AC0646.jpg 
AC1096[No caption]Reg Smythe26 Mar 1961AC1096.jpg 
AC1569[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Apr 1963AC1569.jpg 
AC0114"I admit yours is gettin' the best of it - but mine's got the better style."Reg Smythe19 Dec 1957AC0114.jpg 
AC0093"I make it a rule never to interfere between man and wife."Reg Smythe25 Nov 1957AC0093.jpg 
AC0207"The beer makes Florrie look right peaceful - but I 'ave to drink a 'ell of a lot."Reg Smythe08 May 1958AC0207.jpg 
AC0163"What did I say?"Reg Smythe19 Feb 1958AC0163.jpg 
AC0159"Andy! We've got a valentine."Reg Smythe14 Feb 1958AC0159.jpg 
AC0386[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Dec 1958AC0386.jpg 
AC0407[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Jan 1959AC0407.jpg 
AC0850"I'll show yer 'ow to save 100%!"Reg Smythe24 Jun 1960AC0850.jpg 
AC0803It's Chalkie's fault, I wanted a game o' bowls - but 'e insisted on draggin' me in thereReg Smythe01 May 1960AC0803.jpg 
AC1181[No caption]Reg Smythe06 Jul 1961AC1181.jpg 
AC0592" 'eaven knows, I don't ask for much - just me own way"Reg Smythe28 Aug 1959AC0592.jpg 
AC0847[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Jun 1960AC0847.jpg 
AC1224[No caption]Reg Smythe20 Aug 1961AC1224.jpg 
AC0147"'Appens to me all the time - leaves 'is flippin' darts all over the place."Reg Smythe31 Jan 1958AC0147.jpg 
AC2165[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Mar 1965AC2165.jpg 
AC0507[no caption]Reg Smythe20 May 1959AC0507.jpg 
AC1219[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Aug 1961AC1219.jpg 
AC0138"Where's yer manners? When we was courtin' yer used to take yer cap off afore yer 'it me!"Reg Smythe21 Jan 1958AC0138.jpg 
AC0626[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Oct 1959AC0626.jpg 
AC1061[No caption]Reg Smythe19 Feb 1961AC1061.jpg 
AC1214"Thanks, Mister! I`d `ave got a right beltin` from me `usband if I`d bin drowned!"Reg Smythe10 Aug 1961AC1214.jpg 
AC0258"Don't think I'm complainin', Andy, but couldn't yer find someplace else to strike yer matches?"Reg Smythe10 Jul 1958AC0258.jpg 
AC0763"Oh, Lor! 'E's radio-active again!"Reg Smythe12 Mar 1960AC0763.jpg 
AC1216"Tell yer what, let me know `ow much yer can afford an` we`ll `ave a good laugh about it while we`re waitin` for the police"Reg Smythe12 Aug 1961AC1216.jpg 
AC0852No captionReg Smythe26 Jun 1960AC0852.jpg 
AC0477[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Apr 1959AC0477.jpg 
AC1531[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Mar 1963AC1531.jpg 
AC0004"It couldn't 'ave been worse - it's 'is darts arm."Reg Smythe12 Aug 1957AC0004.jpg 
AC0110"All right, you win! - we turn the light out and look at the telly!"Reg Smythe14 Dec 1957AC0110.jpg 
AC0334"I like to think that she'll be able to fend for 'erself if anythin' 'appens to me"Reg Smythe08 Oct 1958AC0334.jpg 
AC0983I've only got one thing t' say t' you, woman - Goodbye!Reg Smythe13 Nov 1960AC0983.jpg 
AC0536[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Jun 1959AC0536.jpg 
AC0960[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Oct 1960AC0960.jpg 
AC1172[No caption]Reg Smythe27 Jun 1961AC1172.jpg 
AC0989[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Nov 1960AC0989.jpg 
AC0083"I wish you'd practise yer cuein' someplace else!"Reg Smythe13 Nov 1957AC0083.jpg 
AC1613[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Jun 1963AC1613.jpg 
AC0664"'Es goin' into 'ospital on monday. 'Is [That crossed out] thigh's playin' 'im up again - I think it's pocketin' wet change"Reg Smythe14 Nov 1959AC0664.jpg 
AC0208"There's summat I've always bin curious about. That day we got together - was it a marriage licence yer bought or a dog licence?"Reg Smythe09 May 1958AC0208.jpg 
AC0153"Andy's 'elpin' with the 'ousework, he's stayin' in bed all mornin' to give me a better chance to get on with it."Reg Smythe07 Feb 1958AC0153.jpg 
AC1450[No caption]Reg Smythe09 Dec 1962AC1450.jpg 
AC0771"Them straight whiskies didn't do yer much good, did they?"Reg Smythe23 Mar 1960AC0771.jpg 
AC0122"I've borrowed it for New Year's Eve - he's a devil to carry."Reg Smythe31 Dec 1957AC0122.jpg 
AC0388"Face powder might get 'em - but it takes bakin' powder to keep 'em"Reg Smythe16 Dec 1958AC0388.jpg 
AC0684[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Dec 1959AC0684.jpg 
AC0882"I've bin worried to death, pet - you've got the return tickets"Reg Smythe01 Aug 1960AC0882.jpg 
AC1360[No caption]Reg Smythe08 Apr 1962AC1360.jpg 
AC1397[No caption]Reg Smythe10 Jun 1962AC1397.jpg 
AC0459I don't blame yer for tryin' - but any woman daft enough to be caught at it deserves to be thumped!"Reg Smythe23 Mar 1959AC0459.jpg 
AC0464"I think I'll make me way back to The Char[r crossed out]a, Florrie - the sight of all this water makes me feel sick"Reg Smythe30 Mar 1959AC0464.jpg 
AC0964"Hold it! - Now what's the very first thing I told yer?"Reg Smythe25 Oct 1960AC0964.jpg 
AC0566[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Jul 1959AC0566.jpg 
AC0417"That man of yours always seems to 'ave the price of a pint, Flo - 'ow does 'e manage it?"Reg Smythe25 Jan 1959AC0417.jpg 
AC0169"Why, Mr. Capp! - How nice to see you!"Reg Smythe26 Feb 1958AC0169.jpg 
AC1295"Spread the marge t` the edges, Flo, I don`t want `im t` think I need the money"Reg Smythe07 Nov 1961AC1295.jpg 
AC0918"I don't believe it! - yer not tryin' t' tell me that a gorgeous 'unk like you is married t' that little whippet - !?"Reg Smythe09 Sep 1960AC0918.jpg 
AC1333"Anybody know any good party games - apart from pontoon?"Reg Smythe22 Dec 1961AC1333.jpg 
AC0236"Like that?"Reg Smythe14 Jun 1958AC0236.jpg 
AC0067"Mind yer own business!"Reg Smythe25 Oct 1957AC0067.jpg 
AC0082"Oooh! What a lovely 'at!"Reg Smythe12 Nov 1957AC0082.jpg 
AC1644"The next time I find owt on a bus I'll leave it there!"Reg Smythe22 Jul 1963AC1644.jpg 
AC1372[No caption]Reg Smythe27 Apr 1962AC1372.jpg 
AC1007[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Dec 1960AC1007.jpg 
AC0533"If there's one thing ["that" crossed out] gets me down it's gettin' up"Reg Smythe16 Jun 1959AC0533.jpg 
AC0837[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Jun 1960AC0837.jpg 
AC1204[No caption]Reg Smythe30 Jul 1961AC1204.jpg 
AC1795[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Jan 1964AC1795.jpg 
AC0782[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Apr 1960AC0782.jpg 
AC0672"Everybody's bein' so thoughtful while yer away. Ruby see's I'm not on me own too much, an' Chalkie pops in now an' then to gi' me a clip across the ear"Reg Smythe22 Nov 1959AC0672.jpg 
AC0690[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Dec 1959AC0690.jpg 
AC0244"C'mon! Out of it! - when Andy gets up EVERYBODY gets up!"Reg Smythe23 Jun 1958AC0244.jpg 
AC0953[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Oct 1960AC0953.jpg 
AC1420[No caption]Reg Smythe02 Aug 1962AC1420.jpg 
AC0899[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Aug 1960AC0899.jpg 
AC0241[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Jun 1958AC0241.jpg 
AC0366"There we go again! Just when I think I'm makin' ends meet - you go an' move the flippin' ends!"Reg Smythe18 Nov 1958AC0366.jpg 
AC1812[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Feb 1964AC1812.jpg 
AC1246[No caption]Reg Smythe14 Sep 1961AC1246.jpg 
AC1523"Now that's what I really call nerve - flirtin' with a woman who was standin'!"Reg Smythe13 Mar 1963AC1523.jpg 
AC0956[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Oct 1960AC0956.jpg 
AC0600"Oh, yes, 'e knows what 'ard work is all right - that's why 'e doesn't do any"Reg Smythe06 Sep 1959AC0600.jpg 
AC1190[No caption]Reg Smythe15 Jul 1961AC1190.jpg 
AC0028"Mebbe I should 'ave warned yer, he's a bit touchy about United."Reg Smythe10 Sep 1957AC0028.jpg 
AC0487[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Apr 1959AC0487.jpg 
AC1273[No caption]Reg Smythe15 Oct 1961AC1273.jpg 
AC0264"Be careful 'ow yer cross the road, lass - there's threepence each on them bottles."Reg Smythe17 Jul 1958AC0264.jpg 
AC0431"The only cards 'e ever buys come in packs of fifty-two!"Reg Smythe14 Feb 1959AC0431.jpg 
AC0182"That's Mrs. Goodall's eldest. Grown up to be a fine lookin' lass, 'asn't she, Andy ...?"Reg Smythe07 Apr 1958AC0182.jpg 
AC0049"It's 'er arm - I found it goin' through my pockets."Reg Smythe04 Oct 1957AC0049.jpg 
AC0692"Oh Lor! It's the vicar! Make yerself presentable, Andy - put yer stud in!"Reg Smythe15 Dec 1959AC0692.jpg 
AC1287[No caption]Reg Smythe29 Oct 1961AC1287.jpg 
AC0590[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Aug 1959AC0590.jpg 
AC1406[No caption]Reg Smythe03 Jul 1962AC1406.jpg 
AC1369[No caption]Reg Smythe24 Apr 1962AC1369.jpg 
AC0039"Yer imagin' things, it was perfectly all right yesterday when I touched up the pantry door with it."Reg Smythe23 Sep 1957AC0039.jpg 
AC0168"Now look 'ere, Andy, that burglary 'appened five streets away and six months ago!"Reg Smythe25 Feb 1958AC0168.jpg 
AC2352[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Oct 1965AC2352.jpg 
AC1124Think nothin` of it, lad - I wasn`t goin` to pay yer anyway!Reg Smythe01 May 1961AC1124.jpg 
AC0463[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Mar 1959AC0463.jpg 
AC1544[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Apr 1963AC1544.jpg 
AC0804[no caption]Reg Smythe02 May 1960AC0804.jpg 
AC0622What does a woman 'ave to do around 'ere to get a 'ook knocked in for 'er clothes-line -Reg Smythe27 Sep 1959AC0622.jpg 
AC0994[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Nov 1960AC0994.jpg 
AC1635[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Jul 1963AC1635.jpg 
AC1259"Good of `im, me foot! - What d` yer think people pay rates for?"Reg Smythe28 Sep 1961AC1259.jpg 
AC0936[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Sep 1960AC0936.jpg 
AC0284[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Aug 1958AC0284.jpg 
AC1559[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Apr 1963AC1559.jpg 
AC1234[No Caption]Reg Smythe31 Aug 1961AC1234.jpg 
AC0917[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Sep 1960AC0917.jpg 
AC0198[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Apr 1958AC0198.jpg 
AC0494[no caption]Reg Smythe03 May 1959AC0494.jpg 
AC1604[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Jun 1963AC1604.jpg 
AC0579"I've come back to yer, Andy - I just couldn't bear to think of yer sittin' 'ere on yer own, all sad an' lonely..."Reg Smythe13 Aug 1959AC0579.jpg 
AC0788[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Apr 1960AC0788.jpg 
AC1491"I've got it all figured out. Savin' at our present rate, by the time we're sixty we should be two thousand in debt"Reg Smythe07 Feb 1963AC1491.jpg 
AC0735"Well, I suppose it 'ad to 'appen"Reg Smythe11 Feb 1960AC0735.jpg 
AC0055"United are playin' with ten men, one goal down, only two minutes to go - and YOU worry about gettin' the dustbin out!"Reg Smythe11 Oct 1957AC0055.jpg 
AC0297"It's a tip I got from Andy, wi THIS yer get a better polish when yer breathe on the window."Reg Smythe23 Aug 1958AC0297.jpg 
AC1335[No caption]Reg Smythe24 Dec 1961AC1335.jpg 
AC0623"Now let's not spoil it by figurin' out 'ow many pints yer could o' got - !"Reg Smythe30 Sep 1959AC0623.jpg 
AC0522"All right, Andy, I'll put it another way -"Reg Smythe05 Jun 1959AC0522.jpg 
AC0632[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Oct 1959AC0632.jpg 
AC0689"It doesn't matter about me bath, Florrie - I'm playin' again on Monday"Reg Smythe12 Dec 1959AC0689.jpg 
AC0451printed caption "Tell me, what time does that flippin' match start?"Reg Smythe14 Mar 1959AC0451.jpg 
AC1303[No caption]Reg Smythe15 Nov 1961AC1303.jpg 
AC0794[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Apr 1960AC0794.jpg 
AC0576"Not many of us 'ave a wife like yours, Andy"Reg Smythe09 Aug 1959AC0576.jpg 
AC1144[No caption]Reg Smythe24 May 1961AC1144.jpg 
AC1076"Waltz a bit faster, pet, it`s a cha-cha"Reg Smythe06 Mar 1961AC1076.jpg 
AC0279[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Aug 1958AC0279.jpg 
AC0583[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Aug 1959AC0583.jpg 
AC0806[no caption]Reg Smythe04 May 1960AC0806.jpg 
AC0031"Every mornin' yer sit with yer 'air in curlers - where's yer [perishin' crossed out] flippin' manners!"Reg Smythe13 Sep 1957AC0031.jpg 
AC0222"Don't move! - Just lie there for a minute an' let me drink yer in."Reg Smythe26 May 1958AC0222.jpg 
AC0499[no caption]Reg Smythe08 May 1959AC0499.jpg 
AC1218[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Aug 1961AC1218.jpg 
AC0650"'Ow long does a chap 'ave to be an 'alf-back before they make 'im a full-back?"Reg Smythe31 Oct 1959AC0650.jpg 
AC0896[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Aug 1960AC0896.jpg 
AC0967[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Oct 1960AC0967.jpg 
AC0372The embarrassment! I could 'ave got over socks wi' 'oles - but no flippin' socks...!"Reg Smythe25 Nov 1958AC0372.jpg 
AC1200[No caption]Reg Smythe26 Jul 1961AC1200.jpg 
AC1425It`ll `ave t` stop, Florrie - yer spendin` altogether too much money on debts!"Reg Smythe15 Aug 1962AC1425.jpg 
AC0270"I'll never forget the day we got married, Andy, [everybody throwin' shoes - crossed out] people tyin' shoes to the car - an' you tryin' them on..."Reg Smythe25 Jul 1958AC0270.jpg 
AC0489[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Apr 1959AC0489.jpg 
AC1038[No caption]Reg Smythe24 Jan 1961AC1038.jpg 
AC0832D'yer like pigeons, Mister Jackson?Reg Smythe03 Jun 1960AC0832.jpg 
AC0115"Got everythin' Florrie? Specs, darts - iodine"?Reg Smythe20 Dec 1957AC0115.jpg 
AC0683[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Dec 1959AC0683.jpg 
AC0557"I'll say this for 'im though, I always know what 'e's goin' to do next - nowt"Reg Smythe16 Jul 1959AC0557.jpg 
