Person NameFayed; Mohamed al-
ForenamesMohamed al-
Other forms of nameAl Fayed, Mohamed
PC0433[no caption]Chris Priestley05 Oct 1996PC0433.jpg 
PC3318"It was very good of Tiny Rowland to send me this suit ... and such an unusual pattern."Charles Griffin04 Mar 1998PC3318.jpg 
PC2605"Don't worry Michael, it's just a fill-in job till the dust settles."Charles Griffin08 Oct 1997PC2605.jpg 
60004[no caption]Paul Thomas22 Dec 199960004.jpg 
PC2855[no caption]Charles Griffin08 Aug 1997PC2855.jpg 
62274[no caption]Dave Gaskill16 Aug 200262274.jpg 
PC0605Nature NotesPeter Brookes16 Nov 1996PC0605.jpg 
PC3275"Dodi! Come back, yer little bleeder, I want you to meet yer grandad."Mac [Stan McMurtry]10 Feb 1998PC3275.jpg 
PC1197"Sorry, Mr. Fayed. We've never done a pyramid before."Jak [Raymond Jackson]10 Apr 1997PC1197.jpg 
60018[no caption]Dave Gaskill24 Dec 199960018.jpg 
PC0438[no caption]Dave Brown06 Oct 1996PC0438.jpg 
PC0475AMichael Heath's Britain: Talking of sleaze.Michael Heath15 Oct 1996PC0475A.jpg 
PC5554[no caption]Steve Bell19 Feb 1999PC5554.jpg 
PC2023"Customers ready for inspection, Mr. Al Fayed sir."Charles Griffin22 May 1997PC2023.jpg 
65096"What makes you think I'm a rail boss?" / "My mother says I was found under a George W Bush!" / "Hello... Mr Mandelson?" / "Hold on! ... where's my briefcase?"Tom Johnston24 Jan 200165096.jpg 
PC6173[no caption]Dave Brown07 May 1999PC6173.jpg 
WF0157[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]14 Mar 1999WF0157.jpg 
PC5763[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]14 Mar 1999PC5763.jpg 
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