Person NameJenkins; Ffion
PC1799[no caption]Bill Caldwell14 May 1997PC1799.jpg 
PC2614[no caption]Chris Priestley10 Oct 1997PC2614.jpg 
PC2141"I found these leaflets under your bed, William. I hope you're not still mixing with those Conservatives."Charles Griffin16 Jun 1997PC2141.jpg 
PC4644" A hall ? How many were you expecting then ?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]05 Oct 1998PC4644.jpg 
PC2999"The Taj Mahal is so much more romantic than Mandelson's Dome isn't it darling?"Michael Heath21 Dec 1997PC2999.jpg 
PC5510[no caption]Michael Heath06 Feb 1999PC5510.jpg 
PC2968[no caption]Peter Brookes13 Dec 1997PC2968.jpg 
PC6146"And how does Avocado beige grab you as our new party colour, Sir Randolph?"Charles GriffinSep 1997PC6146.jpg 
PC3033"Look at her, the brazen hussy! She's wearing white."Charles Griffin19 Dec 1997PC3033.jpg 
PC4661"Just watch your back, that's all. I'm sure Portillo's after your job."Mac [Stan McMurtry]08 Oct 1998PC4661.jpg 
SBD0050[no caption]Steve Bell12 Jun 1997SBD0050.jpg 
PC5089"But I always said I was a peerless leader ..."Peter Brookes04 Dec 1998PC5089.jpg 
PC2965[no caption]David Banks18 Dec 1997PC2965.jpg 
PC5621[no caption]Dave Gaskill24 Feb 1999PC5621.jpg 
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