AC0915[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Sep 1960AC0915.jpg 
AC0540"I don't mind tellin' yer, Chalkie, I'm worried... Florrie was feelin' right queer when I came out - I'll be glad when it's closin' time"Reg Smythe24 Jun 1959AC0540.jpg 
AC0968"Yer'll just 'ave to forget the pub for tonight - we've got company!"Reg Smythe27 Oct 1960AC0968.jpg 
AC0354"I'm 'avin a lie in this mornin', Florrie, I've a very 'ard game to watch this afternoon"Reg Smythe01 Nov 1958AC0354.jpg 
AC0411"Chalkie, lad, why don't yer try a new strategy - like stoppin' a few?"Reg Smythe17 Jan 1959AC0411.jpg 
AC0403"'e's been as good as gold all day - the suspense 'as been 'orrible"Reg Smythe09 Jan 1959AC0403.jpg 
AC0458"'E's awful superstitious, wouldn't dream of workin' any week wi' a Friday in it either"Reg Smythe22 Mar 1959AC0458.jpg 
AC0185"Don't talk to me for a few minutes, lass, give Sophia Loren a chance to wear off."Reg Smythe11 Apr 1958AC0185.jpg 
AC0642[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Oct 1959AC0642.jpg 
AC0812"If they 'aven't gone by eleven I'll put me curlers in, an' if they still don't go - you start takin' about yer pigeons"Reg Smythe11 May 1960AC0812.jpg 
AC0432"'e doesn't go very often, but 'e's quite religious really - 'e wouldn't dream of 'ittin' me on a Sunday"Reg Smythe15 Feb 1959AC0432.jpg 
AC1091" `e might not o` made `er a very good `usband - but `e`s made `er a ruddy good wife!"Reg Smythe21 Mar 1961AC1091.jpg 
AC2478[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Apr 1966AC2478.jpg 
AC0875Yak-yak-yakkity-yak-yakkity-yak-Reg Smythe24 Jul 1960AC0875.jpg 
AC0602[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Sep 1959AC0602.jpg 
AC1033[No caption]Reg Smythe23 Jan 1961AC1033.jpg 
AC0799[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Apr 1960AC0799.jpg 
AC1314[No caption]Reg Smythe26 Nov 1961AC1314.jpg 
AC0588"When yer've fed the pigeons, ["On yer way back" crossed out] will yer fetch me best stockin's off the line? - The ones wi' the shortest ladders"Reg Smythe24 Aug 1959AC0588.jpg 
AC0552"No, no, not my Andy! 'E wouldn't think of chasin' other women, 'e's too decent, too loyal - too lazy"Reg Smythe11 Jul 1959AC0552.jpg 
AC0412"My man isn't as romantic as 'e used to be either ["was either, Ruby," crossed out] - when 'e 'olds me 'ands these days it's only to stop me from 'ittin' 'im back"Reg Smythe18 Jan 1959AC0412.jpg 
AC0641"'ave yer noticed 'ow they always show the best parts in the trailers?"Reg Smythe21 Oct 1959AC0641.jpg 
AC0570[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Aug 1959AC0570.jpg 
AC1099We `adn`t been playin` more`n five minutes when I got sent off for `ungentlemanly conduct`!Reg Smythe29 Mar 1961AC1099.jpg 
AC0628[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Oct 1959AC0628.jpg 
AC0580[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Aug 1959AC0580.jpg 
AC0904[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Aug 1960AC0904.jpg 
AC0390"Oh, ve-ry pretty! - I'll buy yer a box of draughts at Christmas to go with it"Reg Smythe18 Dec 1958AC0390.jpg 
AC0253[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Jul 1958AC0253.jpg 
AC1586"Remember now, your 'eadache comes on at nine o'clock sharp"Reg Smythe18 May 1963AC1586.jpg 
AC0397[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Dec 1958AC0397.jpg 
AC0920[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Sep 1960AC0920.jpg 
AC0718[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Jan 1960AC0718.jpg 
AC1261[No caption]Reg Smythe30 Sep 1961AC1261.jpg 
AC0997C'mon, pet, stop sulkin' an' put yer arm in -Reg Smythe27 Nov 1960AC0997.jpg 
AC1689"Oh, no! Don't tell me- you awarded a penalty against the 'ome team?"Reg Smythe09 Sep 1963AC1689.jpg 
AC1002[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Dec 1960AC1002.jpg 
AC1552[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Apr 1963AC1552.jpg 
AC1015[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Dec 1960AC1015.jpg 
AC0043"I was only tryin' to be 'elpful!"Reg Smythe27 Sep 1957AC0043.jpg 
AC0484[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Apr 1959AC0484.jpg 
AC0560[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Jul 1959AC0560.jpg 
AC0401"Yer right, lad, it was a lovely moon the night yer proposed to me - it was a damn sight brighter than I was"Reg Smythe07 Jan 1959AC0401.jpg 
AC0519"No, I 'aven't any children - but me 'usband's a bit difficult at times"Reg Smythe02 Jun 1959AC0519.jpg 
AC2420[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Feb 1966AC2420.jpg 
AC0774[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Mar 1960AC0774.jpg 
AC0939"Ruddy marvellous! 'e starts by tellin' my fortune an' 'e ends up countin' it!"Reg Smythe30 Sep 1960AC0939.jpg 
AC1084[No caption]Reg Smythe14 Mar 1961AC1084.jpg 
AC0329"'e's 'orrible all right, but 'e's fair - 'e's 'orrible to everybody"Reg Smythe02 Oct 1958AC0329.jpg 
AC1512[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Mar 1963AC1512.jpg 
AC0863[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Jul 1960AC0863.jpg 
AC1127[No caption]Reg Smythe04 May 1961AC1127.jpg 
AC0453[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Mar 1959AC0453.jpg 
AC2552[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Jul 1966AC2552.jpg 
AC0384[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Dec 1958AC0384.jpg 
AC0856[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Jul 1960AC0856.jpg 
AC1238"I was tellin` Rube about yer stories - mind if she sits in on this one?"Reg Smythe04 Sep 1961AC1238.jpg 
AC0544[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Jun 1959AC0544.jpg 
AC0836[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Jun 1960AC0836.jpg 
AC0510[no caption]Reg Smythe24 May 1959AC0510.jpg 
AC1103If yer think that`s `ard work, son, wait till yer try to get the bob out of `im!Reg Smythe03 Apr 1961AC1103.jpg 
AC0333"My Andy isn't the type who spends 'alf the day complainin' - 'e sleeps three quarters of it"Reg Smythe07 Oct 1958AC0333.jpg 
AC2609[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Sep 1966AC2609.jpg 
AC2543[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Jun 1966AC2543.jpg 
AC0462"Nice of yer to pop over an' see us - come in, sit down, an' shurrup"Reg Smythe28 Mar 1959AC0462.jpg 
AC0710[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Jan 1960AC0710.jpg 
AC0180"Andy an' me 'ave our differences of opinion of course - but I never tell 'im mine."Reg Smythe03 Apr 1958AC0180.jpg 
AC1432[No caption]Reg Smythe14 Sep 1962AC1432.jpg 
AC0291"Hey, pardner, 'ow about gittin' down to the ole corral an' fetchin' a bucket of coal."Reg Smythe16 Aug 1958AC0291.jpg 
AC1798[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Feb 1964AC1798.jpg 
AC1192[No caption]Reg Smythe17 Jul 1961AC1192.jpg 
AC0608[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Sep 1959AC0608.jpg 
AC0845"Are yer feelin' all right this mornin', Andy? - Yer fingers look a bit pale"Reg Smythe19 Jun 1960AC0845.jpg 
AC0906[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Aug 1960AC0906.jpg 
AC1188If yer must know, I just wanted summat around that doesn`t ask me for lend of half a dollar every time it opens it`s mouth"Reg Smythe13 Jul 1961AC1188.jpg 
AC1018[No caption]Reg Smythe03 Jan 1961AC1018.jpg 
AC1285[No caption]Reg Smythe27 Oct 1961AC1285.jpg 
AC1193"I wish they wouldn't do this to `im, Rube - cricket on one channel an` racin` on the other!"Reg Smythe18 Jul 1961AC1193.jpg 
AC0888[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Aug 1960AC0888.jpg 
AC1302[No caption]Reg Smythe14 Nov 1961AC1302.jpg 
AC0549[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Jul 1959AC0549.jpg 
AC1365"`e`s the most even-tempered man I`ve ever come across - `e`s always got the needle!"Reg Smythe16 Apr 1962AC1365.jpg 
AC1073[No caption]Reg Smythe03 Mar 1961AC1073.jpg 
AC0807"More 'orror an' violence - I may's well 'ave stayed at 'ome"Reg Smythe05 May 1960AC0807.jpg 
AC1168[No caption]Reg Smythe20 Jun 1961AC1168.jpg 
AC2018[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Oct 1964AC2018.jpg 
AC0867[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Jul 1960AC0867.jpg 
AC0627[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Oct 1959AC0627.jpg 
AC1080[No caption]Reg Smythe10 Mar 1961AC1080.jpg 
AC1448[No caption]Reg Smythe28 Nov 1962AC1448.jpg 
AC1206[No caption]Reg Smythe02 Aug 1961AC1206.jpg 
AC1328[No caption]Reg Smythe15 Dec 1961AC1328.jpg 
AC0700"I've told yer before, there's goin' to be no bosses in this 'ouse - yer'll just do as yer told!"Reg Smythe29 Dec 1959AC0700.jpg 
AC0252"Andy fall asleep as soon as 'is 'ead 'its the pillow ... but mind you, 'e 'as a bit of trouble 'ittin' the bed."Reg Smythe03 Jul 1958AC0252.jpg 
AC1041"Don`t come the innocent wi`me, mate - I knew yer was interested in `er the minute yer turned off the telly!"Reg Smythe30 Jan 1961AC1041.jpg 
AC0529"I wouldn't 'ave a painter an' decorator in the 'ouse, Chalkie. If yer want a job doin' well, do it yourself I always say"Reg Smythe12 Jun 1959AC0529.jpg 
AC0574[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Aug 1959AC0574.jpg 
AC0585[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Aug 1959AC0585.jpg 
AC0475[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Apr 1959AC0475.jpg 
AC1345[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Jan 1962AC1345.jpg 
AC0828[no caption]Reg Smythe30 May 1960AC0828.jpg 
AC0525"We'll 'ave to take these cards back to the shop an' get them changed, Andy, they're full o' pin 'oles!"Reg Smythe08 Jun 1959AC0525.jpg 
AC0605[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Sep 1959AC0605.jpg 
AC0744[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Feb 1960AC0744.jpg 
AC2305[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Aug 1965AC2305.jpg 
AC2481[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Apr 1966AC2481.jpg 
AC0611[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Sep 1959AC0611.jpg 
AC0860[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Jul 1960AC0860.jpg 
AC1031Straight in, an` straight t` bed!Reg Smythe17 Jan 1961AC1031.jpg 
AC0957"Yer'll have to excuse 'im, missus - 'e's a bit merry"Reg Smythe18 Oct 1960AC0957.jpg 
AC2570[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Jul 1966AC2570.jpg 
AC0903[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Aug 1960AC0903.jpg 
AC1271[No caption]Reg Smythe12 Oct 1961AC1271.jpg 
AC0644[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Oct 1959AC0644.jpg 
AC1229[No Caption]Reg Smythe25 Aug 1961AC1229.jpg 
AC1244[No caption]Reg Smythe12 Sep 1961AC1244.jpg 
AC1281[No caption]Reg Smythe23 Oct 1961AC1281.jpg 
AC1292[No caption]Reg Smythe03 Nov 1961AC1292.jpg 
AC0721[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Jan 1960AC0721.jpg 
AC0695[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Dec 1959AC0695.jpg 
AC0449"No interest in the garden? Me? - Who is it oils the lawnmover for yer every Sunday afore 'e goes out?... tell me that!"Reg Smythe08 Mar 1959AC0449.jpg 
AC0517"Wad'yer mean, 'born drunkards'? Yer never give us credit for nowt - it's taken years o' practice to be what we are!"Reg Smythe31 May 1959AC0517.jpg 
AC0649Do you mind!!Reg Smythe30 Oct 1959AC0649.jpg 
AC1441"They`ll be `ere any min - oh, for Pete`s sake, Andy! Chalkie an` Rube are friends of ours!"Reg Smythe18 Oct 1962AC1441.jpg 
AC0831[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Jun 1960AC0831.jpg 
AC0209Steady, woman! Me offerin' to take yer to the pictures doesn't entitle yer to take liberties!"Reg Smythe10 May 1958AC0209.jpg 
AC1085[No caption]Reg Smythe15 Mar 1961AC1085.jpg 
AC0818"Florrie, I was wonderin' if yer'd lend me - what a luv'ly body! - five bob till Friday"Reg Smythe17 May 1960AC0818.jpg 
AC0907[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Aug 1960AC0907.jpg 
AC0656"Yer can't fool me! - when a man 'as two baths in one month it's another woman!"Reg Smythe06 Nov 1959AC0656.jpg 
AC0708[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Jan 1960AC0708.jpg 
AC0295"She's out."Reg Smythe21 Aug 1958AC0295.jpg 
AC1152[No caption]Reg Smythe02 Jun 1961AC1152.jpg 
AC2348[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Oct 1965AC2348.jpg 
AC0816[no caption]Reg Smythe15 May 1960AC0816.jpg 
AC0607[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Sep 1959AC0607.jpg 
AC0584'ow about mendin' that coal 'ouse door like yer promised?Reg Smythe18 Aug 1959AC0584.jpg 
AC0559[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Jul 1959AC0559.jpg 
AC0659This is one of the 'appiest days of 'er lifeReg Smythe09 Nov 1959AC0659.jpg 
AC1135[No caption]Reg Smythe15 May 1961AC1135.jpg 
AC0985[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Nov 1960AC0985.jpg 
AC0582[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Aug 1959AC0582.jpg 
AC1284[No caption]Reg Smythe26 Oct 1961AC1284.jpg 
AC1163[No caption]Reg Smythe15 Jun 1961AC1163.jpg 
AC2636[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Oct 1966AC2636.jpg 
AC0790Yer luv'ly!Reg Smythe14 Apr 1960AC0790.jpg 
AC2202[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Apr 1965AC2202.jpg 
AC1621[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Jun 1963AC1621.jpg 
AC0341"Andy! Who will I be votin' for next time?"Reg Smythe16 Oct 1958AC0341.jpg 
AC0335[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Oct 1958AC0335.jpg 
AC1265"Never seen a bloke so soft-hearted - `e`ll cry all the way t` the pub"Reg Smythe06 Oct 1961AC1265.jpg 
AC0819"yer've got to 'and it to 'im, Ruby, a telly cocktail cabinet - an' never used a nail!"Reg Smythe19 May 1960AC0819.jpg 
AC0578[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Aug 1959AC0578.jpg 
AC0730"Oh, fair t' middlin', Chalkie - 'ow's things wi' you?"Reg Smythe04 Feb 1960AC0730.jpg 
