Person NameDobson; Frank
64848Mayoral Race TragedyGerald Scarfe09 Apr 2000 
65679[no caption]Dave Brown16 May 200365679.jpg 
64801Performance enhancing drug scandalGerald Scarfe20 Feb 2000 
65716[no caption]Paul Thomas21 May 200365716.jpg 
64752[no caption]Chris Riddell19 Dec 199964752.jpg 
64870"Maybe it was full of asylum seekers!" / "Tell me again why we dashed from our lovely home, sat fuming in a traffic jam for hours then rushed around hotels to pay over the top for the last grubby room in town?"Tom Johnston01 May 200064870.jpg 
64865Bunch of weirdos try to take over LondonGerald Scarfe30 Apr 2000 
65722[no caption]Steve Bell21 May 200365722.jpg 
WF0220[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]20 Feb 2000WF0220.jpg 
PC3924[no caption]Peter Schrank05 Jul 1998PC3924.jpg 
SC0107[no caption]Peter Schrank27 Feb 2000SC0107.jpg 
PC3758[no caption]Peter Brookes30 May 1998PC3758.jpg 
PC3923[no caption]Gerald Scarfe05 Jul 1998 
PC5452[no caption]Gerald Scarfe24 Jan 1999 
PC5683[no caption]Bill McArthur04 Mar 1999PC5683.jpg 
SBD0603[no caption]Steve Bell03 Mar 1999SBD0603.jpg 
DB0393[no caption]Dave Brown12 Oct 1999DB0393.jpg 
53419[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]20 Feb 200053419.jpg 
64760[no caption]Gerald Scarfe09 Jan 2000 
SBD0504[no caption]Steve Bell21 Apr 1998SBD0504.jpg 
PC3721Old doctor (who has been gossiping for three quarters of an hour). 'Well, well, I must be going. I've got to visit an old lady in a fit.'Nicholas Garland22 May 1998PC3721.jpg 
SC0089[no caption]Peter Schrank24 Sep 1999SC0089.jpg 
60040Happy families...Peter Brookes28 Dec 199960040.jpg 
65569[no caption]Morten Morland05 May 200365569.jpg 
64735[no caption]Gerald Scarfe14 Nov 1999 
53004[no caption]Dave Brown16 Dec 199953004.jpg 
PC5352"The laddy with the lamp."Bill McArthur14 Jan 1999PC5352.jpg 
PC4076[no caption]Bill McArthur30 Jul 1998PC4076.jpg 
PC3258[no caption]Chris Priestley20 Feb 1998PC3258.jpg 
PC3917[no caption]Paul Thomas03 Jul 1998PC3917.jpg 
PC4109[no caption]Chris Priestley06 Aug 1998PC4109.jpg 
64822"I'm trying the Vanessa diet!" / "You're lucky Tony just wanted you beardless ... look what he did to Robin Cook!" / "And you're sure your grandad came from Cardiff?"Tom Johnston14 Mar 200064822.jpg 
PC5425Dobson's ChoiceBill McArthur22 Jan 1999PC5425.jpg 
PC2467"And the winner is ... the tobacco industry!"Philip Emms26 Aug 1997PC2467.jpg 
PC4504[no caption]Chris Priestley18 Sep 1998PC4504.jpg 
65683Left .... left .... left,left,left. Left ... left .... left, left, left.Peter Brookes17 May 200365683.jpg 
53416[no caption]Peter Brookes19 Feb 200053416.jpg 
PC3986[no caption]Paul Thomas17 Jul 1998PC3986.jpg 
DB0073Tossing the DewarDave Brown09 Jul 1997DB0073.jpg 
DB0063[no caption]Dave Brown21 May 1997DB0063.jpg 
SBD0588[no caption]Steve Bell22 Jan 1999SBD0588.jpg 
DB0213[no caption]Dave Brown19 Jan 2000DB0213.jpg 
DB0376[no caption]Dave Brown30 Jul 1999DB0376.jpg 
WF0189No captionTrog [Wally Fawkes][20 Feb 2000]WF0189.jpg 
74239[no caption]David Simonds29 Sep 200374239.jpg 
DB0094[no caption]Dave Brown27 Aug 1998DB0094.jpg 
64840"Which, funny enough is exactly what Ken is going to do to you in the mayor election!" / "Can I have one with salmonella in it!" / "I can remember when this whole area was Barclay's banks!"Tom Johnston05 Apr 200064840.jpg 
