Person NameAnnan; Kofi (1938-2018)
59656[no caption]Dave Brown16 Nov 200159656.jpg 
63923WarMorten Morland10 Feb 200363923.jpg 
65740Reconstructive surgery beginsDave Brown23 May 200365740.jpg 
66622[no caption]Dave Brown21 Aug 200366622.jpg 
66934AutumnPeter Brookes24 Sep 200366934.jpg 
63577"Waiting for Dubyot" (50th Anniversary production)Martin Rowson06 Jan 200363577.jpg 
66632[no caption]Dave Brown22 Aug 200366632.jpg 
PC3263[no caption]Chris Priestley19 Feb 1998PC3263.jpg 
61212[no caption]Dave Brown10 Apr 200261212.jpg 
62543[no caption]Dave Brown18 Sep 200262543.jpg 
SBD0547[no caption]Steve Bell15 Sep 1998SBD0547.jpg 
59667[no caption]Steve Bell15 Nov 200159667.jpg 
PC3253"Oh, God. The West are really putting on the pressure now. Bombing threats I can ignore, but, being stuffed and put in Peter Mandelson's Dome...!"Mac [Stan McMurtry]23 Feb 1998PC3253.jpg 
66993Making monkeys of them ... A collective failure of intelligencePeter Brookes04 Oct 200366993.jpg 
96767No captionDave Brown28 May 201296767.jpg 
67785[no caption]Dave Brown24 Sep 200367785.jpg 
66936[no caption]Steve Bell24 Sep 200366936.jpg 
ADD0180No captionAndy Davey30 May 2012ADD0180.jpg 
SBD0621[no caption]Steve Bell15 Apr 1999SBD0621.jpg 
MRD0149They also serve who only stand & talk ....Martin Rowson04 Aug 2012MRD0149.jpg 
64222The NightmareDave Brown12 Mar 200364222.jpg 
CLD1242"We have a great show on this evening!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]19 Aug 2018CLD1242.jpg 
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