AC0515[no caption]Reg Smythe29 May 1959AC0515.jpg 
AC2605[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Sep 1966AC2605.jpg 
AC1745[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Nov 1963AC1745.jpg 
AC3522"Get yer coat on, Kid, I'll take yer out f' a drink-"Reg Smythe24 Jun 1969AC3522.jpg 
AC2564[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Jul 1966AC2564.jpg 
AC2522[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Jun 1966AC2522.jpg 
AC0445"'E always stands up. 'E says that when yer've 'ad a few, it's easier to sit down when yer standin' than it is to stand up when yer sittin'"Reg Smythe02 Mar 1959AC0445.jpg 
AC2317[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Aug 1965AC2317.jpg 
AC3643"I 'ear that yer bought that barmaid a birthday present"Reg Smythe25 Oct 1969AC3643.jpg 
AC0409"You an' yer 'just the one'! - I knew this would 'appen if yer got the taste!"Reg Smythe15 Jan 1959AC0409.jpg 
AC2051[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Nov 1964AC2051.jpg 
AC0339"Andy would join like a shot if they'd let 'im take me along to blanco 'is equipment an' polish 'is brasses"Reg Smythe14 Oct 1958AC0339.jpg 
AC2049[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Nov 1964AC2049.jpg 
AC1498[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Feb 1963AC1498.jpg 
AC0937"We're not goin' to get a drink out of 'im - notice 'ow 'e nips out t' see 'is pigeons an' comes back burpin'?"Reg Smythe28 Sep 1960AC0937.jpg 
AC0275"C'mon, get up on yer feet, it's closin' time -"Reg Smythe30 Jul 1958AC0275.jpg 
AC1989[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Sep 1964AC1989.jpg 
AC1714[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Oct 1963AC1714.jpg 
AC0987[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Nov 1960AC0987.jpg 
AC2002[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Sep 1964AC2002.jpg 
AC0345"It wouldn't be so bad if it was another woman - but to play second fiddle to a pack of snooker balls - !"Reg Smythe21 Oct 1958AC0345.jpg 
AC0413[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Jan 1959AC0413.jpg 
AC0789"Listen, mouthy, I wasn't lyin' in the road - I was only leanin' on it!"Reg Smythe13 Apr 1960AC0789.jpg 
AC1699[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Sep 1963AC1699.jpg 
AC1744[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Nov 1963AC1744.jpg 
AC3633"Disgustin'!"Reg Smythe15 Oct 1969AC3633.jpg 
AC0030"If yer must know, I just want summat in the 'ouse that doesn't ask for a new 'at every time it opens it's mouth."Reg Smythe12 Sep 1957AC0030.jpg 
AC2634[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Oct 1966AC2634.jpg 
AC0439"Florrie! Yer shouldn't be doin' that, yer just out of 'ospital - make two journeys!"Reg Smythe24 Feb 1959AC0439.jpg 
AC0758[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Mar 1960AC0758.jpg 
AC2571[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Jul 1966AC2571.jpg 
AC2315[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Aug 1965AC2315.jpg 
AC1881[no caption]Reg Smythe08 May 1964AC1881.jpg 
AC1789[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Dec 1963AC1789.jpg 
AC1062Yer`ll get nowt there, Alice - `e`s got a wife an` three bookies t` support"Reg Smythe20 Feb 1961AC1062.jpg 
AC0483[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Apr 1959AC0483.jpg 
AC3527"I used to be greeted with a kiss when I came in!"Reg Smythe29 Jun 1969AC3527.jpg 
AC0567[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Jul 1959AC0567.jpg 
AC0948[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Oct 1960AC0948.jpg 
AC1384"This is goodbye - red five on the black six - forever!"Reg Smythe17 May 1962AC1384.jpg 
AC2358[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Nov 1965AC2358.jpg 
AC2024[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Oct 1964AC2024.jpg 
AC0300"Well, we don't 'ave to worry anymore about them Russians, lass, - they couldn't afford to live 'ere"Reg Smythe27 Aug 1958AC0300.jpg 
AC0879[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Jul 1960AC0879.jpg 
AC3155"You 'ORRIBLE little man! I should 'ave listend t' me Mother years ago - if only I could 'ave a second chance!"Reg Smythe06 May 1968AC3155.jpg 
AC3673"Tch! I never realised 'ow much I'd miss my mother's cookin'-"Reg Smythe30 Nov 1969AC3673.jpg 
AC1337[No caption]Reg Smythe28 Dec 1961AC1337.jpg 
AC2250[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Jun 1965AC2250.jpg 
AC0527"It's best this way, doctor. If Andy thought for one minute you'd seen me in me underwear 'e'd pulverise the both of us"Reg Smythe10 Jun 1959AC0527.jpg 
AC2035[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Oct 1964AC2035.jpg 
AC1641"Just once I'd like one of us to get the coal in without all this preamble!"Reg Smythe19 Jul 1963AC1641.jpg 
AC1908[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Jun 1964AC1908.jpg 
AC3596"Been away, Flo?"Reg Smythe06 Sep 1969AC3596.jpg 
AC2289[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Jul 1965AC2289.jpg 
AC1419[No caption]Reg Smythe31 Jul 1962AC1419.jpg 
AC0472"Yer've been kissin' that Cliff Michelmore again -!"Reg Smythe07 Apr 1959AC0472.jpg 
AC0853[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Jun 1960AC0853.jpg 
AC1630"Never again! If there's owt I can't stand it's a cheat- 'e played two aces I 'ad up me sleeve!"Reg Smythe08 Jul 1963AC1630.jpg 
AC1304Flo! Can yer lend me a bob t` make up me stake money?Reg Smythe16 Nov 1961AC1304.jpg 
AC0971[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Oct 1960AC0971.jpg 
AC3528"Andy's been ill in bed the last couple of days, Ruby - I'll just pop over an' see 'ow 'e is"Reg Smythe30 Jun 1969AC3528.jpg 
AC3523"Would you say I was two-faced, Flo?"Reg Smythe25 Jun 1969AC3523.jpg 
AC2414[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Feb 1966AC2414.jpg 
AC0304"I'm working class all right, but I don't know about Andy - 'e never does a stroke"Reg Smythe02 Sep 1958AC0304.jpg 
AC0035"Goin' winder-shoppin' in THIS weather? - yer must be off yer rocker!"Reg Smythe18 Sep 1957AC0035.jpg 
AC1140[No caption]Reg Smythe20 May 1961AC1140.jpg 
AC1211Can I run yer t` the station in me taxi, Andy - only five bob!Reg Smythe07 Aug 1961AC1211.jpg 
AC0052"I've heard of electric blankets - but that's just damn ridiculous!"Reg Smythe08 Oct 1957AC0052.jpg 
AC0947[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Oct 1960AC0947.jpg 
AC2320[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Sep 1965AC2320.jpg 
AC2688No captionReg Smythe01 Dec 1966AC2688.jpg 
AC2307[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Aug 1965AC2307.jpg 
AC1202[No caption]Reg Smythe28 Jul 1961AC1202.jpg 
AC1946[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Jul 1964AC1946.jpg 
AC2092[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Dec 1964AC2092.jpg 
AC0383[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Dec 1958AC0383.jpg 
AC0773"Yer'll 'ave to excuse 'im, Mrs Ducksberry - 'e's been up all mormin'"Reg Smythe25 Mar 1960AC0773.jpg 
AC0999S'pose I'd better mend that 'ole in 'is trousers pocket afore 'e get's up...Reg Smythe29 Nov 1960AC0999.jpg 
AC2449[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Mar 1966AC2449.jpg 
AC2054[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Nov 1964AC2054.jpg 
AC2146[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Feb 1965AC2146.jpg 
AC0707"All right, so yer two minutes late - the flippin' pub isn't goin' to disappear!"Reg Smythe07 Jan 1960AC0707.jpg 
AC0776The cheek of'er! - Sayin' a thing like that to me - !Reg Smythe28 Mar 1960AC0776.jpg 
AC2339[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Oct 1965AC2339.jpg 
AC0414"Come on, lad, an' I'll make yer a nice cup o' tea - it's no good livin' in the past"Reg Smythe20 Jan 1959AC0414.jpg 
AC1529[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Mar 1963AC1529.jpg 
AC0822We're all washed up!Reg Smythe22 May 1960AC0822.jpg 
AC0112"I can't say that I blame yer, Andy, I don't care for it either."Reg Smythe17 Dec 1957AC0112.jpg 
AC1967[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Aug 1964AC1967.jpg 
AC0019"Nice of you to drop in."Reg Smythe30 Aug 1957AC0019.jpg 
AC2667[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Nov 1966AC2667.jpg 
AC2360[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Nov 1965AC2360.jpg 
AC3698" 'e warned me what would 'appen the next time 'e saw a detergent commercial"Reg Smythe06 Jan 1970AC3698.jpg 
AC1665[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Aug 1963AC1665.jpg 
AC2544[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Jun 1966AC2544.jpg 
AC2083[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Dec 1964AC2083.jpg 
AC2487[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Apr 1966AC2487.jpg 
AC1746[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Nov 1963AC1746.jpg 
AC1802[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Feb 1964AC1802.jpg 
AC0438"I stayed wi' Chalkie an' 'is missus for a couple o' days, an' they really made me feel at 'ome - we fought like 'ell"Reg Smythe23 Feb 1959AC0438.jpg 
AC0482"Everybody says 'e must 'ave a stomach like a tank, but they're wrong - yer can fill a tank!"Reg Smythe19 Apr 1959AC0482.jpg 
AC2482[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Apr 1966AC2482.jpg 
AC2646[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Oct 1966AC2646.jpg 
AC2394[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Jan 1966AC2394.jpg 
AC2486[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Apr 1966AC2486.jpg 
AC1227[No caption]Reg Smythe23 Aug 1961AC1227.jpg 
AC3597"That new barmaid wasn't very sociable"Reg Smythe07 Sep 1969AC3597.jpg 
AC1793"For a woman of 'er age, she's in excellent condition"Reg Smythe30 Dec 1963AC1793.jpg 
AC1012[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Dec 1960AC1012.jpg 
AC3733That's the SECOND time this month I've let 'er kiss meReg Smythe15 Feb 1970AC3733.jpg 
AC2682[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Nov 1966AC2682.jpg 
AC0230"First time you've bin lucky at the dogs for ages - what are we goin' to do wi' the money ...?"Reg Smythe06 Jun 1958AC0230.jpg 
AC2622[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Sep 1966AC2622.jpg 
AC1817[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Feb 1964AC1817.jpg 
AC0062"I saw a good job advertised this mornin' so I went round to see about it straight away - yer start tomorrow."Reg Smythe19 Oct 1957AC0062.jpg 
AC0320Published caption: "Yer gettin' bone idle, lass - yer 'aven't taken the top off me egg!"Reg Smythe22 Sep 1958AC0320.jpg 
AC0698[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Dec 1959AC0698.jpg 
AC0539[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Jun 1959AC0539.jpg 
AC1132[No caption]Reg Smythe12 May 1961AC1132.jpg 
AC1974[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Aug 1964AC1974.jpg 
AC0396"Florrie - come out an' face it like a man"Reg Smythe30 Dec 1958AC0396.jpg 
AC0427"This bill's sheer robbery, Florrie - I wouldn't pay it if I were you"Reg Smythe09 Feb 1959AC0427.jpg 
AC0655[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Nov 1959AC0655.jpg 
AC2199[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Apr 1965AC2199.jpg 
AC0446"Between you an' me, I think that's why 'e wears 'is cap that way - 'e can't bear to see a woman standin'"Reg Smythe03 Mar 1959AC0446.jpg 
AC3551"EEK!"Reg Smythe23 Jul 1969AC3551.jpg 
AC0866"Now watch it, Florrie - if yer 'ave any more yer'll be thinkin' yer can lick me again"Reg Smythe13 Jul 1960AC0866.jpg 
AC2594[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Aug 1966AC2594.jpg 
AC3583"Incidentally, Pet, I won't be takin' yer t' the cinema like I promised - the darts match's been switched to tonight. Don't mind d'yer?"Reg Smythe24 Aug 1969AC3583.jpg 
AC0307"I packed it in. The gaffer kept usin' obscene language - things like 'get a move on' and 'put yer back into it'..."Reg Smythe05 Sep 1958AC0307.jpg 
AC0791[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Apr 1960AC0791.jpg 
AC0821[no caption]Reg Smythe21 May 1960AC0821.jpg 
AC1247[No caption]Reg Smythe16 Sep 1961AC1247.jpg 
AC1418"What`s f` tea?"Reg Smythe28 Jul 1962AC1418.jpg 
AC1487[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Feb 1963AC1487.jpg 
AC2318[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Aug 1965AC2318.jpg 
AC2027[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Oct 1964AC2027.jpg 
AC0883[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Aug 1960AC0883.jpg 
AC1480[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Jan 1963AC1480.jpg 
AC3662"Don't look at me like that - I'm stone cold sober"Reg Smythe16 Nov 1969AC3662.jpg 
AC2503[no caption]Reg Smythe12 May 1966AC2503.jpg 
AC1414[No caption]Reg Smythe19 Jul 1962AC1414.jpg 
AC1490"'E can't bear t' look at the gruesome bits"Reg Smythe06 Feb 1963AC1490.jpg 
AC3743"Blimey! This is a change - gettin' back before the pub closes!"Reg Smythe26 Feb 1970AC3743.jpg 
AC1161[No caption]Reg Smythe13 Jun 1961AC1161.jpg 
AC0795Deadly combinationReg Smythe20 Apr 1960AC0795.jpg 
AC3771"Party opinion poll, Madam. Would you say the Government's doing a good job?"Reg Smythe28 Mar 1970AC3771.jpg 
AC1790A[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Jan 1964AC1790A.jpg 
AC1048[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Feb 1961AC1048.jpg 
AC2705Tch! Tch! I've never seen such a disgrace in all my life, I'm sorry to say!Reg Smythe19 Dec 1966AC2705.jpg 
AC3661"I've invited yer relatives over for the weekend, Pet"Reg Smythe15 Nov 1969AC3661.jpg 
AC2443[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Mar 1966AC2443.jpg 
AC1325The gaffer says `e`s found a ten bob note, will the owner come an` -
- form a queue at the bar!
