Person NameMajor; Norma
PC0435[no caption]Unknown06 Oct 1996PC0435.jpg 
PC1106"Guess what, John? Michael Heseltine's run off with a Spice Girl, Ken Clarke's having a sex change operation and Malcolm Rifkind's joined the Raving Loony Party ... April Fool! ... John?..."Mac [Stan McMurtry]01 Apr 1997PC1106.jpg 
PC1081"There is no way of breaking this to you, Norma ... it would seem we are staying."Charles Griffin25 Mar 1997PC1081.jpg 
PC1256"Norma! How come everything you bought says use by May 1st?"Tom Johnston14 Apr 1997PC1256.jpg 
62432"John. Have you seen today's papers?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]30 Sep 200262432.jpg 
PC1576[no caption]Bill Caldwell01 May 1997PC1576.jpg 
PC0337ABehind every successful man there's a good womanMichael Heath06 Sep 1996PC0337A.jpg 
PC0493John's had a bit of a surprise - a letter from Kenneth Clarke in Brussels. He's defected to the EU.Charles Griffin14 Oct 1996PC0493.jpg 
SBD0269[no caption]Steve Bell05 Sep 1996SBD0269.jpg 
67411[no caption]Steve Bell13 Mar 199267411.jpg 
67319"Good morning, tiger!"Syd30 Mar 199267319.jpg 
67407"I think he must be one of those double-glazing salesmen - been here hours and won't budge 'til he's got the window measurements"Dave Gaskill13 Mar 199267407.jpg 
67324" Oh look, Norma, another suitcase! It's as if everyone wants me to go somewhere."Charles Griffin30 Mar 199267324.jpg 
PC0329Secret WeaponsPeter Brookes04 Sep 1996PC0329.jpg 
PC4001"OK, dad, I think Emma's got the hang of it now."Charles Griffin25 Jul 1998PC4001.jpg 
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