Person NameJospin; Lionel
64751[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]12 Dec 199964751.jpg 
PC2027[no caption]Martin Rowson09 Jun 1997PC2027.jpg 
64748Helsinki hat no fury like a P.M. scornedGerald Scarfe12 Dec 1999 
WF0216[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]12 Dec 1999WF0216.jpg 
52951[no caption]Peter Brookes11 Dec 199952951.jpg 
PC2032The Retreat from Amsterdam.Nicholas Garland17 Jun 1997PC2032.jpg 
PC1974[no caption]Peter Brookes07 Jun 1997PC1974.jpg 
PC1988[no caption]Martin Rowson03 Jun 1997PC1988.jpg 
PC5685"The shades of night were falling fast, As through an alpine village passed A youth who bore, 'mid snow and ice, A banner with a strange device..."Nicholas Garland04 Mar 1999PC5685.jpg 
PC1970The SwingPeter Brookes03 Jun 1997PC1970.jpg 
61038[no caption]Peter Brookes27 Apr 200261038.jpg 
64747[no caption]John Kent10 Dec 199964747.jpg 
PC5684[no caption]Dave Brown04 Mar 1999PC5684.jpg 
PC4999Playing not so hard to getRichard Willson22 Nov 1998PC4999.jpg 
DB0162[no caption]Dave Brown04 Mar 1999DB0162.jpg 
PC3457"Crackin' speech, Antoine. Wez me World Cup ticket?"Charles Griffin26 Mar 1998PC3457.jpg 
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