Reg Smythe12 Dec 1961AC1325.jpg 
AC0493"This is goin' to be quite an afternoon, Ruby - the match 'asn't even started yet!"Reg Smythe02 May 1959AC0493.jpg 
AC1146[No caption]Reg Smythe26 May 1961AC1146.jpg 
AC0516[no caption]Reg Smythe30 May 1959AC0516.jpg 
AC2377[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Dec 1965AC2377.jpg 
AC2337[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Oct 1965AC2337.jpg 
AC2343[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Oct 1965AC2343.jpg 
AC1796[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Jan 1964AC1796.jpg 
AC2073[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Nov 1964AC2073.jpg 
AC0830[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Jun 1960AC0830.jpg 
AC0928"If yer think I come 'ome plastered, yer should see that bloke!"Reg Smythe19 Sep 1960AC0928.jpg 
AC3565"Tch! Tch! You wouldn't catch me throwing MY money away on the horses!"Reg Smythe06 Aug 1969AC3565.jpg 
AC0323"If Barbara Castle wanted to see real violence she should 'ave been round 'ere the week I forgot to post Andy's pools"Reg Smythe25 Sep 1958AC0323.jpg 
AC1210[No caption]Reg Smythe06 Aug 1961AC1210.jpg 
AC3672"Andy's been chattin' wi' that barmaid for ages, Florrie - is there anythin' between them?"Reg Smythe28 Nov 1969AC3672.jpg 
AC0996[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Nov 1960AC0996.jpg 
AC1724[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Oct 1963AC1724.jpg 
AC1289"`e `ad seven gins, half a dozen rums, a few quick whiskies, a couple o` brandies, put a fag in `is mouth, struck a match - then there was this blindin` flash!"Reg Smythe31 Oct 1961AC1289.jpg 
AC3591"Yer could be in trouble, Missus"Reg Smythe01 Sep 1969AC3591.jpg 
AC3552"I shouldn't 'ave t' be turnin' out f' work on mornin's like this!"Reg Smythe24 Jul 1969AC3552.jpg 
AC2226[no caption]Reg Smythe12 May 1965AC2226.jpg 
AC0979[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Nov 1960AC0979.jpg 
AC1398[No caption]Reg Smythe11 Jun 1962AC1398.jpg 
AC0473"...So, Takin' up me trusty cue, I potted the yeller an' green, played a medium paced brown wi' just a touch of left 'and side into the top pocket an' rolled nicely onto the blue...."Reg Smythe09 Apr 1959AC0473.jpg 
AC3518"Sorry about havin' to call the police to Andy las' night, Flo - I 'ope it won't stop 'im comin' in"Reg Smythe20 Jun 1969AC3518.jpg 
AC2656[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Oct 1966AC2656.jpg 
AC1538[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Mar 1963AC1538.jpg 
AC0719"Marvellous, isn't it? When I 'ad a breakdown there wasn't a peep out of 'im!"Reg Smythe22 Jan 1960AC0719.jpg 
AC1274[No caption]Reg Smythe16 Oct 1961AC1274.jpg 
AC3494"Y'know what yer always sayin' about employers-?"Reg Smythe27 May 1969AC3494.jpg 
AC0561"I wish our hour was up"Reg Smythe21 Jul 1959AC0561.jpg 
AC3640"YOU'VE BEEN SEEN! WHO'S IT TO BE - HER OR ME?!"Reg Smythe22 Oct 1969AC3640.jpg 
AC3725" 'ow's things with you an' Andy these days, Florrie?"Reg Smythe07 Feb 1970AC3725.jpg 
AC3630"Oh-ohh!"Reg Smythe12 Oct 1969 
AC0154"No, he's Andy's - I just feed it, bath it, and take it for walks."Reg Smythe08 Feb 1958AC0154.jpg 
AC2247[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Jun 1965AC2247.jpg 
AC0901[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Aug 1960AC0901.jpg 
AC1231[No Caption]Reg Smythe28 Aug 1961AC1231.jpg 
AC1401[No caption]Reg Smythe17 Jun 1962AC1401.jpg 
AC0460[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Feb 1959AC0460.jpg 
AC3732Tch! 'e'll blow is top when I tell 'im!Reg Smythe14 Feb 1970AC3732.jpg 
AC1222[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Aug 1961AC1222.jpg 
AC0949[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Oct 1960AC0949.jpg 
AC0480[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Apr 1959AC0480.jpg 
AC1089[No caption]Reg Smythe19 Mar 1961AC1089.jpg 
AC3534" 'ow many times do I 'ave to ask yer t' fix the lef of that sideboard?"Reg Smythe06 Jul 1969AC3534.jpg 
AC1215[No caption]Reg Smythe11 Aug 1961AC1215.jpg 
AC1013"Not to worry, folks, we should be passin' out shortly"Reg Smythe24 Dec 1960AC1013.jpg 
AC1332[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Dec 1961AC1332.jpg 
AC0294"I should 'ave warned the poor man before Andy went in."Reg Smythe20 Aug 1958AC0294.jpg 
AC2451[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Mar 1966AC2451.jpg 
AC0954[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Oct 1960AC0954.jpg 
AC1445[No caption]Reg Smythe12 Nov 1962AC1445.jpg 
AC0298"That's my boy! - ANYTHING for beer money."Reg Smythe25 Aug 1958AC0298.jpg 
AC1301[No caption]Reg Smythe13 Nov 1961AC1301.jpg 
AC3707"Take it off! Take it off-!"Reg Smythe17 Jan 1970AC3707.jpg 
AC0756[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Mar 1960AC0756.jpg 
AC3511"I won't be long. I'm just off to the hairdresser's"Reg Smythe13 Jun 1969AC3511.jpg 
AC0362"All right, I'll tell yer why I can't turn the one I've got - It 'asn't got three flippin' sides"Reg Smythe12 Nov 1958AC0362.jpg 
AC2511[no caption]Reg Smythe21 May 1966AC2511.jpg 
AC1484"Tch! Tch! Tch!"Reg Smythe31 Jan 1963AC1484.jpg 
AC3709"Interested in a golden opportunity, Mister Capp?"Reg Smythe19 Jan 1970AC3709.jpg 
AC3723"OKAY! I'M NO GOOD! THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT, I SWEAR!"Reg Smythe05 Feb 1970AC3723.jpg 
AC0563A"I 'ate to mention this, Florrie, but it's two minutes to openin' time..."Reg Smythe23 Jul 1959AC0563A.jpg 
AC1393"Me an` Andy would `ave been married earlier if it `adn`t been for me foolish pride - I wanted `im to propose to me"Reg Smythe02 Jun 1962AC1393.jpg 
AC0981[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Nov 1960AC0981.jpg 
AC1151[No caption]Reg Smythe01 Jun 1961AC1151.jpg 
AC1136[No caption]Reg Smythe16 May 1961AC1136.jpg 
AC3499"Get yer things on, Kid - I'm takin' yer out"Reg Smythe01 Jun 1969AC3499.jpg 
AC3516"Year in, year out! - 'ow can yer keep comin' 'ome t' me in a state like this?!"Reg Smythe18 Jun 1969AC3516.jpg 
AC1296[No caption]Reg Smythe08 Nov 1961AC1296.jpg 
AC0701"If yer were any kind o' gentleman yer'd get up an' gi' me missus a seat!"Reg Smythe30 Dec 1959AC0701.jpg 
AC1933[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Jul 1964AC1933.jpg 
AC0914[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Sep 1960AC0914.jpg 
AC0534[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Jun 1959AC0534.jpg 
AC0966[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Oct 1960AC0966.jpg 
AC1444[No caption]Reg Smythe08 Nov 1962AC1444.jpg 
AC3781"I've phoned f' the fire brigade, Pet!"Reg Smythe11 Apr 1970AC3781.jpg 
AC3485"I'm sure 'e'll come back t' yer, Flo"Reg Smythe17 May 1969AC3485.jpg 
AC2273[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Jul 1965  
AC3625"Who is she?!"Reg Smythe07 Oct 1969AC3625.jpg 
AC0783"Sorry about that, Bessie, but you know Andy - just couldn't wait to get to the reception!"Reg Smythe06 Apr 1960AC0783.jpg 
AC3651"It's ME, Pet - I've come 'ome early! Open up!"Reg Smythe02 Nov 1969AC3651.jpg 
AC1924[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Jun 1964AC1924.jpg 
AC2599[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Aug 1966AC2599.jpg 
AC1389"Wake me when I`m thirsty"Reg Smythe25 May 1962AC1389.jpg 
AC0346[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Oct 1958AC0346.jpg 
AC0532[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Jun 1959AC0532.jpg 
AC1475"Thish is what comes of tryin' - hic - t' share yer 'usband's interests"Reg Smythe22 Jan 1963AC1475.jpg 
AC1596"I just don't know what t' do with 'im"Reg Smythe28 May 1963AC1596.jpg 
AC2709Tch! I don't know what to get for dinner tomorrow, I 'aven't much money t' play with - any ideas, pet?Reg Smythe24 Dec 1966AC2709.jpg 
AC1427[No caption]Reg Smythe18 Aug 1962AC1427.jpg 
AC1064[No caption]Reg Smythe22 Feb 1961AC1064.jpg 
AC0393"They were sold out of mistletoe, Andy, but if I'd got any this is where I would 'ave 'ung it"Reg Smythe23 Dec 1958AC0393.jpg 
AC0890[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Aug 1960AC0890.jpg 
AC3765"That means yer short of money - 'ow much?"Reg Smythe21 Mar 1970AC3765.jpg 
AC1624[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Jun 1963AC1624.jpg 
AC0817[no caption]Reg Smythe16 May 1960AC0817.jpg 
AC0880[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Jul 1960AC0880.jpg 
AC3505"All right, let's 'ear it"Reg Smythe07 Jun 1969AC3505.jpg 
AC1095[No caption]Reg Smythe25 Mar 1961AC1095.jpg 
AC2263[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Jun 1965  
AC0854[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Jun 1960AC0854.jpg 
AC1399Andy! Could yer lend me a couple o` bob?Reg Smythe14 Jun 1962AC1399.jpg 
AC2624[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Sep 1966AC2624.jpg 
AC2095[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Dec 1964AC2095.jpg 
AC0871[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Jul 1960AC0871.jpg 
AC1548[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Apr 1963AC1548.jpg 
AC0017[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Aug 1957AC0017.jpg 
AC2075[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Nov 1964AC2075.jpg 
AC1935[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Jul 1964AC1935.jpg 
AC2344[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Oct 1965AC2344.jpg 
AC3539"I've decided to come back an' share yer burdens"Reg Smythe11 Jul 1969AC3539.jpg 
AC1338"`ow about them repairs, mate? This isn`t doin` me rheumatics any good - an` me `usband likes `is whisky straight!"Reg Smythe29 Dec 1961AC1338.jpg 
AC3536"What am I goin' t' do? I don't know where me next dollar's comin' from!"Reg Smythe08 Jul 1969AC3536.jpg 
AC0556"In a way, mine an' Andy's was a runaway marriage, I ran away - but 'e caught me"Reg Smythe15 Jul 1959AC0556.jpg 
AC0665[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Nov 1959AC0665.jpg 
AC0637"If I kissed 'im like that 'e'd go off 'is flippin' rocker"Reg Smythe17 Oct 1959AC0637.jpg 
AC1242[No caption]Reg Smythe10 Sep 1961AC1242.jpg 
AC1912[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Jun 1964AC1912.jpg 
AC0897[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Aug 1960AC0897.jpg 
AC1213[No caption]Reg Smythe09 Aug 1961AC1213.jpg 
AC0905[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Aug 1960AC0905.jpg 
AC0238[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Jun 1958AC0238.jpg 
AC2585[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Aug 1966AC2585.jpg 
AC3530'e should 'ave taken me out - tonight of ALL nights...!"Reg Smythe02 Jul 1969AC3530.jpg 
AC2168[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Mar 1965AC2168.jpg 
AC1676[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Aug 1963AC1676.jpg 
AC0231"'E wins more money on cards then on the 'orses - 'e can't deal the 'orses."Reg Smythe07 Jun 1958AC0231.jpg 
AC1001[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Dec 1960AC1001.jpg 
AC1178[No caption]Reg Smythe03 Jul 1961AC1178.jpg 
AC3689"Yer wastin' yer time - they don't want t' know yer at MY age"Reg Smythe23 Dec 1969AC3689.jpg 
AC0747"Of course I don't mind yer poppin' over to the 'ospital to visit a sick friend - don't 'ave too many"Reg Smythe24 Feb 1960AC0747.jpg 
AC0991[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Nov 1960AC0991.jpg 
AC0661[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Nov 1959AC0661.jpg 
AC0471[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Apr 1959AC0471.jpg 
AC3488"Typical! Get up, get yer breakfast, get out! For all I see of yer, yer may as well be on another planet-"Reg Smythe21 May 1969AC3488.jpg 
AC1502[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Feb 1963AC1502.jpg 
AC0503"The whole lot! Burnt to a cinder! Me favourite cue, me best jacket.......Alfie's gone too"Reg Smythe14 May 1959AC0503.jpg 
AC0895[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Aug 1960AC0895.jpg 
AC0705[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Jan 1960AC0705.jpg 
AC1042[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Jan 1961AC1042.jpg 
AC0709"I'd like to be a sports fan meself, but I don't think I could take the beer"Reg Smythe09 Jan 1960AC0709.jpg 
AC3593"Get the drinks in, Pet - I'll join yer shortly"Reg Smythe03 Sep 1969AC3593.jpg 
AC0021"But just watch 'im when I ask 'im to 'ave a go at the mangle - "Reg Smythe02 Sep 1957AC0021.jpg 
AC3628"I don't know what I'm goin' t' do about that daughter o' mine, Flo, kids refuse to listen anymore"Reg Smythe10 Oct 1969AC3628.jpg 
AC1078[No caption]Reg Smythe08 Mar 1961AC1078.jpg 
AC3731"Andy-"Reg Smythe13 Feb 1970AC3731.jpg 
AC1442" `e`s got a touch of insomnia, Rube - keeps wakin` up every few days"Reg Smythe02 Nov 1962AC1442.jpg 
AC1315"I`d gi` the lass a dress allowance, Chalkie, but I can`t be sure she wouldn`t spend it afore I could borrow it back"Reg Smythe27 Nov 1961AC1315.jpg 
AC0835There's only one glass o' beer left, Andy - you 'ave itReg Smythe06 Jun 1960AC0835.jpg 
AC3704"Lovely couple, still in love-"Reg Smythe12 Jan 1970AC3704.jpg 
AC2171[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Mar 1965AC2171.jpg 
AC0450"'Ow can a little feller like Andy stop a big lass like you comin' out if yer want to?"Reg Smythe12 Mar 1959AC0450.jpg 
AC2148[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Feb 1965AC2148.jpg 
AC0022"Say goodnight to Andy for us."Reg Smythe03 Sep 1957AC0022.jpg 
AC1139Florrie! I need the lend o` ten bob!Reg Smythe19 May 1961AC1139.jpg 
AC1700[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Sep 1963AC1700.jpg 
AC0332"I don't know who 'e is - but I like the look of 'im"Reg Smythe06 Oct 1958AC0332.jpg 
AC3780"Andy, can I 'ave a word wi' yer?"Reg Smythe10 Apr 1970AC3780.jpg 
AC0547[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Jul 1959AC0547.jpg 
AC0317"Yer the only man I know who cheers the monster"Reg Smythe17 Sep 1958AC0317.jpg 
AC3486"That's right, get out an' play wi' yer mates! It's pathetics - a man of your age"Reg Smythe08 May 1969AC3486.jpg 
AC3611"Yer lucky I don't come round there an' give yer a fat lip, Matey!"Reg Smythe22 Sep 1969AC3611.jpg 
AC0829[no caption]Reg Smythe31 May 1960AC0829.jpg 
AC2371[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Dec 1965AC2371.jpg 
AC0558"Look, woman, I keep tellin' yer, never mind 'ow many minutes it is from the sea! - 'Ow many minutes is it from the pub?!"Reg Smythe18 Jul 1959AC0558.jpg 
AC2531[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Jun 1966AC2531.jpg 
AC0924[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Sep 1960AC0924.jpg 
AC0878[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Jul 1960AC0878.jpg 
AC2410[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Jan 1966AC2410.jpg 
AC0741"Let's gi' the pictures a miss an' get a few bottles in , Flo. That's only an idea, mind yer - but let's not forget who's it is"Reg Smythe17 Feb 1960AC0741.jpg 
AC2122[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Jan 1965AC2122.jpg 
AC1100[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Mar 1961AC1100.jpg 
AC1693[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Sep 1963AC1693.jpg 
AC0716[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Jan 1960AC0716.jpg 
