Person NameRobinson; Geoffrey
PC5124[no caption]Dave Gaskill09 Dec 1998PC5124.jpg 
PC3108[no caption]Chris Riddell14 Dec 1997PC3108.jpg 
60036[no caption]Dave Gaskill27 Dec 199960036.jpg 
PC3107[no caption]Chris Riddell14 Dec 1997PC3107.jpg 
PC2967[no caption]Peter Brookes13 Dec 1997PC2967.jpg 
PC3066[no caption]Chris Riddell14 Dec 1997PC3066.jpg 
PC5239[no caption]Peter Brookes23 Dec 1998PC5239.jpg 
PC5243[no caption]Peter Schrank24 Dec 1998PC5243.jpg 
PC5244[no caption]Dave Gaskill24 Dec 1998PC5244.jpg 
PC5246"Looks like our goose is cooked!"Peter Brookes24 Dec 1998PC5246.jpg 
PC3031"I'm sorry Mr. Blair, but the security blokes won't allow me to make the fat-cat flap any bigger."Charles Griffin15 Dec 1997PC3031.jpg 
PC5247[no caption]Nicola Jennings24 Dec 1998PC5247.jpg 
PC3979[no caption]Paul Thomas16 Jul 1998PC3979.jpg 
64773"Darn fuel cuts!" / "Has the whole world gone mad?" / "All I'm asking, Mo, is that you stop going on about cannabis!" / "Perhaps we should appoint a Geoffrey Robinson Tsar!"Tom Johnston24 Jan 200064773.jpg 
PC5583"- after a night on the town with Geoffrey..."Richard Willson29 Dec 1998PC5583.jpg 
PC2958"It happened one day, about noon going towards my boat, I was exceedingly surprised
with the print of a man's foot on the shore, which was very plain to see in the sand."
(Robinson Crusoe)
Nicholas Garland16 Dec 1997PC2958.jpg 
PC5292[no caption]Nicholas Garland05 Jan 1999PC5292.jpg 
PC3857[no caption]Paul Thomas19 Jun 1998PC3857.jpg 
DB0125[no caption]Dave Brown23 Dec 1998DB0125.jpg 
WF0116[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]27 Dec 1998WF0116.jpg 
PC3981[no caption]Chris Priestley16 Jul 1998PC3981.jpg 
PC5252[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]27 Dec 1998PC5252.jpg 
PC2956[no caption]Peter Schrank15 Dec 1997PC2956.jpg 
PC5261[no caption]Dave Gaskill31 Dec 1998PC5261.jpg 
PC5360Mr. Blair pays a secret visit to the accident wardPatrick Blower14 Jan 1999PC5360.jpg 
SBD0416[no caption]Steve Bell10 Dec 1997SBD0416.jpg 
SC0040[no caption]Peter Schrank26 Apr 1998SC0040.jpg 
PC5241[no caption]Tom Johnston23 Dec 1998PC5241.jpg 
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