DB0201[no caption]Dave Brown24 Dec 1999DB0201.jpg 
74272[no caption]David Simonds08 Dec 200374272.jpg 
SC0092The Blair Witch ProjectPeter Schrank17 Oct 1999SC0092.jpg 
52451[no caption]Peter Brookes23 Oct 199952451.jpg 
PC0297"I just told Frank Dobson that, with a pair of blazing eyes like his, he should go into advertising!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]22 Aug 1996PC0297.jpg 
PC1769"Full marks for the casual look, Gordon, but lacking in style I feel".Charles Griffin07 May 1997PC1769.jpg 
PC2265"Say AAAAAAAAAAAAgh!?"Peter Brookes17 Jul 1997PC2265.jpg 
53475[no caption]Peter Brookes26 Feb 200053475.jpg 
PC2598"All I said was 'the crab's off.'"Charles Griffin01 Oct 1997PC2598.jpg 
SBD0439[no caption]Steve Bell03 Mar 1998SBD0439.jpg 
WF0215[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]14 Nov 1999WF0215.jpg 
PC3329Complete Bullocks (Dobsonus cunninghamus) These beasts act precipitately, charging at will and jumping to the wrong conclusions. Their stock with farmers is low.Peter Brookes07 Mar 1998PC3329.jpg 
PC2865[no caption]Peter Schrank16 Nov 1997PC2865.jpg 
DB0364[no caption]Dave Brown16 Dec 1999DB0364.jpg 
PC3956[no caption]Peter Schrank05 Jul 1998PC3956.jpg 
54037[no caption]Peter Brookes29 Apr 200054037.jpg 
DB0217[no caption]Dave Brown27 Jan 2000DB0217.jpg 
WF0182Two NationsTrog [Wally Fawkes][19 September 1999]WF0182.jpg 
64878"What did you think they talked about at their weekly meetings?" / "Blimey!... Frank Dobson bounced back fast!" /"No!.... I said I'm stuck in a Sierra alone!"Tom Johnston15 May 200064878.jpg 
PC4313"Alright, you are desperate, but don't go around saying that you are serious."Richard Willson27 Aug 1998PC4313.jpg 
64868"Any spare chains?" / "Now Ken Livingstone's big head is ruining my view?" / "I knew I shouldn't have voted for Livingstone!" / "A year exploring the jungle but now we must return home to vote for Jeffrey Archer!"Tom Johnston04 May 200064868.jpg 
PC5357"Frank. Try not to keep using the term 'bed service' - Robin has to keep nipping out for a cold shower."Mac [Stan McMurtry]12 Jan 1999PC5357.jpg 
SBD0592[no caption]Steve Bell29 Jan 1999SBD0592.jpg 
64738[no caption]Peter Schrank21 Nov 199964738.jpg 
DB0061All in stepDave Brown07 May 1997DB0061.jpg 
PC6176NHS nursing crisis - New Labour painsRichard Cole30 Dec 1998PC6176.jpg 
PC2550"For one moment, when I saw 'PM' there, I thought it was Peter Mandelson's chair."Charles Griffin29 Sep 1997PC2550.jpg 
PC3508"The last head of the National Blood Authority was an arrogant so-and-so. You seem to have a friendly face"Charles Griffin10 Apr 1998PC3508.jpg 
PC5587[no caption]Peter Brookes20 Feb 1999PC5587.jpg 
PC5812JellyblairiesNicholas Garland19 Mar 1999PC5812.jpg 
64857"That's nothing!... Take a look at Kathy Burke's Dobson bloomers!" / "A score for every 12 minutes!" / "It's the first time I've ever wanted to turn a clock forward!" / "Not tonight, dear... I've got an email!"Tom Johnston20 Apr 200064857.jpg 
64725[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]14 Nov 199964725.jpg 
PC1615[no caption]Peter Brookes06 May 1997PC1615.jpg 
66234No 78: Eager, m'darlings, to eavesdrop on the unfolding history of Tony's Last Days (watch this space),Martin Rowson12 Jul 200366234.jpg 
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