AC0745"Andy won the legion snooker cup las'night - 'ang on a minute an' I'll see if I can get 'im to show it to yer"Reg Smythe22 Feb 1960AC0745.jpg 
AC3544"A fine state you were in when yer came to bed las' night!"Reg Smythe16 Jul 1969AC3544.jpg 
AC3658"STOP THAT COLLECTOR, ANDY! 'E TRIED T' KISS ME!"Reg Smythe10 Nov 1969AC3658.jpg 
AC0714"I'll do what I like in me own 'ouse - an' stop shakin' yer fists at me under yer pinny!"Reg Smythe16 Jan 1960AC0714.jpg 
AC0497[no caption]Reg Smythe06 May 1959AC0497.jpg 
AC0373"'E left a few minutes ago, Chalkie, but I don't think 'e was on 'is way to the pub - 'e was only walkin"Reg Smythe26 Nov 1958AC0373.jpg 
AC1201[No caption]Reg Smythe27 Jul 1961AC1201.jpg 
AC1264[No caption]Reg Smythe04 Oct 1961AC1264.jpg 
AC1162[No caption]Reg Smythe14 Jun 1961AC1162.jpg 
AC2475[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Apr 1966AC2475.jpg 
AC0530Just wait till I get yer 'ome!...Tellin' them I was choppin' sticks in bed last monday! - an' anyway, it was a dirty lie - !Reg Smythe13 Jun 1959AC0530.jpg 
AC0864Isn'it luv'ly, Rube? - Must be worth at least two thick ears an' a fat lip!"Reg Smythe11 Jul 1960AC0864.jpg 
AC1485[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Feb 1963AC1485.jpg 
AC3584"Oh, yes, Flo - this is definitely you-!"Reg Smythe25 Aug 1969AC3584.jpg 
AC1142[No caption]Reg Smythe22 May 1961AC1142.jpg 
AC0675"It's this lyin' in bed all day that gets me down, Flo - I miss me kip on the ole sofa"Reg Smythe26 Nov 1959AC0675.jpg 
AC0337"Lookin' at yer watch was bad enough - but when yer began to shake it - !Reg Smythe11 Oct 1958AC0337.jpg 
AC1709[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Oct 1963AC1709.jpg 
AC3742"Come on, Pet, yer don't want t' be late!"Reg Smythe25 Feb 1970AC3742.jpg 
AC3648"There's one thing, Kid - yer'll never fall flat on yer face"Reg Smythe30 Oct 1969AC3648.jpg 
AC2150[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Feb 1965AC2150.jpg 
AC1280[No caption]Reg Smythe22 Oct 1961AC1280.jpg 
AC3763"Let's give the pub a miss tonight, Pet, let's just stay 'ome 'an talk"Reg Smythe19 Mar 1970AC3763.jpg 
AC0248"Say goodnight to Mrs. Goodall, Florrie, she's just leavin'."Reg Smythe27 Jun 1958AC0248.jpg 
AC1298[No caption]Reg Smythe10 Nov 1961AC1298.jpg 
AC1272[No caption]Reg Smythe14 Oct 1961AC1272.jpg 
AC0934[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Sep 1960AC0934.jpg 
AC0251"When we got married 'e carried me over the threshold - an I've carried 'im over it every anniversary since."Reg Smythe02 Jul 1958AC0251.jpg 
AC3737"I'm waitin' for your answer! D'yer want me t' walk out of yer like or not?........WELL?"Reg Smythe20 Feb 1970AC3737.jpg 
AC2584[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Aug 1966AC2584.jpg 
AC3759"I don't believe yer - yer ALWAYS tellin' me lies!"Reg Smythe15 Mar 1970AC3759.jpg 
AC3542"I'm Missus Capp, me 'usband's sent me to draw 'is money"Reg Smythe14 Jul 1969AC3542.jpg 
AC3569She's goin' t' be furious when yer get in, lad.....c'mon, THINK of somethin'.."Reg Smythe10 Aug 1969AC3569.jpg 
AC3509"Sorry, Flo-"Reg Smythe11 Jun 1969AC3509.jpg 
AC0760"But beer costs money, Flo - 'ow does 'e do it?"Reg Smythe09 Mar 1960AC0760.jpg 
AC2432[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Feb 1966AC2432.jpg 
AC0553"No, nobody introduced us - I've only got myself to blame"Reg Smythe12 Jul 1959AC0553.jpg 
AC1527[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Mar 1963AC1527.jpg 
AC0734[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Feb 1960AC0734.jpg 
AC0793[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Apr 1960AC0793.jpg 
AC1300[No caption]Reg Smythe12 Nov 1961AC1300.jpg 
AC2963A"My ANDY did a brave thing like THAT? - an 'e didn't even MENTION it!"Reg Smythe01 Oct 1967  
AC1354[No caption]Reg Smythe19 Mar 1962AC1354.jpg 
AC0749[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Feb 1960AC0749.jpg 
AC3535"Terrible luck, Pet - couldn't do a thing right. Still that's 'ow it goes, there's always tomorrow"Reg Smythe07 Jul 1969AC3535.jpg 
AC1120"There's the new barmaid, Ruby! Frosty-faced, old as the hills, flat-chested - can't find a thing wrong with 'er!"Reg Smythe26 Apr 1961AC1120.jpg 
AC1268[No caption]Reg Smythe09 Oct 1961AC1268.jpg 
AC3739She's Liz Taylor - she's Liz Taylor-Reg Smythe22 Feb 1970AC3739.jpg 
AC0200"This looks like the place, 'Arry!"Reg Smythe29 Apr 1958AC0200.jpg 
AC1147[No caption]Reg Smythe28 May 1961AC1147.jpg 
AC1112"Be reasonable, woman, `ow d`yer expect t` win an argument when yer take the opposite side?!Reg Smythe17 Apr 1961AC1112.jpg 
AC1307[No caption]Reg Smythe19 Nov 1961AC1307.jpg 
AC1593[no caption]Reg Smythe25 May 1963AC1593.jpg 
AC1290[No caption]Reg Smythe01 Nov 1961AC1290.jpg 
AC3734"Can I speak t' yer about a raise?"Reg Smythe16 Feb 2016AC3734.jpg 
AC0158"I was talkin' when I should 'ave been listenin'."Reg Smythe13 Feb 1958AC0158.jpg 
AC1447[No caption]Reg Smythe27 Nov 1962AC1447.jpg 
AC1118"Never mind about the fit, woman - some idiot`s left a ten bob note in the pocket!"Reg Smythe24 Apr 1961AC1118.jpg 
AC2283[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Jul 1965  
AC1270[No caption]Reg Smythe11 Oct 1961AC1270.jpg 
AC0018"It wasn't 'is fault yer 'orses went down"Reg Smythe29 Aug 1957AC0018.jpg 
AC1659[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Aug 1963AC1659.jpg 
AC1666[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Aug 1963AC1666.jpg 
AC1267[No caption]Reg Smythe08 Oct 1961AC1267.jpg 
AC3710"WOMEN!! THEY'RE JUST ALLEY-CATS!!"Reg Smythe20 Jan 1970AC3710.jpg 
AC1165[No caption]Reg Smythe17 Jun 1961AC1165.jpg 
AC0214"Look, woman, EVERY man 'as a 'obby - an' this 'appens to be mine!"Reg Smythe16 May 1958AC0214.jpg 
AC1221[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Aug 1961AC1221.jpg 
AC0233"That's why I like to see a woman who speaks her mind - even though it's goin' to cost 'er a thick ear."Reg Smythe11 Jun 1958AC0233.jpg 
AC0250"Fine state yer were in when yer come 'ome last night!"Reg Smythe01 Jul 1958AC0250.jpg 
AC3546"We'll settle this outside, mate!"Reg Smythe18 Jul 1969AC3546.jpg 
AC3575"All me lovely furniture-!"Reg Smythe16 Aug 1969AC3575.jpg 
AC3657"Me poor 'ead's bangin' like mad, Rube - I think I'll 'ave a lie down"Reg Smythe09 Nov 1969AC3657.jpg 
AC1308"I used t` go t` school wi` the shop assistant an` I didn`t want `er t` think I`d married a shrimp"Reg Smythe20 Nov 1961AC1308.jpg 
AC3773"Flo! I've locked meself out - 'ow am I goin' t' get back in?!"Reg Smythe01 Apr 1970AC3773.jpg 
AC3487"Good mornin', Florrie!"Reg Smythe20 May 1969AC3487.jpg 
AC0402"Oh, all right! Get back into bed an' I'll turn the flippin' light off!"Reg Smythe08 Jan 1959AC0402.jpg 
AC1528[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Mar 1963AC1528.jpg 
AC1481"I'd like t' get me 'ands on the bloke who called them man's best friend!"Reg Smythe28 Jan 1963AC1481.jpg 
AC3777"Blimey, look at that-"Reg Smythe06 Apr 1970AC3777.jpg 
AC0613"No more for me, Ruby, I've bin careful about 'ow much I take ever since the night I saw three Andys"Reg Smythe20 Sep 1959AC0613.jpg 
AC3508"We're broke, we 'aven't a crumb in the house - what 'ave YOU got to whistle about?"Reg Smythe10 Jun 1969AC3508.jpg 
AC3623"Yer've 'ad yer hair done"Reg Smythe04 Oct 1969AC3623.jpg 
AC1072"So, after I licked `im at darts, `e said `e fancied `is chance at snooker an` in we went. Well, takin` up me trusty cue, I broke, leavin` `im a nasty one behind the brown -"Reg Smythe02 Mar 1961AC1072.jpg 
AC0618[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Sep 1959AC0618.jpg 
AC0528[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Jun 1959AC0528.jpg 
AC1069"Florrie must o`given `im a talkin` to afore they came out -notice `ow `e apologises every time `e burns a `ole in the carpet?"Reg Smythe27 Feb 1961AC1069.jpg 
AC0868[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Jul 1960AC0868.jpg 
AC3631"I'm off t' bingo, Pet. Yer never know, I might win the jackpot"Reg Smythe13 Oct 1969AC3631.jpg 
AC3681"Bye! Bye! Come again soon"Reg Smythe13 Dec 1969AC3681.jpg 
AC1647[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Jul 1963AC1647.jpg 
AC2695No captionReg Smythe09 Dec 1966AC2695.jpg 
AC0606[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Sep 1959AC0606.jpg 
AC0267"It's called 'Cod Bon[crossed out] Bonne Femme' - d'yer like it?"Reg Smythe21 Jul 1958AC0267.jpg 
AC0597[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Sep 1959AC0597.jpg 
AC3578Heh! Heh! I've never heard anythin' so funny in all me life - wait till I tell Andy! Heh! Heh!Reg Smythe19 Aug 1969AC3578.jpg 
AC1549[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Apr 1963AC1549.jpg 
AC0514"Any more dead certs?"Reg Smythe28 May 1959AC0514.jpg 
AC3778"Good night, Ruby! Good night, Flo!"Reg Smythe07 Apr 1970AC3778.jpg 
AC1115"Can I `ave me wife back?"Reg Smythe21 Apr 1961AC1115.jpg 
AC3532"I'm late for work, Rube! Would yer attend to Andy f' me?!"Reg Smythe04 Jun 1969AC3532.jpg 
AC0322"There's times yer look right beautiful, Florrie"Reg Smythe24 Sep 1958AC0322.jpg 
AC3576"Goin' out? I thought yer didn't 'ave any money?"Reg Smythe17 Aug 1969AC3576.jpg 
AC1474[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Jan 1963AC1474.jpg 
AC0639Why should it always be me who gets up first an' makes the tea? - I'll just sit 'ere an' wait 'im out!Reg Smythe19 Oct 1959AC0639.jpg 
AC1375"They either won or they got beat"Reg Smythe02 May 1962AC1375.jpg 
AC1108[No caption]Reg Smythe09 Apr 1961AC1108.jpg 
AC1595[no caption]Reg Smythe27 May 1963AC1595.jpg 
AC3692" 'urry up, woman - it'll be over before we GET there!"Reg Smythe31 Dec 1969AC3692.jpg 
AC1988[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Aug 1964AC1988.jpg 
AC3726"That's very nice of yer, Pet. By the way, 'ow much do I give yer out of yer wages these days?"Reg Smythe08 Feb 1970AC3726.jpg 
AC3541"It says 'ere the mint's workin' overtime t' meet the demand f' new coins"Reg Smythe13 Jul 1969AC3541.jpg 
AC3529"I think I'll 'ave another one, Pet"Reg Smythe01 Jul 1969AC3529.jpg 
AC0280"Marvellous, isn't it? - yesterday she used a FORK an' got the first three."Reg Smythe05 Aug 1958AC0280.jpg 
AC3719"Good night, all! Thanks, Ethel - lovely party!"Reg Smythe01 Feb 1970AC3719.jpg 
AC1329"Yes, aspirin might `elp - give `im one an` you take two"Reg Smythe16 Dec 1961AC1329.jpg 
AC1592[no caption]Reg Smythe24 May 1963AC1592.jpg 
AC3636"I hear they lost again, Pet"Reg Smythe18 Oct 1969AC3636.jpg 
AC2210[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Apr 1965AC2210.jpg 
AC0201"I don't think 'e's so 'ot - that's the fifth time 'e's missed 'er."Reg Smythe30 Apr 1958AC0201.jpg 
AC1713[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Oct 1963AC1713.jpg 
AC1461[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Jan 1963AC1461.jpg 
AC3507"Andy, on yer way t' the dole would yer buy a get-well card f' me mother an' pop it in 'er letter-box?"Reg Smythe09 Jun 1969AC3507.jpg 
AC3589Rat-a-tat-tat!Reg Smythe30 Aug 1969AC3589.jpg 
AC1260[No caption]Reg Smythe29 Sep 1961AC1260.jpg 
AC0786"'e's bin watchin' the boxin', good fight too - it went the full ten pints"Reg Smythe09 Apr 1960AC0786.jpg 
AC3503Poor lass. C'mon lad, it wouldn't 'urt yer...Reg Smythe05 Jun 1969AC3503.jpg 
AC1153[No caption]Reg Smythe03 Jun 1961AC1153.jpg 
AC3755"Who are yer writin' to?"Reg Smythe11 Mar 1970AC3755.jpg 
AC0595[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Sep 1959AC0595.jpg 
AC2147[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Feb 1965AC2147.jpg 
AC1789A[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Jan 1964AC1789A.jpg 
AC0391"I beat 'im in the darts 'andicap, but 'e took it like a man - said 'e wasn't really tryin' and didn't speak to me for days"Reg Smythe19 Dec 1958AC0391.jpg 
AC3556"Huh! It won't last - d'YOU think brainy women make good wives, Andy?"Reg Smythe28 Jul 1969AC3556.jpg 
AC3547"Good f' you, Flo!"Reg Smythe19 Jul 1969AC3547.jpg 
AC3517" 'ow's 'e treatin' yer these days, Florrie?"Reg Smythe19 Jun 1969AC3517.jpg 
AC0657[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Nov 1959AC0657.jpg 
AC3774"FLORRIE! ANDY'S CALLIN' FOR YER!"Reg Smythe03 Apr 1970AC3774.jpg 
AC1778A[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Jan 1964AC1778A.jpg 
AC1682[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Sep 1963AC1682.jpg 
AC0598"Why, yes, there's a pub not far from here. Which route would you like - the shortest or the prettiest?"Reg Smythe04 Sep 1959AC0598.jpg 
AC3526"I don't care - leave me! I won't come runnin' after yer!"Reg Smythe28 Jun 1969AC3526.jpg 
AC1710[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Oct 1963AC1710.jpg 
AC0216[no caption]Reg Smythe19 May 1958AC0216.jpg 
AC1499"Just f' the record, what kind o' work is 'e out of?"Reg Smythe15 Feb 1963AC1499.jpg 
AC3770"...personally I don't think we stand a chance-"Reg Smythe26 Mar 1970AC3770.jpg 
AC1094[No caption]Reg Smythe24 Mar 1961AC1094.jpg 
AC1803[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Feb 1964AC1803.jpg 
AC1546[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Apr 1963AC1546.jpg 
AC1058"Give `im a rub wi` this liniment every two hours an` `e`ll be on `is back again in no time"Reg Smythe16 Feb 1961AC1058.jpg 
AC3642" 'ello there, Edna, funny weather we're havin' "Reg Smythe24 Oct 1969AC3642.jpg 
AC3502" 'ow did 'e get on about 'is stomach, Florrie?"Reg Smythe04 Jun 1969AC3502.jpg 
AC1293[No caption]Reg Smythe05 Nov 1961AC1293.jpg 
AC2415[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Feb 1966AC2415.jpg 
AC3568"Young feller at the end of the bar sent yer this with 'is compliments, miss"Reg Smythe09 Aug 1969AC3568.jpg 
AC3595"Sorry about the time, sweet'eart - still love me?"Reg Smythe05 Sep 1969AC3595.jpg 
AC1410"'eard the latest? - A magistrate once warned 'im about liftin' things!"Reg Smythe11 Jul 1962AC1410.jpg 
AC2131[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Jan 1965AC2131.jpg 
AC3572"Was I VERY drunk las' night, Pet?"Reg Smythe13 Aug 1969AC3572.jpg 
AC0988[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Nov 1960AC0988.jpg 
AC2298[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Aug 1965AC2298.jpg 
AC1780A[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Jan 1964AC1780A.jpg 
AC1651[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Jul 1963AC1651.jpg 
AC3554"I wish OUR garden looked as lovely as yours, Flo-"Reg Smythe26 Jul 1969AC3554.jpg 
AC2685No captionReg Smythe28 Nov 1966AC2685.jpg 
AC3666"All right, GO! I should 'ave listened t' me mother - she TOLD me not t' marry yer!"Reg Smythe20 Nov 1969AC3666.jpg 
AC3766"Me stomach's still playin' me up, Flo, I won't 'ave too much t' drink tonight"Reg Smythe22 Mar 1970AC3766.jpg 
AC0699[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Dec 1959AC0699.jpg 
AC3582Tch! It's a couple o' weeks since I mislaid that weddin' ring. I can't make it out - I've searched high an' lowReg Smythe25 Aug 1969AC3582.jpg 
AC0737[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Feb 1960AC0737.jpg 
AC3663"I'm off, sweet'eart"Reg Smythe17 Nov 1969AC3663.jpg 
AC3525"It's flippin' depressin'. Never got the price of a pint, owing everybody money - if only I could get on me feet again!"Reg Smythe27 Jun 1969AC3525.jpg 
