Person NameCarey; George Leonard (1991-); Archbishop of Canterbury
ForenamesGeorge Leonard
Other forms of nameCanterbury, George Leonard Carey, Archbishop of,
EpithetArchbishop of Canterbury
60317[no caption]Steve Bell10 Jan 200260317.jpg 
PC0110[no caption]Gary Smith30 Jun 1996PC0110.jpg 
DS0040[no caption]David Smith29 Jul 1990DS0040.jpg 
NG2638[no caption]Nicholas Garland23 Jul 1983NG2638.jpg 
62746"I will still try to keep the established opposition - er! Church - on it's toes."Richard Willson28 Oct 200262746.jpg 
SBD0013[no caption]Steve Bell23 Oct 1996SBD0013.jpg 
PC3518"He's borrowed then from the Pope in case Peter Tatchell turns up again!"Bernard Cookson14 Apr 1998PC3518.jpg 
64861"Hello! BT complaints?... that long phone number you gave me is also the formula for time-travel!" / Philip!" / Today we aree targeting the Pokemon thieves!"Tom Johnston25 Apr 200064861.jpg 
SBD0378[no caption]Steve Bell06 Aug 1997SBD0378.jpg 
PC2856"I feel that I have to agree with the Archbishop. The Church would indeed be undermined if Charles and Camilla were to marry."Charles Griffin07 Aug 1997PC2856.jpg 
DB0159Two figures in soft embraceDave Brown26 Feb 1999DB0159.jpg 
PC4119"Better the prodigal son who repenteth...."Richard Willson08 Aug 1998PC4119.jpg 
60709[no caption]Peter Brookes30 Mar 200260709.jpg 
SBD0558[no caption]Steve Bell15 Oct 1998SBD0558.jpg 
PC3007[no caption]Martin Rowson24 Dec 1997PC3007.jpg 
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