AC0739[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Feb 1960AC0739.jpg 
AC3558"They've got t' be KIDDIN'!"Reg Smythe30 Jul 1969AC3558.jpg 
AC3607"I don't like t' see yer like this, Pet"Reg Smythe18 Sep 1969AC3607.jpg 
AC3608"C'mon, Sweet'eart! Forget the 'ousework - yer workin' too 'ard. Let's 'ave a little walk like we used to. It's ages since we-"Reg Smythe19 Sep 1969AC3608.jpg 
AC3543"It's not 'is fault, son, it's a disease with 'im. 'e can't bear t' be crossed an' 'e must 'ave 'is own way"Reg Smythe15 Jul 1969AC3543.jpg 
AC3495"Tch! I've been lettin' meself go lately - none of me clothes fit me, I can't be much of an attraction for yer"Reg Smythe28 May 1969AC3495.jpg 
AC3520"Hey, Flo! Where's yer coat?"Reg Smythe22 Jun 1969AC3520.jpg 
AC0911"One over the eight, as usual!"Reg Smythe02 Sep 1960AC0911.jpg 
AC3730"Oh, blimey, they're at it again! It makes yer sick - talkin' about cancellin' the match cos there's a bit of water on the pitch!"Reg Smythe12 Feb 1970AC3730.jpg 
AC1106[No caption]Reg Smythe07 Apr 1961AC1106.jpg 
AC3693"I 'ad a lovely time at bingo, Pet - I won seven pounds!"Reg Smythe01 Jan 1970AC3693.jpg 
AC3617"Typical! The minute I try an' unburden meself t' yer, yer off out!"Reg Smythe28 Sep 1969AC3617.jpg 
AC3045"Comin' to bingo, Flo?"Reg Smythe29 Dec 1967AC3045.jpg 
AC3784"Cut it out, Percy, 'e's watchin'"Reg Smythe15 Apr 1970AC3784.jpg 
AC3492"Good night, Andy"Reg Smythe25 May 1969AC3492.jpg 
AC3637Look at it, ruined! That flippin' man - said 'e'd be back by one o'clock sharp, an' it's gone THREE!Reg Smythe19 Oct 1969AC3637.jpg 
AC3524"I don't care WHAT yer say, Matey, somethin's got t' be done - we can't exist on this!"Reg Smythe26 Jun 1969AC3524.jpg 
AC3602"Yer lookin' all flushed - is it woman trouble?"Reg Smythe12 Sep 1969AC3602.jpg 
AC3691"WHO IS SHE?! YER'VE BEEN KISSIN' SOMEBODY ELSE!"Reg Smythe27 Dec 1969AC3691.jpg 
AC3738" 'ello there, Mary - done anythin' excitin' lately?"Reg Smythe21 Feb 1970AC3738.jpg 
AC3760"Lend me ten bob, Kid, an' I'll take yer out for a drink"Reg Smythe16 Mar 1970AC3760.jpg 
AC3677"I'm meetin' a couple of old army pals, Pet - can yer lend me a few bob?"Reg Smythe07 Dec 1969AC3677.jpg 
AC3606"Florrie! After all these years!"Reg Smythe16 Sep 1969AC3606.jpg 
AC3664"Please, Flo, I really do need a new one"Reg Smythe18 Nov 1969AC3664.jpg 
AC3490"What's up, Flo? Can't yer sleep?"Reg Smythe23 May 1969AC3490.jpg 
AC3603"What's 'appened t' YOU, Flo? When I saw yer in the pub las'night with Andy, with yer new hair style a 'suit yer looked like a new woman!"Reg Smythe[13 Sep] 1969AC3603.jpg 
AC3728"Lovely, Flo, wasn't it?"Reg Smythe10 Feb 1970AC3728.jpg 
AC2116[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Jan 1965AC2116.jpg 
AC3624"Can I come out wi' yer?"Reg Smythe05 Oct 1969AC3624.jpg 
AC2583[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Aug 1966AC2583.jpg 
AC3514"What a night I 'ad las' night, Andy! Heh! Heh! The beer I supped, an' the little darlin' I walked 'ome-!"Reg Smythe16 Jun 1969AC3514.jpg 
AC3574"Goin' out again, dear? Gosh, 'ow I envy you single girl!"Reg Smythe15 Aug 1969AC3574.jpg 
AC3613"Blimey! That reminds me, Pet! I promised t' buy yer a new watch for our weddin' anniversary!"Reg Smythe25 Sep 1969AC3613.jpg 
AC3489Now Flo, let's 'ave a peaceful day for a change. Don't upset 'im...yer can do it if yer put yer mind to itReg Smythe22 May 1969AC3489.jpg 
AC2698No captionReg Smythe12 Dec 1966AC2698.jpg 
AC3668"Pet, why don't we 'ave a couple less drink an' put the money into the Christmas club?"Reg Smythe22 Nov 1969AC3668.jpg 
AC1122Yer married a game `un, missus - anyone else with a suspected fracture would o` bin screamin` t` go off!Reg Smythe29 Apr 1961AC1122.jpg 
AC3618"I'm off t' work, Pet - back about five. Would yer put the potatoes on at a quarter to an' light the oven for me?"Reg Smythe29 Sep 1969AC3618.jpg 
AC1383[No caption]Reg Smythe16 May 1962AC1383.jpg 
AC1950[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Jul 1964AC1950.jpg 
AC2456[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Mar 1966AC2456.jpg 
AC2219[no caption]Reg Smythe04 May 1965AC2219.jpg 
AC1977[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Aug 1964AC1977.jpg 
AC2703No captionReg Smythe17 Dec 1966AC2703.jpg 
AC2275[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Jul 1965  
AC1449[No caption]Reg Smythe03 Dec 1962AC1449.jpg 
AC2680[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Nov 1966AC2680.jpg 
AC1670[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Aug 1963AC1970.jpg 
AC1054"Goodnight, folks, an` better luck next - oh-ohh!"Reg Smythe12 Feb 1961AC1054.jpg 
AC0925[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Sep 1960AC0925.jpg 
AC1166[No caption]Reg Smythe18 Jun 1961AC1166.jpg 
AC2086[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Dec 1964AC2086.jpg 
AC1517"I might 'ave a few faults - but bein' wrong isn't one o' them!"Reg Smythe06 Mar 1963AC1517.jpg 
AC2335[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Oct 1965AC2335.jpg 
AC2714I can't imagine Percy Gibson or Eric Potts lettin' their wives lay flippin' lino!Reg Smythe31 Dec 1966AC2714.jpg 
AC2213[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Apr 1965AC2213.jpg 
AC2296[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Jul 1965AC2296.jpg 
AC1589[no caption]Reg Smythe21 May 1963AC1589.jpg 
AC2681[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Nov 1966AC2681.jpg 
AC1707[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Sep 1963AC1707.jpg 
AC1567[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Apr 1963AC1567.jpg 
AC1654[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Aug 1963AC1654.jpg 
AC0910What a player! Where've yer been hidin', lad?Reg Smythe01 Sep 1960AC0910.jpg 
AC1947[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Jul 1964AC1947.jpg 
AC1703"'Ow many times 'ave I told yer not t' disturb me when I'm workin'?!"Reg Smythe25 Sep 1963AC1703.jpg 
AC2603[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Aug 1966AC2603.jpg 
AC2437[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Feb 1966AC2437.jpg 
AC1467[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Jan 1963AC1467.jpg 
AC2860"Women! Y' get a new coat an' yer can 'ardly wait t' get t' bingo to show it off!"Reg Smythe04 Jun 1967AC2860.jpg 
AC2197[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Apr 1965AC2197.jpg 
AC2286[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Jul 1965  
AC2661[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Nov 1966AC2661.jpg 
AC2345[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Oct 1965AC2345.jpg 
AC2704No captionReg Smythe18 Dec 1966AC2704.jpg 
AC1582[no caption]Reg Smythe13 May 1963AC1582.jpg 
AC1787A"It wouldn't be so bad if it was other women-!"Reg Smythe21 Jan 1964AC1787A.jpg 
AC1036[No caption]Reg Smythe22 Jan 1961AC1036.jpg 
AC1685[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Sep 1963AC1685.jpg 
AC1775[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Dec 1963AC1775.jpg 
AC1648[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Jul 1963AC1648.jpg 
AC1525[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Mar 1963AC1525.jpg 
AC1588[no caption]Reg Smythe20 May 1963AC1588.jpg 
AC2248[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Jun 1965AC2248.jpg 
AC2558[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Jul 1966AC2558.jpg 
AC1688[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Sep 1963AC1688.jpg 
AC2422[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Feb 1966AC2422.jpg 
AC1931"Mind you, 'e's very good to 'is missus- never goes 'ome"Reg Smythe30 Jun 1964AC1931.jpg 
AC1679[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Aug 1963AC1679.jpg 
AC1735[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Oct 1963AC1735.jpg 
AC1907[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Jun 1964AC1907.jpg 
AC1779A[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Jan 1964AC1779A.jpg 
AC2293[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Jul 1965AC2293.jpg 
AC1672[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Aug 1963AC1672.jpg 
AC1173[No caption]Reg Smythe28 Jun 1961AC1173.jpg 
AC1849"By gum! Your Andy's lookin' well these days - 'e's gettin' quite a spring in 'is stagger"Reg Smythe04 Apr 1964AC1849.jpg 
AC1565[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Apr 1963AC1565.jpg 
AC1016[No caption]Reg Smythe01 Jan 1961AC1016.jpg 
AC2566[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Jun 1966AC2566.jpg 
AC2230[no caption]Reg Smythe16 May 1965AC2230.jpg 
AC1678[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Aug 1963AC1678.jpg 
AC2541[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Jun 1966AC2541.jpg 
AC2065[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Nov 1964AC2065.jpg 
AC1886[no caption]Reg Smythe14 May 1964AC1886.jpg 
AC1022[No caption]Reg Smythe08 Jan 1961AC1022.jpg 
AC1472"Next time we invite somebody in for a drink I'll thank yer not to suggest a whip round!"Reg Smythe18 Jan 1963AC1472.jpg 
AC2117[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Jan 1965AC2117.jpg 
AC0765"When I do that yer pull the quilt over yer 'ead!"Reg Smythe15 Mar 1960AC0765.jpg 
AC1722[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Oct 1963AC1722.jpg 
AC1885[no caption]Reg Smythe13 May 1964AC1885.jpg 
AC2271[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Jun 1965  
AC1501[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Feb 1963AC1501.jpg 
AC1667[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Aug 1963AC1667.jpg 
AC0808[no caption]Reg Smythe06 May 1960AC0808.jpg 
AC1629[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Jul 1963AC1629.jpg 
AC1509[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Feb 1963AC1509.jpg 
AC2596[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Aug 1966AC2596.jpg 
AC2143[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Feb 1965AC2143.jpg 
AC1618[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Jun 1963AC1618.jpg 
AC2551[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Jun 1966AC2551.jpg 
AC0881[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Jul 1960AC0881.jpg 
AC2888"Get yer coat on, kid an' yer can buy me a drink"Reg Smythe02 Jul 1967AC2888.jpg 
AC1711[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Oct 1963AC1711.jpg 
AC1936[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Jul 1964AC1936.jpg 
AC2169[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Mar 1965AC2169.jpg 
AC2201[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Apr 1965AC2201.jpg 
AC1197[No caption]Reg Smythe23 Jul 1961AC1197.jpg 
AC1082[No caption]Reg Smythe12 Mar 1961AC1082.jpg 
AC1915[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Jun 1964AC1915.jpg 
AC1717[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Oct 1963AC1717.jpg 
AC2110[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Jan 1965AC2110.jpg 
AC2639[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Oct 1966AC2639.jpg 
AC2658[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Oct 1966AC2658.jpg 
AC2700No captionReg Smythe14 Dec 1966AC2700.jpg 
AC1625[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Jul 1963AC1625.jpg 
AC2637[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Oct 1966AC2637.jpg 
AC1683[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Sep 1963AC1683.jpg 
AC2670[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Nov 1966AC2670.jpg 
AC2240[no caption]Reg Smythe27 May 1965AC2240.jpg 
AC1573[no caption]Reg Smythe03 May 1963AC1573.jpg 
AC2185[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Mar 1965AC2185.jpg 
AC2246[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Jun 1965AC2246.jpg 
AC2673[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Nov 1966AC2673.jpg 
AC1459"I don't know what 'e sees in 'er"Reg Smythe05 Jan 1963AC1459.jpg 
AC1705[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Sep 1963AC1705.jpg 
AC2052[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Nov 1964AC2052.jpg 
AC1577[no caption]Reg Smythe08 May 1963AC1577.jpg 
AC1945[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Jul 1964AC1945.jpg 
AC1777[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Dec 1963AC1777.jpg 
AC1655[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Aug 1963AC1655.jpg 
AC2472[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Apr 1966AC2472.jpg 
AC1891"'E doesn't care 'ow big they are"Reg Smythe19 May 1964AC1891.jpg 
AC2011[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Sep 1964AC2011.jpg 
AC1681[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Aug 1963AC1681.jpg 
AC1749[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Nov 1963AC1749.jpg 
AC1553[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Apr 1963AC1553.jpg 
AC0827And now, an appeal by the bishop of -Reg Smythe29 May 1960AC0827.jpg 
AC1601[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Jun 1963AC1601.jpg 
AC1680[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Aug 1963AC1680.jpg 
AC1903"Are we keeping you up, Mister Capp?"Reg Smythe01 Jun 1964AC1903.jpg 
AC1456"There's nothin' like a nice cup o' tea in the mornin' t' waken yer up"Reg Smythe02 Jan 1963AC1455.jpg 
AC1497[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Feb 1963AC1497.jpg 
AC1972[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Aug 1964AC1972.jpg 
AC1507[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Feb 1963AC1507.jpg 
AC1129[No caption]Reg Smythe08 May 1961AC1129.jpg 
AC1615[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Jun 1963AC1615.jpg 
AC1353"Well, I`ll tell yer, I can`t see the sense in workin` meself to death just to keep alive!"Reg Smythe04 Feb 1962AC1353.jpg 
AC0426"Take no notice of the dramatics, Ruby - I let 'im stir 'is own tea this mornin'"Reg Smythe08 Feb 1959AC0426.jpg 
AC1560[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Apr 1963AC1560.jpg 
AC1564[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Apr 1963AC1564.jpg 
AC1535"You come back in 'ere, Beryl- it's as much my 'ouse as it is 'is!"Reg Smythe25 Mar 1963AC1535.jpg 
AC0935[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Sep 1960AC0935.jpg 
AC1068[No caption]Reg Smythe26 Feb 1961AC1068.jpg 
AC1458[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Jan 1963AC1458.jpg 
AC1515[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Mar 1963AC1515.jpg 
AC1492[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Feb 1963AC1492.jpg 
AC1476"'E doesn't mind a bad loser - it's the winners that get 'im down!"Reg Smythe21 Jan 1963AC1476.jpg 
AC1684[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Sep 1963AC1684.jpg 
AC2245[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Jun 1965AC2245.jpg 
AC1550[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Apr 1963AC1550.jpg 
AC1810No captionReg Smythe15 Feb 1964AC1810.jpg 
AC1609[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Jun 1963AC1609.jpg 
AC2043[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Oct 1964AC2043.jpg 
AC1836[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Mar 1964AC1836.jpg 
AC1673[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Aug 1963AC1673.jpg 
AC1701[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Sep 1963AC1701.jpg 
AC1696[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Sep 1963AC1696.jpg 
AC1783A[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Jan 1964AC1783A.jpg 
AC1610[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Jun 1963AC1610.jpg 
AC1737"Don't be ridiculous!"Reg Smythe30 Oct 1963AC1737.jpg 
AC1486"I wish the commercial would come on, I wan't t' read the paper"Reg Smythe02 Feb 1963AC1486.jpg 
AC1633[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Jul 1963AC1633.jpg 
AC1572[no caption]Reg Smythe02 May 1963AC1572.jpg 
AC1656"It's nice t' get out of the 'ouse an' away from that flippin' telly for a change"Reg Smythe05 Aug 1963AC1656.jpg 
AC1766[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Nov 1963AC1766.jpg 
AC1524"Dunno, but I can tell yer what 'e isn't doin' - lookin' f' work"Reg Smythe14 Mar 1963AC1524.jpg 
AC1614"This way, we both get soaked"Reg Smythe18 Jun 1963AC1614.jpg 
AC1526"'E's not much 'elp in the 'ouse - but just ask 'im to pop over to the off-licence for a couple o' bottles -"Reg Smythe16 Mar 1963AC1526.jpg 
AC1506[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Feb 1963AC1506.jpg 
AC1783"If yer can't beat 'em- join 'em"Reg Smythe17 Dec 1963AC1783.jpg 
AC1513[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Mar 1963AC1513.jpg 
AC1772[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Dec 1963AC1772.jpg 
AC1904[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Jun 1964AC1904.jpg 
AC2211[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Apr 1965AC2211.jpg 
AC1928[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Jun 1964AC1928.jpg 
AC1818[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Feb 1964AC1818.jpg 
AC1690"No ambition? This is me ambition!"Reg Smythe11 Sep 1963AC1690.jpg 
AC1649[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Jul 1963AC1649.jpg 
AC1956[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Jul 1964AC1956.jpg 
AC2105[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Jan 1965AC2105.jpg 
AC1730[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Oct 1963AC1730.jpg 
AC1892"I'll make a bargain wi' yer- you don't tell me about your day an' I won't tell you about mine"Reg Smythe20 May 1964AC1892.jpg 
AC1674[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Aug 1963AC1674.jpg 
AC1781A[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Jan 1964AC1781A.jpg 
AC1740[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Nov 1963AC1740.jpg 
AC1752[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Nov 1963AC1752.jpg 
AC1855[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Apr 1964AC1855.jpg 
AC2292[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Jul 1965AC2292.jpg 
AC1940[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Jul 1964AC1940.jpg 
AC1781[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Dec 1963AC1781.jpg 
AC1741[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Nov 1963AC1741.jpg 
AC2026[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Oct 1964AC2026.jpg 
AC1953[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Jul 1964AC1953.jpg 
AC2468[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Apr 1966AC2468.jpg 
AC1824[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Mar 1964AC1824.jpg 
AC1816[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Feb 1964AC1816.jpg 
AC1823"Instead o' wonderin' where the money's goin', mate, yer'd do better t' figure out where it's comin' from!"Reg Smythe29 Feb 1964AC1823.jpg 
AC1815[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Feb 1964AC1815.jpg 
AC2311[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Aug 1965AC2311.jpg 
AC1902"Of course yer entitled t' yer own opnions,pet- I just don't want to 'ear 'em, that's all"Reg Smythe30 May 1964AC1902.jpg 
AC1929[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Jun 1964AC1929.jpg 
AC2206[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Apr 1965AC2206.jpg 
AC2001[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Sep 1964AC2001.jpg 
AC1971[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Aug 1964AC1971.jpg 
AC1807[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Feb 1964AC1807.jpg 
AC2021[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Oct 1964AC2021.jpg 
AC2020[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Oct 1964AC2020.jpg 
AC2324[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Sep 1965AC2324.jpg 
AC1981[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Aug 1964AC1981.jpg 
AC2167[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Mar 1965AC2167.jpg 
AC2424[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Feb 1966AC2424.jpg 
AC1843[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Mar 1964AC1843.jpg 
AC1995[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Sep 1964AC1995.jpg 
AC2430[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Feb 1966AC2430.jpg 
AC1897[no caption]Reg Smythe25 May 1964AC1897.jpg 
AC2497[no caption]Reg Smythe05 May 1966AC2497.jpg 
AC1962[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Aug 1964AC1962.jpg 
AC1937[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Jul 1964AC1937.jpg 
AC2007[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Sep 1964AC2007.jpg 
AC2302[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Aug 1965AC2302.jpg 
AC1879'Ere's that two bob I borrowed of yer last week, FloReg Smythe06 May 1964AC1879.jpg 
AC2466[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Apr 1966AC2466.jpg 
AC2040[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Oct 1964AC2040.jpg 
AC1997[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Sep 1964AC1997.jpg 
AC1975[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Aug 1964AC1975.jpg 
AC1991[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Sep 1964AC1991.jpg 
AC2170[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Mar 1965AC2170.jpg 
AC2402[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Jan 1966AC2402.jpg 
AC2096[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Dec 1964AC2096.jpg 
AC2401[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Jan 1966AC2401.jpg 
AC2187[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Mar 1965AC2187.jpg 
AC2556[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Jul 1966AC2556.jpg 
AC2081[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Dec 1964AC2081.jpg 
AC2560[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Jul 1966AC2560.jpg 
AC2128[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Jan 1965AC2128.jpg 
AC2178[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Mar 1965AC2178.jpg 
AC2244[no caption]Reg Smythe31 May 1965AC2244.jpg 
AC2224[no caption]Reg Smythe10 May 1965AC2224.jpg 
AC2029[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Oct 1964AC2029.jpg 
AC2303[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Aug 1965AC2303.jpg 
AC2450[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Mar 1966AC2450.jpg 
AC2127[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Jan 1965AC2127.jpg 
AC2496[no caption]Reg Smythe04 May 1966AC2496.jpg 
AC2550[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Jun 1966AC2550.jpg 
AC2577[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Jul 1966AC2577.jpg 
AC2221[no caption]Reg Smythe06 May 1965AC2221.jpg 
AC0118[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Dec 1957AC0118.jpg 
AC2180[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Mar 1965AC2180.jpg 
AC2316[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Aug 1965AC2316.jpg 
AC2416[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Feb 1966AC2416.jpg 
AC2465[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Mar 1966AC2465.jpg 
AC2423[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Feb 1966AC2423.jpg 
AC2378[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Dec 1965AC2378.jpg 
AC2373[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Dec 1965AC2373.jpg 
AC2548[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Jun 1966AC2548.jpg 
AC2467[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Apr 1966AC2467.jpg 
AC2342Andy, there's a house t' let in Arch Street an' the rent's five bob a week cheaper- what d'yer say?Reg Smythe15 Oct 1965AC2342.jpg 
AC2428[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Feb 1966AC2428.jpg 
AC2408[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Jan 1966AC2408.jpg 
AC2608[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Sep 1966AC2608.jpg 
AC2483[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Apr 1966AC2483.jpg 
AC1863No captionReg Smythe19 Apr 1964AC1863.jpg 
AC2592[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Aug 1966AC2592.jpg 
AC2601[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Aug 1966AC2601.jpg 
AC2647[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Oct 1966AC2647.jpg 
AC2573[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Jul 1966AC2573.jpg 
AC2575[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Jul 1966AC2575.jpg 
AC2580[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Aug 1966AC2580.jpg 
AC2578A[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Aug 1966AC2578A.jpg 
AC2671[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Nov 1966AC2671.jpg 
AC2707Andy, would yer be takin' me out if I wasn't payin'?Reg Smythe21 Dec 1966AC2707.jpg 
AC2677[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Nov 1966AC2677.jpg 
AC1804No captionReg Smythe08 Feb 1964AC1804.jpg 
AC0488"Yer can take a lot of the 'ard work out of the gardenin' if yer go about it the right way"Reg Smythe26 Apr 1959AC0488.jpg 
AC2699No captionReg Smythe13 Dec 1966AC2699.jpg 
AC1901[no caption]Reg Smythe29 May 1964AC1901.jpg 
AC0748"Yer not made of it - it does't grow on trees - an' if yer don't gi' me some for the meter we'll be sittin' in the dark tonight - what is it?"Reg Smythe25 Feb 1960AC0748.jpg 
AC1066[No caption]Reg Smythe24 Feb 1961AC1066.jpg 
AC2501[no caption]Reg Smythe09 May 1966AC2501.jpg 
AC0430[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Feb 1959AC0430.jpg 
AC1160[No caption]Reg Smythe11 Jun 1961AC1160.jpg 
AC1334Thanks for me present, Florrie. Could yer lend me a quid? - I`ve decided t` give yer money this year!"Reg Smythe23 Dec 1961AC1334.jpg 
AC2692No captionReg Smythe05 Dec 1966AC2692.jpg 
AC1395[No caption]Reg Smythe07 Jun 1962AC1395.jpg 
AC2696No captionReg Smythe10 Dec 1966AC2696.jpg 
AC2701No captionReg Smythe15 Dec 1966AC2701.jpg 
AC2734"A great defender, isn't 'e, Vicar?"Reg Smythe21 Jan 1967AC2734.jpg 
AC2132[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Jan 1965AC2132.jpg 
AC2121[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Jan 1965AC2121.jpg 
AC1400[No caption]Reg Smythe15 Jun 1962AC1400.jpg 
AC0410"That's us on our weddin' day - we married at two an' 'e 'ad a match at three"Reg Smythe16 Jan 1959AC0410.jpg 
AC2803"Would yer give me a hand t' move the sideboard before yer go, sweet'eart?"Reg Smythe02 Apr 1967AC2803.jpg 
AC2502[no caption]Reg Smythe11 May 1966AC2502.jpg 
AC2676[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Nov 1966AC2676.jpg 
AC1014- An' don't roll 'ome plastered or I'll want t' know the reason why!Reg Smythe25 Dec 1960AC1014.jpg 
AC0316"I keep thinkin' about that film actress whose 'usband deserted 'er - some lasses 'ave all the luck!"Reg Smythe16 Sep 1958AC0316.jpg 
AC1832[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Mar 1964AC1832.jpg 
AC0729[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Feb 1960AC0729.jpg 
AC0340[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Oct 1958AC0340.jpg 
AC0309"I've been on at Andy to take me for a few days, but it's the same old cry - 'who's goin' to feed me pigeons?'"Reg Smythe08 Sep 1958AC0309.jpg 
AC1853[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Apr 1964AC1853.jpg 
AC1919[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Jun 1964AC1919.jpg 
AC2087[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Dec 1964AC2087.jpg 
AC1770[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Dec 1963AC1770.jpg 
AC1156[No caption]Reg Smythe07 Jun 1961AC1156.jpg 
AC2626[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Sep 1966AC2626.jpg 
AC0313"I could forgive yer for answerin' me back if it was the first time - but yer did it in September 1936 ["'36" crossed out]"Reg Smythe12 Sep 1958AC0313.jpg 
AC2115[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Jan 1965AC2115.jpg 
AC1009[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Dec 1960AC1009.jpg 
AC0865[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Jul 1960AC0865.jpg 
AC1778[no caption]Reg Smythe12 Dec 1963AC1778.jpg 
AC0394"Bein' as it's Christmas tomorrow, don't bother to gi' me the usual eggs an' bacon in bed, Lass, - just bring me a plate o'cornflakes"Reg Smythe24 Dec 1958AC0394.jpg 
AC0941[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Oct 1960AC0941.jpg 
AC0984[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Nov 1960AC0984.jpg 
AC0927Flo, the milkman was tellin' me 'e lost a two bob bit in yer grass this mornin' - that right?Reg Smythe18 Sep 1960AC0927.jpg 
AC0722[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Jan 1960AC0722.jpg 
AC1768[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Dec 1963AC1768.jpg 
AC0742[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Feb 1960AC0742.jpg 
AC1077[No caption]Reg Smythe07 Mar 1961AC1077.jpg 
AC0965Nowt's safe wi' 'im about - there's two bob missin' from me 'andbag againReg Smythe26 Oct 1960AC0965.jpg 
AC0913[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Sep 1960AC0913.jpg 
AC0801[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Apr 1960AC0801.jpg 
AC0849[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Jun 1960AC0849.jpg 
AC1794[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Jan 1964AC1794.jpg 
AC1128[No caption]Reg Smythe07 May 1961AC1128.jpg 
AC1143[No caption]Reg Smythe23 May 1961AC1143.jpg 
AC0787[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Apr 1960AC0787.jpg 
AC2124[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Jan 1965AC2124.jpg 
AC1195[No caption]Reg Smythe21 Jul 1961AC1195.jpg 
AC0312"I can't understand all this bother about keepin' young men off the streets - I've never 'ad that trouble with Andy"Reg Smythe11 Sep 1958AC0312.jpg 
AC2214[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Apr 1965AC2214.jpg 
AC0419[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Jan 1959AC0419.jpg 
AC0408[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Jan 1959AC0408.jpg 
AC1228[No Caption]Reg Smythe24 Aug 1961AC1228.jpg 
AC2031[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Oct 1964AC2031.jpg 
AC1854[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Apr 1964AC1854.jpg 
AC2090[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Dec 1964AC2090.jpg 
AC0461"Yer should get out of the 'ouse more often, lass - nip down to the corner shop an' get me a packet o' fags"Reg Smythe25 Mar 1959AC0461.jpg 
AC1391"I never know 'ow t' take 'im - one minute 'e's as nice as ninepence an' the next 'e's treatin' me like a wife"Reg Smythe29 May 1962AC1391.jpg 
AC2764"Tch! I ordered mild an' she's brought me bitter-"Reg Smythe21 Feb 1967AC2764.jpg 
AC1869[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Apr 1964AC1869.jpg 
AC1158"The older `e gets, the better `e could bat as a lad1"Reg Smythe09 Jun 1961AC1158.jpg 
AC2225[no caption]Reg Smythe11 May 1965AC2225.jpg 
AC2203[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Apr 1965AC2203.jpg 
AC0239"Pity they don't invent summat USEFUL - like another way to start the day besides gettin' up!"Reg Smythe18 Jun 1958AC0239.jpg 
AC1890[no caption]Reg Smythe18 May 1964AC1890.jpg 
AC1992[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Sep 1964AC1993.jpg 
AC3316"I like those discussion programmes. I wish I was intelligent"Reg Smythe14 Nov 1968AC3316.jpg 
AC0943[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Oct 1960AC0943.jpg 
AC2190[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Apr 1965AC2190.jpg 
AC1758[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Nov 1963AC1758.jpg 
AC2136[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Feb 1965AC2136.jpg 
AC2179[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Mar 1965AC2179.jpg 
AC1792[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Dec 1963AC1792.jpg 
AC1806[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Feb 1964AC1806.jpg 
AC0327"It's a deal then, you don't ask me where I've been - an' I won't tell you where to go"Reg Smythe30 Sep 1958AC0327.jpg 
AC1980[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Aug 1964AC1980.jpg 
AC2300[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Aug 1965AC2300.jpg 
AC2445[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Mar 1966  
AC2119[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Jan 1965AC2119.jpg 
AC0542[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Jun 1959AC0542.jpg 
AC1917[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Jun 1964AC1917.jpg 
AC2058[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Nov 1964AC2058.jpg 
AC1785A[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Jan 1964AC1785A.jpg 
AC2067[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Nov 1964AC2067.jpg 
AC0311"If that natterin' sister of yours keeps me out of ["out o'" written in pencil] bed just one more time - I'll make a twelve-mile limit!"Reg Smythe10 Sep 1958AC0311.jpg 
AC1765[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Nov 1963AC1765.jpg 
AC1930[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Jun 1964AC1930.jpg 
AC1916[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Jun 1964AC1916.jpg 
AC2508[no caption]Reg Smythe18 May 1966AC2508.jpg 
AC0306[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Sep 1958AC0306.jpg 
AC2238[no caption]Reg Smythe24 May 1965AC2238.jpg 
AC2381[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Dec 1965AC2381.jpg 
AC2927"Rent!"Reg Smythe17 Aug 1967AC2927.jpg 
AC2239[no caption]Reg Smythe25 May 1965AC2239.jpg 
AC2400[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Jan 1966AC2400.jpg 
AC2113[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Jan 1965AC2113.jpg 
AC2033[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Oct 1964AC2033.jpg 
AC1889[no caption]Reg Smythe17 May 1964AC1889.jpg 
AC2108[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Jan 1965AC2108.jpg 
AC2509[no caption]Reg Smythe19 May 1966AC2509.jpg 
AC2216 [no caption]Reg Smythe01 May 1965AC2216.jpg 
AC2929Rat-a-tat-tat!Reg Smythe20 Aug 1967AC2929.jpg 
AC2041[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Oct 1964AC2041.jpg 
AC1927[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Jun 1964AC1927.jpg 
AC2032[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Oct 1964AC2032.jpg 
AC1079[No caption]Reg Smythe09 Mar 1961AC1079.jpg 
AC3278"I WARNED yer! Yer made a mistake goin' in there!"Reg Smythe05 Oct 1968AC3278.jpg 
AC3132"I'd apologise - but we can't remember what we're fightin' about..."Reg Smythe11 Apr 1968AC3132.jpg 
AC3253"Another good point - yer'd 'ave no worries about keepin' up wi' the neighbours"Reg Smythe19 Aug 1968AC3253.jpg 
AC2301[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Aug 1965AC2301.jpg 
AC1911[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Jun 1964AC1911.jpg 
AC1859[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Apr 1964AC1859.jpg 
AC3332"That's a damn good question, Flo - where 'AVE I been?"Reg Smythe04 Dec 1968AC3332.jpg 
AC2223[no caption]Reg Smythe09 May 1965AC2223.jpg 
AC1793A[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Jan 1964AC1793A.jpg 
AC1871[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Apr 1964AC1871.jpg 
AC1811[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Feb 1964AC1811.jpg 
AC0668[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Nov 1959AC0668.jpg 
AC2527[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Jun 1966AC2527.jpg 
AC1785[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Dec 1963AC1785.jpg 
AC3077"If yer'd tell me what I've done I could apologise"Reg Smythe03 Feb 1968AC3077.jpg 
AC2313[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Aug 1965AC2313.jpg 
AC1760[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Nov 1963AC1760.jpg 
AC3445"It's me nerves, doctor. Could yer gimme somethin'?"Reg Smythe05 Apr 1969AC3445.jpg 
AC1932[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Jul 1964AC1932.jpg 
AC2133[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Jan 1965AC2133.jpg 
AC1769A"Marvellous, they gi' yer a flippin' 'eadache - then they try t' sell yer summat for it!"Reg Smythe02 Jan 1964AC1769A.jpg 
AC1757[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Nov 1963AC1757.jpg 
AC2082[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Dec 1964AC2082.jpg 
AC2806"Blimey, at last! - they've been courtin' for nearly forty years"Reg Smythe08 Apr 1967AC2806.jpg 
AC1906[no caption]Reg Smythe04 Jun 1964AC1906.jpg 
AC2505[no caption]Reg Smythe15 May 1966AC2505.jpg 
AC1941[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Jul 1964AC1941.jpg 
AC3105"Don't tell me - it's openin' time, as if I didn't know! It's pathetic! A grown man - can't do without 'is bottle..."Reg Smythe08 Mar 1968AC3105.jpg 
AC3140"I think I've broken a knee-cap, Flo!"Reg Smythe20 Apr 1968AC3140.jpg 
AC2988"Right! That's it! I'm leavin' as soon as I find the pawn ticket f' me suitcase!"Reg Smythe31 Oct 1967AC2988.jpg 
AC2668[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Nov 1966AC2668.jpg 
AC1799[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Feb 1964AC1799.jpg 
AC2390[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Jan 1966AC2390.jpg 
AC3200"Instead of stickin' yer nose into domestic tiffs yer'd be better employed catchin' some of them brutal hooligans we're always hearin' about!"Reg Smythe21 Jun 1968AC3200.jpg 
AC1978[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Aug 1964AC1978.jpg 
AC2269[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Jun 1965  
AC2314[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Aug 1965AC2314.jpg 
AC2973"Tch! Every paper yer pick up these days it's the same - they only cater for the KIDS!"Reg Smythe11 Oct 1967AC2973.jpg 
AC2479[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Apr 1966AC2479.jpg 
AC2890"Hey! That's my beer yer drinkin'!"Reg Smythe04 Jul 1967AC2890.jpg 
AC2868" 'eard the news, folks? - I'm gettin' married!"Reg Smythe12 Jun 1967AC2868.jpg 
AC3245"I've finally got them to agree on somethin' "Reg Smythe10 Aug 1968AC3245.jpg 
AC2524[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Jun 1966AC2524.jpg 
AC1839[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Mar 1964AC1839.jpg 
AC2512[no caption]Reg Smythe22 May 1966AC2512.jpg 
AC2887"Don't forget yer promised t' take me t' the pictures tonight"Reg Smythe01 Jul 1967AC2887.jpg 
AC2638[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Oct 1966AC2638.jpg 
AC2310[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Aug 1965AC2310.jpg 
AC2567[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Jul 1966AC2567.jpg 
AC1896[no caption]Reg Smythe24 May 1964AC1896.jpg 
AC2542[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Jun 1966AC2542.jpg 
AC2905My! 'e IS breathin' heavy - an' that funny look on 'is face...Reg Smythe20 Jul 1967AC2905.jpg 
AC2308[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Aug 1965AC2308.jpg 
AC1761[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Nov 1963AC1761.jpg 
AC2322[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Sep 1965AC2322.jpg 
AC3047"Is this all yer can let me 'ave? - it's New Year's Eve, y'know!"Reg Smythe31 Dec 1967AC3047.jpg 
AC2697No captionReg Smythe11 Dec 1966AC2697.jpg 
AC1828[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Mar 1964AC1828.jpg 
AC0139"I'll never understand wimmen, Chalkie. I kissed 'er this mornin' an' she's been (yarpin' - crossed out) bawlin' [written in pencil] ever since!"Reg Smythe22 Jan 1958AC0139.jpg 
AC3467"I got meself a nice little coat at the jumble sale, Pet!"Reg Smythe28 Apr 1969AC3467.jpg 
AC2321[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Sep 1965AC2321.jpg 
AC2056[no caption]Reg Smythe09 Nov 1964AC2056.jpg 
AC2645[no caption]Reg Smythe17 Oct 1966AC2645.jpg 
AC2763"I've 'eard all about the way yer've been talkin' about me - an' if yer don't pack it in I'll do somethin' about it!"Reg Smythe19 Feb 1967AC2763.jpg 
AC2882"Hi, Flo! I'm not stoppin' - I've just popped back for me cricket bat"Reg Smythe26 Jun 1967AC2882.jpg 
AC2351[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Oct 1965AC2351.jpg 
AC2409[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Jan 1966AC2409.jpg 
AC2076[no caption]Reg Smythe29 Nov 1964AC2076.jpg 
AC2063[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Nov 1964AC2063.jpg 
AC2421[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Feb 1966AC2421.jpg 
AC2174[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Mar 1965AC2174.jpg 
AC2826"Good mornin' missus. I'm the one who's replacin' Andy in the football team - can I 'ave a word with 'im?"Reg Smythe01 May 1967AC2826.jpg 
AC1979[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Aug 1964AC1979.jpg 
AC2650[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Oct 1966AC2650.jpg 
AC2362[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Nov 1965AC2362.jpg 
AC2023[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Oct 1964AC202.jpg 
AC2383[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Jan 1966AC2383.jpg 
AC3325"COME BACK 'ERE!"Reg Smythe24 Nov 1968AC3325.jpg 
AC2319[no caption]Reg Smythe01 Sep 1965AC2319.jpg 
AC1773A[no caption]Reg Smythe07 Jan 1964AC1773A.jpg 
AC2535[no caption]Reg Smythe14 Jun 1966AC2535.jpg 
AC2989"Tch! Tch! That 'usband o' yours, Mrs. Capp-"Reg Smythe01 Nov 1967AC2989.jpg 
AC3407"Ah-ahh! So at last I've caught-"Reg Smythe21 Feb 1969AC3407.jpg 
AC2079[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Dec 1964AC2079.jpg 
AC2068[no caption]Reg Smythe21 Nov 1964AC2068.jpg 
AC2657[no caption]Reg Smythe30 Oct 1966AC2657.jpg 
AC2262[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Jun 1965  
AC2060[no caption]Reg Smythe13 Nov 1964AC2060.jpg 
AC3078"Ooh! Me flippin' 'ead! That's the last time I go to a regimental reunion!"Reg Smythe04 Feb 1968AC3078.jpg 
AC1748[no caption]Reg Smythe10 Nov 1963AC1748.jpg 
AC1276"yer wastin` yer time, son, I`ve got the kind of `usband that knows everythn`"Reg Smythe18 Oct 1961AC1276.jpg 
AC2881" 'e's not one for a lot of sentiment, but 'e likes to show 'e needs me"Reg Smythe25 Jun 1967AC2881.jpg 
AC2663[no caption]Reg Smythe05 Nov 1966AC2663.jpg 
AC2780"Good news, Andy! Me cleanin' job isn't temporary any more, they've made me PERMANENT!"Reg Smythe09 Mar 1967AC2780.jpg 
AC2578[no caption]Reg Smythe31 Jul 1966AC2578.jpg 
AC2258[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Jun 1965  
AC2265[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Jun 1965  
AC2539[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Jun 1966AC2539.jpg 
AC1263[No caption]Reg Smythe03 Oct 1961AC1263.jpg 
AC2249[no caption]Reg Smythe06 Jun 1965AC2249.jpg 
AC2495[no caption]Reg Smythe03 May 1966AC2495.jpg 
AC2407[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Jan 1966AC2407.jpg 
AC1840[no caption]Reg Smythe22 Mar 1964AC1840.jpg 
AC1893[no caption]Reg Smythe21 May 1964AC1893.jpg 
AC2872"Tch! Yer dead cert let yer down again, eh? Which one did yer back, pet?"Reg Smythe16 Jun 1967AC2872.jpg 
AC2231[no caption]Reg Smythe17 May 1965AC2231.jpg 
AC2955"There's a bloke at the door sellin' power drills, Kid, can I -"Reg Smythe18 Sep 1967AC2955.jpg 
AC2384[no caption]Reg Smythe02 Jan 1966AC2384.jpg 
AC3225" 'ow about keepin' your coat on an' takin' us over for a quick 'un, Kid?"Reg Smythe20 Jul 1968AC3225.jpg 
AC2783"Tell Flo I'll call later. I knocked as I passed, but there was no answer - probably havin' a nap"Reg Smythe12 Mar 1967AC2783.jpg 
AC2847Bop!Reg Smythe22 May 1967AC2847.jpg 
AC2039[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Oct 1964AC2039.jpg 
AC2863"I've been given me notice, Flo - thanks t' that man o' yours an' 'is free pints!"Reg Smythe07 Jun 1967AC2863.jpg 
AC2825"Ah -ahh! Yer've been deceivin' me!"Reg Smythe30 Apr 1967AC2825.jpg 
AC1900[no caption]Reg Smythe28 May 1964AC1900.jpg 
AC2209[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Apr 1965AC2209.jpg 
AC2614[no caption]Reg Smythe11 Sep 1966AC2614.jpg 
AC3330"Yer'll like this, Pet, it's somethin' new I've tried - it's called chicken voo-le-vong"Reg Smythe01 Dec 1968AC3330.jpg 
AC2857"Hey! 'ave yer gone mad?!"Reg Smythe01 Jun 1967AC2857.jpg 
AC2257[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Jun 1965  
AC3061"Oh DEAR! Them new people an' their flippin' music! - will yer go an' 'ave a word with them about it, Pet?"Reg Smythe18 Jan 1968AC3061.jpg 
AC3059"What's the matter, Kid?"Reg Smythe16 Jan 1968AC3059.jpg 
AC2770"I wonder i yer'd help me, Andy- my caretaker's down wi' flu"Reg Smythe27 Feb 1967AC2770.jpg 
AC1762[no caption]Reg Smythe26 Nov 1963AC1762.jpg 
AC2536[no caption]Reg Smythe15 Jun 1966AC2536.jpg 
AC2684No captionReg Smythe27 Nov 1966AC2684.jpg 
AC2405[no caption]Reg Smythe24 Jan 1966AC2405.jpg 
AC1965[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Aug 1964AC1965.jpg 
AC2125[no caption]Reg Smythe23 Jan 1965AC2125.jpg 
AC3206"DEAR OLD PALS, JOLLY OLD PALS-!"Reg Smythe29 Jun 1968AC3206.jpg 
AC2518[no caption]Reg Smythe28 May 1966AC2518.jpg 
AC2212[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Apr 1965AC2212.jpg 
AC2251[no caption]Reg Smythe08 Jun 1965AC2251.jpg 
AC2458[no caption]Reg Smythe20 Mar 1966AC2458.jpg 
AC2438[no caption]Reg Smythe27 Feb 1966AC2438.jpg 
AC1862[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Apr 1964AC1862.jpg 
AC2184[no caption]Reg Smythe28 Mar 1965AC2184.jpg 
AC2066[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Nov 1964AC2066.jpg 
AC3441"Oh, Mrs. Capp, there's somethin' you ought to know..."Reg Smythe31 Mar 1969AC3441.jpg 
AC2050[no caption]Reg Smythe03 Nov 1964AC2050.jpg 
AC2537[no caption]Reg Smythe16 Jun 1966AC2537.jpg 
AC2349[no caption]Reg Smythe25 Oct 1965AC2349.jpg 
AC2034[no caption]Reg Smythe18 Oct 1964AC2034.jpg 
AC2204[no caption]Reg Smythe19 Apr 1965AC2204.jpg 
AC2282[no caption]Reg Smythe</